Beast Wars

Chapter 30: The Guardian Angel of Okinawa

Okinawa, Japan


In the slums of Okinawa, in the black of night, the sound of fists connecting to faces, guts, as well as the sounds of wood smacking into faces, arms, legs, and even guts, was heard. In an abandoned storage facility, gangs of hooligans carrying blunt objects as weapons were duking it out with only one guy. Or rather… one girl. She was around the age of fifteen, slender figure, pale skin that glowed in the moonlight, jet black hair that was tied in a ponytail on the left side, and wore a white kimono with no sleeves and the back exposed, and no sandals. Her eyes were brown and sharp, almost like a true samurai would have.

The odds were against the loner, but in some odd and amazing turn of events, she was the one who was winning. She blocked off or broke any weapon that came in contact with her; she either caught them with her hand or snapped it in half, or smashed them in with her fists. She punched, kicked, and pummeled the opponents without ever so much as flinching or breaking a sweat.

When it was all over the gangs were lying around, hanging, or up against the wall all bruised or beaten. They were all moaning and groaning in pain due to the fact that some of them probably had broken bones. The lone fighter was standing in the shadows the whole time, looking down at everyone that she had beaten up. The leader, who was up against a wall, with a black eye and bloody lip, quivered thinking she was going to beat them up.

He pleaded, "P-p-please! No more! You've won, so please…"

"Forget it. I was already going to leave. You guys aren't even worth beating up," the figure said as she stepped into the moonlit part of the factory. But before she disappeared from sight, she gave the men a death glare, as she warned them, "However... if I find out you attack the Konoe temple again, I'll come back to finish what I started with the lot of you."

She put her hands to her side, as she held in her right hand a boken, a wooden sword, and walked out of there. As soon as she was outside, she looked up to the moon and shouted, "Isn't there anyone out there who can give me a decent fight?" She then sighed sadly, as she looked at the moon, "And also... please help me. I need all the help I can to defend the Konoe Temple."


As the cruise ship hit port, the ship's crew made port and secured it to anchor and line. As the crew readied the boarding plank, the students on their fieldtrip were raring to go on land and explore Okinawa. Justin, Aelita, Alex, and even Toni were pleased to go, after Justin and Aelita had told them about Konoka and her family shrine, where they would be staying. Even the Maximals, except for Dinobot, were eager to go on land, and visit another ally among them.

As they exited the ship, the Maximals in their Pretender forms, were dressed in adequate civilian attire. Cheetor, or Chris, was dressed in blue jeans, a yellow T-shirt, a blue hoodie jacket with yellow sleeves and yellow hoodie, and black and blue sneakers.

Foxfire, or Fiona, was wearing a turtleneck sleeveless pink shirt, with a red sweater jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, a green mini-skirt, black stockings, and red and white sneakers. Jackfoot, or Jackie, was wearing a white T-shirt with blue jeans, brown sandals, and a brown jacket. Wolffang, or Will, was wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and brown and black running shoes. Rhinox, or Ralph, was wearing a white and yellow T-shirt, with gray jean pants, and black shoes. Dinobot, or Deacon, was wearing a black t-shirt, with brown pants, shoes, and a brown duster jacket.

And as they walked onto the port, they and the entire school and staff who were on the trip, were greeted by Konoka. It seemed that the Konoe family had volunteered to house the students on their field trip. For reasons only Konoka's father had known, she was in the dark on it. But she greeted them all with a smile, especially Justin and Aelita, whom she hugged with warm feelings for her friends.

However, when Foxfire showed up, she hugged the surprised girl, as she greeted, "Oh, Konoka! It is so good to seeing you again. It has been nearly cycles that I wanted to see the temple again."

Once she pulled back, Konoka nervously smiled, as she responded, "Um, thank you, I guess. But I just have one question. Who are you again?"

Foxfire face-vaulted to the floor, until Justin chuckled, "I know it's been too long, but you can't forget the way she talks, Konoka."

Foxfire managed to shakily get back on her feet, as she explained, "It is me, Konoka."

Konoka immediately lit up, recognizing her voice, as she squeaked, "Ah! Foxfire!" She immediately bolted towards her, as she hugged her tightly, "You look amazing; I completely didn't recognize you, until I heard your voice."

Foxfire giggled, as she smiled, "I am so happy to see you again, Konoka."

