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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Hogwarts Style

Chapter 1: An Owl in a Whomping Willow

It is mid December and Christmas is fast approaching. Everyone at Hogwarts is rather excited about the upcoming break, even those of us who aren't lucky enough to go home.

Harry, one of my best friends, is one of these 'unfortunite' peoople. Actually, he doesn't find staying at school for the Christmas break all that 'unfortunate'. I can't really say I blame him, after all I've heard about his so-called family and how they treat him. It's enough to make me want to wring their little necks...granted two out of the three don't have very 'little' necks. I still want to wring them.

It is my firm belief that no one should be alone on Christmas, so I usually end up staying as well. I mean, he is one of my best friends, and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't support him?

Today is the 13th, if anyone really cares to know. The official first day of Christmas. As you can probably tell, Christmas is my favorite holliday of all. I personally think it is a much more romantic time then valentines even. I mean, mistle toe, snow, fires, the lovely warm feeling. (now I'm starting to sound rather stupid) Not to mention the songs, such as Winter Wonderland. My absolute favorite Christmas song would have to be The twelve days of Christmas.

I wish someone would be so romantic as to send me love notes and romantic gifts, like in that song. I've always wished that, don't ask me why, I just have.

I think Ron gets a little annoyed with my non-stop drabble. I always seem to be talking about love and romance lately (I think it's because of Christmas. Usually I can control myself around my friends. They are guys, after all, not in the least interested about my silly romantic ideas, or my crushes). You know, sometimes I get the feeling Ron thinks I'm just one of the guys, and then Christmas comes along, and he's forced to remember my femanine genes.

Harry just finds it amusing. Go figure. He's actually rather perseptive for a a guy...except when it comes to his own love life, then I get the feeling he's rather clueless. (He still hasn't figured out that Ginny still fancies him)

I skip out on breakfast and head emediately for the library. My next period is free, so I plan to get a head start on an assignment for Muggle Studies.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: An Essay

by Hermione Granger

The Twelve Days of Christmas is one of the most romantic poems that circulates around the Christmas season. It displays how sweet Christmas can be for lovers, exchanging gifts and their love. This little song has always been one of my favorites for just that reason.

In 'Love Stories between Magic Folk and Muggles' it explains the Histery behind the song, informing us that it was a true story, if a bit sad.

Sir Warrick, a young noble wizard from a pureblood family, fell head-over-heels in lo-

I blink in surprise as the paper is wrenched out from beneath my hand. I gape at the blank table my quill is now poised above for a moment before raising my eyes.

Malfoy. I should have known; who else would have the audacity to steel my paper?

He appears to be reading it, an arragant look on his face. Then his eyes lock on mine over the paper, and he sneers at me. "The Twelve Days of Christmas?" His voice is mocking as he raises an eyebrow at me.

"And you find this amusing...why?" I ask back scathingly.

"Well, shouldn't you be doing a paper more along the lines of 'Is Santa Clause Real?' That would make more sence coming from someone like you." I swear, his eyes were glittering with mallice.

"Are you calling me a little girl?" I ask in disbelief. If he had said that to Ron or Harry, he would have been asking for a fight. Especially if it had been Ron (he has a bit of a violent streak). I may not be a guy, but I am 17 and don't exactly like being called a baby.

He leans down, "I haven't seen anything to prove otherwise." His voice is low, but I could hear every word.

Before I could retaliate, he was gone. The paper he took from me was back on the table; a long streak of black down the center of the page from where my quill had dragged across it.

I was still fuming later that day, during dinner. I hadn't told Ron or Harry what had happened, but I think they may suspect something.

Dinner was tasteless, and my mind was focused-for the most part-on what Malfoy had said. He is such a jerk. It shouldn't even matter, but his words hurt. More then I'd care to admitt.

No girl in her right mind likes to be reminded how inferior they are compared to the rest of the female population, and I am no exception.

I'm brought out of my brooding by a large black owl that lands right in front of me. It looks familar, but I'm justnot certain where I'd encountered it before.

I take the letter it offers me, and watch in bemusement as it flies off.

"What's that?" Ron asks from my left, bringing me soundly back to Earth.

"Don't know." I answer as I begin to unroll the parchment. Both of the boys lean towards me, and I myself gaze at the note in curious bafflement.

The parchment is covered by black ink that glints green in the candle light of the Great Hall. It is written in the nicest handwriting I've ever laid eyes on in my life. It is extremely elegant looking, with long thin letters and delicate loops. It is beautiful in a detatched sort of way, as if I am beneath the person who had written it. .