Konoka broke away from tehm, as she asked them all, "So are the new faces also Maximals in disguise?"

"Pretty much," Alex smirked. "Rhinox, Dinobot, Wolfang and Jackfoot, which you probably haven't met yet." He even pointed to the spiky blonde haired boy, "Even Cheetor as well. Betcha didn't recognize them either, did ya?"

Konoka's smile couldn't have grown even more, as she gushed, "Oh! I wish I could've recognized you at first sight." She then blushed as she complimented, "And Cheetor's even cuter than I could've pictured as a human."

Cheetor blushed a little, but Foxfire walked over to him, and looped her arms around his right arm, as she playfully blew a raspberry at her, "Sorry, Konoka. But I'm afraid Cheetor's already been taken."

Konoka looked puzzled for a moment, but finally figured it out, as she smiled, and squealed, "You two are dating now? That's wonderful!" She then looked to Aelita and Justin, and asked, "And you two?"

The two looked to eachother, and quickly denied, "Oh no, we're not together/No, of course not. We're good friends."

Konoka giggled at the awkwardness betwee the two, "Sure you aren't." But then she led them, "Come on, I've arranged rooms for you and your classmates at the temple."

They all blinked in confusion, as Toni asked, "Wait, what?"

"Oh yeah, you probably don't know," Konoka explained, as the rest of the classes got into apparent limousines, "Your school was looking for a place to house your class during your fieldtrip here. There weren't any available, but my father's arranged it for the temple to act as a temporary Inn. It's nothing to gain financially, but we're hoping it'll help out later on for… other reasons."

The others blinked at this notion, but left it silent, as they boarded one of the limos, and made their way to the Konoe Temple.


Once they had all reached the temple, going through the woods of Okinawa, nestled near a beautiful river lake, everyone vacated out of their vehicles. Once the Maximals had entered the temple, along with the other classmates, they all approached the gate of the temple. However, the Maximals, nor the classmates or the teacher, had not expected what was coming next.

"Welcome home, Miss Konoka. And welcome as well, Seyvont-sempai!"

They were all greeted by a group of temple priestesses, all pretty beautiful and cheerful. None at all threatening so it was clear that this place was friendly to the class. The students, not to mention Josh, were a little confused by this turn of events. They all turned to Konoka, who seemed to blush and smile towards them and her friends, "Oh I'm sorry you guys. I forgot to mention…", she pointed to the priestesses, "They're sort of my house servants."

But then they all turned towards Justin, who they obviously knew couldn't have been here. Justin blinked in confusion, as he asked innocently, "Uh… is there something wrong?"

The priestesses all gathered around the guests, but almost paid specific attention towards Justin and his group. Ignoring the jealous boys and the classmates for a moment, Toni turned to Aelita and asked, "Um, do you know what's going on here? I mean, I heard you guys came to Okinawa and retrieved Foxfire, but I didn't expect a warm welcome here."

Konoka bowed her head in apology as she explained as to the significance to the temple. She explained that those who had come here, had saved them from the Predacons that invaded here. She smiled, "So I guess you might say that you guys are considered heroes to my family's ancient homeland."

Aelita heard that, as well as Justin and the others, as they all said in confusion, "WHAAAA?"

Main Temple Room

The main Room was vast and big enough for a lot of room…including a few sitting futons on the floor for them to sit on. Everyone was a little hesitant about it, but as soon as they saw the priestesses sit down, they decided to do the same out of respect. Everyone was treated to a nice meal, as they all relaxed now. However, Josh got the chance to catch Justin, and interrogated him on how their host had known about him. Konoka had cheerfully stepped in, saving him in the process, as she explained that they had met online, helping one another study English and Japanese. And she kindly asked Josh to not bully poor Justin, as the bully reluctantly did so.

Before anything could be done else, one of the priestesses walked up to where Justin was. She bowed to him, and announced, "Everyone. The Elder of the temple will arrive soon now."

It was just then, after the meal, that everyone looked up to find a man walking down the Main Temple steps. It was a man in his forties, dressed in a male priest robe; he had short black hair, a kind look on his face, and a pair of glasses as he looked down to greet everyone. The Maximals and their human friends, bowed to him, while Konoka… well, sufficed to say she had a rather more enthusiastic reaction.

"Daddy," Konoka said, in pure happiness.

She ran over and hugged him, while the man simply smiled at her fondly. While fatherly and cheerfully scolding her for her behavior, "Control, Konoka, control. Remember, we have guests among us."

Wolfang then asked, as he looked to Justin and Aelita, "So that's the Head Priest of the temple. He's Konoka's father?"

Aelita nodded, "Indeed, he is."

However, Jackfoot whispered to Alex, "You know, for a guy who lives in a place like this… he's kinda plain."

Justin joked, "I always thought he was kind of pale. Even in Okinawa."

Foxfire ignored Jackfoot's opinion, and looked to Toni, "What do you think, Toni?" and nearly paled as hse saw the look on her face.

Toni was blushing like mad, as she said, "I think he's HOT."

The Maximal group sweat dropped, realizing full-well that she'd say something like that. Jackfoot just groaned, "Toni. Your taste in men; nobody here, on Cybertron or Earth, will ever get."

But Dinobot and Justin both bowed in great respect to the Elder, both for their own reasons. Dinobot, having a sense of honor and respect for the ancient customs of Japan, seeing as how he had learned much of their culture and sensing kindred spirits on their traditions of samurai. And Justin, simply because he was Konoka's father. But at the last minute, the Head Priest stopped them both, as he lightly smiled, "That won't be necessary Justin, nor you, um…"

"Uncle Deacon," Justin informed the Priest.

"Deacon," the Head Priest confirmed. "You two are always welcome here as family on what happened here. You need not bow on my account."

However, this didn't go unnoticed, as Josh eyebrowed them suspiciously, "Something's going on around here. How's Seyvont so comfy with the Priest and all?"

Later On

Main Temple Baths

The Hot Spring baths were something to enjoy in this day and age. Even if it were indoors, it was considered haven to those who needed a good cleansing. Especially five particular girls in the bath right now; Aelita, Fiona, Jackie, Toni, and Konoka, who were giving themselves a good cleaning. If someone had said that there were such things as goddesses in real life, then they obviously weren't as lucky as the boys would be.

Aelita was rinsing herself off with her hair down as she let out a deep sigh of relief, "With all that's happened today, it's soooooo nice to wash off all the sweat."

Fiona, who also was rinsing herself off and grabbed a towel, nodded in agreement, "and wash away all the tired while you're at it." However, she blinked, as she noticed Konoka staring at her, with a smirk on her face. Feeling a bit uneasy at this, she asked, "Um, is there something wrong?"

Konoka simply smirked, "Oh nothing much. It's just that your body… it's so beautiful…"

Taking it the wrong way, Fiona jumped inot the bath, as she blushed embarrassingly, "Konoka! I'm sorry, but you know that Cheetor and I are…"

Konoka giggled at that, as she explained, "Oh no, it's not that. It's just that I'm actually a little envious of you." She patted her chest, and butt, as she sunk inot the bath along with Aelita and the others, "You've got a well-proportionate body. But me… well, I'm as flat as a pancake on both sides, upper and lower."

Toni teased them, as she let them get a good look at her chest, even though she wore a towel, "Well, I can't tell you if I've been envious of you guys either."

Jackfoot butted in, "Can't say I blame either side. I prefer being small in front and back anyway. Can't see any reason why any girl would want a big butt or a chest either way."

Fiona chuckled, "Well, wait until your reformation day. Once you are a teenager of sixteen, you'll understand that sometimes having bigger assets are useful in physiological/psychological tactics."

Jackfoot and Aelita blinked a little, as they asked, "Physical/psychological tactics?"

The other girls looked to each other, and then answered altogether, "Your sex appeal."

Jackfoot and Aelita groaned together at this, as Aelita sighed, "I'd rather not talk about this anymore."

Konoka chuckled, "It's good to see everything lively again."

But then Fiona blinked as she looked around, "Oh, yes. There is somebody I missed when we entered the temple." She looked to Konoka and asked, "Where is your friend, Setsuna?"

Aelita lit up after hearing that name, "Yeah, where is she? I haven't seen her in a while either." But then both girls noticed the sad look on her face, as she asked, "Konoka? What's wrong?"

Konoka sighed sadly, as she knew the two girls wouldn't like the answers. "She… passed away a month ago."

Both Aelita and Fiona paled at this realization; Setsuna was a friend of the Konoe family. Their families had helped one another in the past during the Feudal Era of Japan; both as healers and warriors. Konoka and Setsuna were friends to one another and were inseparable. To hear that their friend had died just suddenly, it was unheard of.