Wait...was I just analizing the handwriting? I shake my head, why does this handwriting make me feel inferior...I can only imagine what I would feel being around the person. I shake my head again and begin to read.


I cannot let this go on any longer, you have to know how I feel. This is our last year in Hogwarts, therefore it is my last chance to tell you.

Hermione, I think I may be in love with you.

I know you must think I am insain, but I cannot help my feelings. Your beautiful beyond discription, inteligent, gentle, caring. Simply put, your everything I could hope fort in a woman.

If you want to know who I am, please come to the Whomping Willow at midnight tonight. If you don't come, I won't be offended. I understand this is sudden, and maybe even a little creepy, but you had to know how I feel.


Your Secret Admirer.

I think I was in shock for a few moments, just staring at the paper. Someone here in Hogwarts has a secret crush on me? It is hard to believe, you understand, when all my life I've been pretty much ignored by the whole of the male population. And that includs Harry and Ron.

I could feel my heart start to hammer in my chest at the mere thought that someone out there...maybe in this very room...could like me like that. At the thought, my gaze shoots up and I scan the tables before ours, (which is all of them).

The only person I can see looking at me, is Malfoy, and he looks smug for some reason. Stupid git.

I ignore him, and let my gaze wander over everyone else in the Great Hall.

I wonder what he looks like. Is he tall? Judging from the handwriting he would be beautiful, and maybe a little bit distant. Rich possibly? Yes, I could see that in the writing as well.

And whoever he is, he likes me.

I can't help but grin to myself as I put the letter away, in a pocket of my robes. ignoring Harry's and Ron's questions.

Looks like I have a date tonight.

All the rest of the day went by quickly, my mind (no longer on Draco, but the note) refuses to rest. I constantly find myself trying to guess who had written me that note. Who is it that wants to meet me so badly?

Will I like him back? He seems nice enough, so I really don't see why not.

"Are you actually going to meet that Secret Admirer guy?" Harry asks from his chair in front of the fire.

I nod, "Yep. Do you think I could use your invisability cloak?"

"I suppose..." He says slowly, "But what if he's a total creep?"

"Yeah!" Ron agrees, "What if he tries something? You know, Harry or I should go along with you to make sure nothing happens."

"Nothings going to happen." I tell them reasuringly, "And even if something does go wrong, I'll have my wand; I can take care of myself, you know."

That shuts them up right quick. They both know darn well that I am perfectly capable of defending myself, as well as those around me.

I glance up at the clock, it's 11:45; fifteen minutes until I have to be down there. "Harry, do you think you could go get the cloak for me now?" As he disappears up the boys staircase my nerves began to sing. In just a few short minutes I'll be meeting the one guy who has ever liked me, other then Krum.

It seems like forever before Harry returns, and even longer as I make my way through the halls and grounds. Finally I find myself standing before the tree.

I can hardly see a thing, so I light my wand tip with a simple spell, and gaze around myself. I am very much alone.

Had it all been some kind of cruel joke? Had he decided not to show up?

I wrap my arms around my middle as the cloak slips down my form, and drops unheeded at my feet. It looks as if I have been duped.

"Cwhoooh." The clear, unexpected sound startles me so much, I'm afraid I jumped. My eyes quickly scan the tree and found the source of the sound. A pitch black owl identical to the one from dinner, is perched in the tree above me. It's glowing amber eyes focused on me.

It 'whos' again and flies towards me, and drops a second letter into my hands before returning to the tree. I gaze down at the parchment. It is written in the same flowy script, in the same black-green ink.

My heart skips a beat before starting it's race. He hadn't forgotten!

My hands tremble slightly as my eyes scan over the words. The name at the bottom of the letter is what my eyes focuse on, and refuse to move from. I feel my blood run cold, and hot fury roil up inside me.

How dare he!

That jerk has been playing with my feelings, knowing darn well what it would do to me. And what's worse, I fell for his idiotic prank.

The letter read:


I cannot believe you could be so desperate as to believe you could have a secret admirer.

Draco Malfoy.

I can practically see the smirk on his face, it makes me want to smack him...hard.

There is a flurry of wings above me and I look up in time to see the black owl-Malfoy's owl-take off in the direction of the Slytherin Commons.

I can honsestly say, I'm on the verge of hating one Draco Malfoy.

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a partrige in a pear tree.

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