But Fiona wanted to know more of what happened, so she asked, "What happened?"

Konoka sighed, not liking to remember the past, but she had the right to tell them what had happened. "She had an unfortunate accident. It was raining, and she was out grocery shopping for the temple. And the roads were all slipper, and…"

Foxfire seemed to understand the situation, and had watched news broadcasts on that sort of thing on the east/pacific coasts of America. Foxfire assured her on her friend's unfortunate passing as well as her other friend's sorrow and mourning, "I am truly sorry. I pray that she has become one with your world's version of its Matrix."

Konoka blinked on that, as she asked, "Matrix?"

Aelita nodded on it, "It's their version of Heaven on Cybertron."

"Oh, I see," Konoka replied. "But things have gotten worse when we lost her: the same day Setsuna died, was when riff raff had begun trying to buy our temple."

Fiona asked, "But why would lowlifes wish to buy the temple from your family?"

"They think the temple's values are old and useless. Believing in things like honor is worthless in this day and age," Konoka replied innocently. "All I know is that some way or another, someone wants our temple, and is willing to go through any lengths of getting it."

The next Morning

Everyone was asleep, enjoying the weekend off before the fieldtrip could go further. But all that went down, as soon as they heard someone crashing, or rather vehicles pulling up, or some smashing around, but not exploding. The noises were loud and alerting enough for Justin and the others to wake up. He looked around, asking, "What the heck was that?"

Cheetor got up as well, as he answered, "I don't have a clue."

But then they heard ruckus from the front of the temple, as if someone was trashing up the front.

Still in his pjs, which consisted of his boxers and shirt, both he and Justin got a head start down the hallway. Once that happened, others followed after him, either half-dressed at least decent enough, or still in their pajamas. Once they got to the main hall, they saw thugs starting to harass the place. The lead thug, looking like something out of the ghetto, brazed around, as he looked to Head Priest Konoe.

"Listen, Holy Man," the thug stated, swinging his sword around, as he pointed out. "We ain't gonna keep doing this over and over all the time." He then stopped, as he and Konoe looked each other in the eye, as he stated, "Are you. Gonna take. Us up. On. Our. Offer?"

Konoe looked sternly at him and replied, "No. This temple was founded once by the ancient 47 Ronin, of which I am descended from its only surviving member." The students, and Pretender Maximals stood by, as the Head Priest continued to tell his temple's history, "From that day forward, we used the blades we forged as tools to save lives. In honoring those men that defied the Emperor's orders to stop an evil from spreading over our land. This temple was erected to honor the sacrifice, the bravery, and the selflessness of not just my ancestor, but also of the others that fought alongside them."

The room was silent, as his words allowed to echo through the room. But the thugs, and their leader, all laughed at that idea, as the leader taunted, "Honor? Sacrifice? What a load of crap! In this era, it's all about money and power! And there aren't any more heroes here anymore!" he looked to the boys, as he shouted, "Trash the place!"

Dinobot growled under his breath, "These punks have no honor. Human or not."

"I know," Rhinox stated. "These guys are a bunch of cold hard slag waiting to get dumped."

The Maximals were about to rush in, willing enough to expose themselves. But it didn't come to pass, as two of the thugs were thrown outside, and into a truck windshield, butt first. They crashed into the ground in a heap of a mess, as everyone looked to see outside how it had happened.

There, they all saw a girl in a white and slightly revealing kendo attire. Foxfire and Konoka looked at her, as Konoka whispered, "The Okinawa Guardian Angel…"

"You'll leave this temple alone," the girl demanded the thugs. "And you'll never come to this place again."

"Are you here to talk about swords that give life too," the lead thug taunted, and then pointed to Mr. Konoe, "Because frankly, around here… it's a broken record."

"No," the white-kimono girl answered, as she walked on in, keeping her face hidden in the shadows. "A sword is a weapon. No matter what pretty names you give it, swordsmanship is the way to kill. What the Head Priest speaks as one who has never bloodied their hands in combat. Like his daughter, he maintains a sweet naive lie." She then stopped, as she revealed her face, showing a smile on it, as she finished. "But in the face of such awful truth, the naive lie he tells is so much better. If I had one wish, it would be that this lie would become the truth of this world."

The whole place was quiet at that moment, allowing her words to sink in. Aelita blinked at that as well, 'Wow. She almost sounds like Optimus, although she seems more like Foxfire…'

However, Konoka whispered out, as she realized who the girl was, "Setsuna…"

Foxfire blinked at this, as she turned to look at Konoka, "What?"

Unimpressed at her, the thug leader shouted, "What are you guys waiting for? Tear the little runt up!"

The gang all surrounded her, but she didn't flinch, as she looked at them, and warned, "I warn you. I don't want anyone to get hurt. I'm giving you all this chance to walk away, without a scratch on." She pointed to the two knocked out on the windshield, "Those two got it off easy. I didn't unsheathe my sword to subdue them; but they're hurt more than what they look like right now."

"Nah, nobody's gonna get hurt," one thug smirked.

"Somebody's gonna DIE," anther shouted.

And then they all charged forward at her, with swords and weapons drawn out. She opened her eyes sharply, and let out a powerful round the world strike. The strike somehow sent them all flying back, all done by a gust of wind, as they crashed all nearby. The girl rushed to the first that started to get up, as she dispensed them by knocking them out flat with her sword, never even sheathing it out. The second group tried to get her from behind, but she jumped upward, landing behind them, and striking hard on the back of their legs, causing home to fall over. She was caught from behind, but she jabbed him with her elbow in the gut, falling over, as she grabbed a bokan he had with him. Now armed with two wooden swords, she smashed through the remaining thugs, until only the three remain; the leader and two thugs.

She stood there, not even sweating or cuts on her. However, she breathed out, as everyone, the remaining thugs, and all the bystanders, as she spoke out, "If I had real swords, they would all be dead. But because I'm not heartless, I will give you one final chance… Leave or…"


The girl stumbled back, as screams were heard by the other students. The girl presumed to be Setsuna clenched her left arm, as she was shot there... by the lead thug, as he taunted, "AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAA! NOW WHO'S THE BIGSHOT, EH, LITTLE GIRL?! I'VE GOT THE REAL WEAPON AROUND HERE! I'M THE WINNER!"

"And you and your friends are going down," Foxfire shouted, as she suddenly appeared, and tossed the first thug, and kicked him towards a group of thugs trying to get back up, and knocked them all out.

She then rushed over to the other thug, and punched him square in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. And before the leader could think of anything, she round-house kicked him really hard in the side, sending him flying to the wall. The leader slouched over, knocked out completely. The battle was over in less than fifteen minutes; a whole gang of fifty, beaten by two girls.

Foxfire huffed, getting all the fire out of her lungs, as she took a combat stance of relax, as she looked to the thugs. "Such cowardice from a lowly bunch of thugs, who have no honor," she said. "You are nothing but worthless, as to gun down an opponent with only a sword."

Setsuna blinked at that comment, remembering from way afar.

Cutting down a warrior who is unarmed? Is that how warriors should act? In my opinion, that makes former students of mine worthless that way.

Setsuna blinked at that, as she looked to the redhead, "Foxfire?" She suddenly whispered out.

Foxfire turned to the girl, hearing her name from her lips, "What?"

Setsuna was suddenly teary eyed, which caused Foxfire to go wide eye with surprise. But nothing was surprising more, as she rushed over to her, and fiercely hugged her, as she cried out, "Sister! Oh, sister! My sister! Sister!" Everyone was confused by this, as this conversation was only heard by both Foxfire and the mysterious samurai girl, "For nearly a whole year… I sought to find you and the Axelon, but now fate brought us back."

Foxfire blinked in her human form, but then pieced it all together, as she whispered, "Wind-Rider?"

But just before the two could talk, the sounds of sirens blazed through the air. Everyone looked to see the police arrive to arrest the gang. The police started cuffing them all, and then they turned to the mysterious girl in white, as one of them said, "I'm sorry but we have to arrest her as well!"

Foxfire stood defiantly towards the officers, as she proclaimed, "You will not take her!"

"Young lady, if you're aiding her, then you'll be arrested as well," the officer stated, as three others surrounded them.

Justin and the others sweat dropped at this, realizing that this situation would go bad in two ways. One, Foxfire and this girl would be arrested, and they would find out that Foxfire wasn't human. Or two, the two would decide to fight off, adding more fuel to the fire, as both the police and whatever mob these goons belonged to, would be raiding the temple. So at that moment, Justin and Konoka raced down, in an attempt to stop this from getting worse.

The two got in, as Konoka stated, "No, wait! She's with our temple. She's one of the priestesses here."

"Yeah, she only came out to save the place," Justin also defended.

One of the officers pointed out, "But she was trying to kill them with a sword!"

"A wooden sword," Konoka pointed out. "It only hurts, doesn't kill."

"She's right," one of the officers pointed out, as he held the sword in his hands, "The only way she could have killed them is if she broke it and stabbed the sharp end to them."

The officer signed, and then looked to the girl's shoulder, as he pointed out, "Well, you better make sure she stays out of trouble. And take care of that arm."

"We will, officer," Justin pointed out, as he helped the girl inside along with the others.

Just as they were inside, suddenly, the mysterious girl in white fainted. Luckily, Justin grabbed her in time, as he stated, "Easy there, easy…"

"My sister…" she whispered, as she slowly slipped into unconscious.

The others blinked at this, unsure as to who this girl was, but then Jackfoot looked to her and whispered a shock, "Guys, her arm."

They looked, and sure enough, their shock was added too, as they saw… wires and metal underneath the flesh of her wound.

The Next Morning

Back at the Konoe Temple

Back at the temple, the girl in white was stirring in her sleep, until she had awoken up, to see Justin at her side… repairing her circuitry. She jumped from the futa that she was in, and pinned him to the wall. Her hand to his neck, while her other hand… well, that was for something else entirely. She glared at the struggling boy, as she hissed, "Who are you? Answer me, or I will end you…"

Suddenly, coming into the room, Rhinox spotted this scene, as he walked over, "Hold on there!" he then attempted to grab her, as he stated, "I don't know what you think you're doing, but…"

But she whipped around, still having her hands on Justin's throat and below the belt. She unleashed a barrage of sideswiping kicks to the Maximal, until he was flat on his back. As he blinked in confusion, "What the slag?"

Dinobot and Wolffang jumped in, and saw Rhinox down for the count. Dinobot roared, "NRAWWWG!" And they both charged at her.

She pushed Justin to the wall, as she flipped at the two. And before the two could do anything, she unleashed a combination of five-finger blows to their abdomen, as they suddenly collapsed on the floor, in heaps, as Dinobot growled, "Ugh. How humiliating…"

She then turned herself back to Justin, as she rushed at him… until Foxfire appeared to grab her. The girl blinked, "Sister?"

But all she got was an uppercut, as well as a powerful right swipe-kicked her to the ground. Once the girl was flat on her back, Foxfire growled, "I will not allow you to harm my friends, or your fellow comrades."

The remaining Maximals and the others rushed in, as they saw Foxfire had subdued the girl. The gir however, sat up as she looked up to Foxfire and smiled, "You always could beat me in unarmed combat, Foxfire."

Foxfire smirked, as she helped her up and the two suddenly embraced one another as they laughed aloud. Everyone was a bit confused on this, as they looked tone another for an answer, until JackFoot asked, "Um… I'm sorry… but what's this all about?" And then pointed to her, "And who's this."

Foxfire giggled in embarrassment, as she pointed to the girl, "Oh, I am sorry. Allow me to explain. This is Wind-Rider. My sister."

Everyone was stunned by this, as a slowly recovering Justin, as he coughed, "Sister? But why is she…? I mean.. what…?"

Foxfire settled everyone down, including a fuming Dinobot, as she smiled, "Allow me to explain."

Everyone sat down, as they listened to the two fembots explain their history. Once, back on Cybertron, both she and Wind-Rider were also orphans, much like Jackfoot was. However, the two were not related, as they merely found one another looking for Energon to survive on the streets. Wind-Rider would look after her, and Foxfire did the same for her. They were like any other teenage girl on Cybertron: troubled and without finding a purpose in her life. So she, along with Wind-Rider got into trouble constantly. Until the day the two were adopted and recruited by a Maximal Jutsu teacher by the name of Yoketron. The two fembot teens were rebellious and cocky young upstarts at the time, and so Yoketron tried to humble and ground them both. Yoketron stripped them both of their weapons and mods, and slowly trained both girls in the ways of the ninja.

Foxfire proved to be his most talented student, as she had mastered almost all of his styles, but mostly Crystalocution, which is an ancient martial art in which opponents are destroyed via striking their metal fracture points. Wind-Rider proved to be his most promising, due to her hard work in her training and non-stop attempts to strengthen and improve her skills. Wind-Rider's fighting skills vastly improved over time, along with Foxfire's fighting skills, until Yoketron deemed both girls worthy to be a Cyber-Ninja each, and rewarded them both with a respected Cyber Ninja weapon. Foxfire's was a Shuriken Chakram and two dagger-sized Kunai made of Energon, while Wind-Rider was rewarded with her Katana and a Kusarigama.. By their graduation, they were deemed to be perfect guards for the Halls of Iacon, giving them a purpose in their lives. However, Wind-Rider was unable to complete a test set up by Yoketron. However, Foxfire had been able to do so, shaming her in the process, which she would never wanted to do. Ever.

This made Wind-Rider go on her own personal quest, much to Yoketron's disapproval as well as to pry Foxfire off of her, to master the skill and be a true Cyber-Ninja. Foxfire tried to convince her to stay, but only to be brushed off. Foxfire was depressed by the absence of the only fembot she saw as her sister, but her Master stated that some lessons can only be found out by themselves. But they'll always have help when the time is right, whenever, wherever, or whoever makes that decision.

Sometime later, before Wind-Rider returned to see them, the dojo had been attacked, Foxfire didn't see the attack come, only by one opponent, who was in the shadows. The opponent had known Yoketron's own moves, and enough to blow off her arm, and deliver a fatal blow near her spark chamber.

Once she awoke in an infirmary, she was greeted by Wind-Rider, who she was happy to see again. However, she became enraged when she found her Kunai taken. became saddened by the news of Yoketron's passing. She became so distraught, that she latched onto Wind-Rider, crying her optics out, as Wind-Rider silently sobbed.

It was only after that, they were charged with failure by the Maximal Elders, and reassigned to the Axelon as emissary guards.

They all seemed rather saddened at such a history between them both, but it didn't seem to last, as Foxfire was smiling up to her limits. Wind-Rider's smile was more composed, rather elegant; she truly had the grace of a warrior and elegance of a swan.

Foxfire lit up, as she hugged with her reunited sibling, "Oh, my sister, it is so good to see you once again."

"Likewise," Wind Rider smirked, and looked to the others, "I'm just happy that you're not alone in all this before we met again."

Cheetor couldn't smile big enough, as he confessed, "Gotta admit, your sis is just as cute as you, Fox."

Foxfire giggled and blushed at Cheetor's comment, but Wind Rider arched an eyebrow at this, as she asked her sister, "Foxy. Who is this?"

"Oh, I have yet to tell you the good news, my sister," Foxfire answered, as she pulled away, and embraced Cheetor. "This is Cheetor. A fellow scout…" and then giggled uncontrollably, feeling positively giddy at what she said next. "… and my sparkmate, so to speak. As he is my boyfriend. Hmmhmmhmm."

The words echoed into the crane Maximal's auditory receptors. It sounded like a radio was being adjusted in her head, as she tried to hear those words clearly, as they were big shock for her. Her left eye twitched at that, until finally, she screamed, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" and clenched her jaws at this. She shot forward, and drew out her blade at Cheetor's face, startling both human and Cybertornian alike, as she threatened, "If I find you forced her into this… I'LL SLASH EVERY PART OF YOU INTO TIN FOIL!"

"Okay," Cheetor squeaked.

But Foxfire shouted hysterically, while flailing her arms around, "SISTER, you must stop this! This is no way to treat this reunion!"

"Uh, Fox. Could you help me here?" Cheetor gulped, as he looked to her.

ARE YOU LOOKING AT HER!?" Wind-Rider seethed with anger even more, as her eyes glowed blood red. "YOU'RE A DEAD PROTOFORM IF YOU KEEP LOOKING AT HER, SCUMBAG!

Cheetor backed off, as he defended, "No! I was only looking at her just for a moment! I swear!"

"SISTER, STOP SCARING HIM," Foxfire screamed.

Wind-Rider sneered at Cheetor, giving him an 'I got my Optics on you' look. and then returned to her happy demeanor, "Okay, I'm sorry for such an outburst." But then she glared daggers at Cheetor without her sister looking.

Cheetor gulped, as he leaned over to Justin, "Is this the ups-and-downs they usually say come with a relationship?"

"Just be thankful it's not her father that's making the stink-eye at you."

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