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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Hogwarts Style

Chapter 12: Twelve Clues for the best Christmas Ever


I know what you are all thinking, and yes, I did write every one of those poems. I am not a cheater who goes off someone else's writing. That would have been cheap. And a waste of good talent, I might add.

Before I came to Hogwarts my mother made sure that I studied with the best. From Shakespeare to Dickinson, (my mother owns a few rare books and painting that were specially made to teach such things) Shakespeare, though a great storyteller, was often quite boring. Dickinson...well, she was a bit depressing, and she liked to drone on about the smallest things, it was sooooo annoying. Poe I liked.

But that was years ago, I'm surprised I remembered any of it. It was fun, though. Except when she left me to sit in the snow by myself. It took me a few minutes to discover she'd taken her spell with her and the snow was starting to melt. I hadn't known what I'd done to maker her angry with me, and it had taken me a while to figure it out. Then I felt so stupid.

I'm still not certain if she's forgiven me, and all I can do is sit up and think about it. I really should be sleeping, but I'm restless. Tomorrows day twelve. No, make that today; it's already after midnight.

Laying down and staring at the curtains above me is so boring, but eventually I fall asleep, from boredom if nothing else.

The mornings festivities began almost from the moment I woke up. Actually it started a few minutes before I woke up.

For once I was able to sleep all morning, probably because I stayed up half the night. I was drawn from dreamland (where I was very keen to stay, mind you), by an overly large hand on my arm; attempting to shake my soul free of my body. I pushed him away, sitting up with a muttered, "Awrigh-I'm up."

I look up into the faces of my three closest 'friends', if indeed that's what you call them. "what is it?" I ask when no one says anything.

Blaise is the one I get my response from. He smirks at me and I feel my eyes narrow, "You've got yourself a love letter here, Sleeping beauty." He said cheerily, stepping aside so I could view my desk behind him.

Grumbling at his smart remark I glance past him to my desk, usually impeccably neat and orderly, with no clutter stashed on it's smooth oak top, now held one long thin, white candle, it's flame dancing, sending flickering light onto the rolled up parchment nestled against it's base.

In disbelief I sit up a little more, my blankets pooling unheeded around my waist, "Well, bring it here." I order when no one moves.

Crabe obeys, handing me the smooth roll of parchment sealed with a red wax stamp, a roaring lions head. I smirk to myself, already knowing who the letter is from. I break the seal and slowly unfurl the parchment.

A small red ink script met my eyes. The letter wasn't very long, and wasn't exactly what you'd call a 'love letter', per say. The boys watch on with interest as I finish reading. "Well, what does it say?" Blaise asked, eyes alight.

I was tempted to make something up, but refrained; barely. Instead I simply hand the note to them. It read:


Happy Twelfth day of Christmas. You'll find the next...present, under the portrait of Madam Doosficky on the fourth floor at exactly 8:00. Don't miss it, or you'll regret it.


"What a crappy love letter." Blaise said in disappointment, tossing the paper back on my bed.

I chuckle, "What time is it?"

Goyle makes a complete circle looking for the clock (which likes to move around when you aren't looking), "Oh, there it is, 7:55."

I don't waste any time in flying out of bed and throwing on a robe not really caring if I get caught by a teacher, my room mates watching in amusement, "why didn't you wake me sooner you numbskulls?" I snap at them as I grab my wand off the desk. Five minuets. I have five stupid minutes to get from the bottom of the dungeons to the fourth floor, brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

Blaise raises an eyebrow, "How were we to know the thing had a time limit?" He asked, an amused smirk on his lips.

I glower at him as I leave, and I'm sure it's not as strong as it would have been had I the time to do it properly. As it was I only had three minutes left to get to the fourth floor.

I fly out of the Common room faster then I've ever moved, even on a broom, my lovely ebony silk robe billowing behind me in a very Snape like fashion. Up two flights of stairs, down a dimly lit corridor, through a secret passage, up a long winding staircase, then through two sets of doors, one class room, and I was in the Hall on the fourth floor. Now to find the portrait, I had less then a minutes to find my prize.

As it turned out I didn't have to look far, just around the corner burned another tall candle, this flame wasn't normal, but a bright flaring red. The scent of cinnamon wafted to me as I took up the letter with the red lion seal.

Not exactly what I was expecting, but maybe this one is a love letter.

It wasn't, it was another small note, labeled, # 2.


Since you are reading this you'll know to go to the quidditch pitch after you finish breakfast. Don't forget your broom, you'll be needing it.


Draco re-rolled the little slip of parchment and placed it in his robes. He left the candle where it was and headed back to his dorm to get ready for breakfast. On his way there he was intercepted by two prefects as well as one Professor McGonagall.

"Just where, Mr. Malfoy," She demanded in her snappish voice, "Are you going in that state of dress?" She asked primly.

I answered simply and honestly, "To my dorm to change." that really should have been obvious, well, if she wasn't blind as a bat, which I was starting to have suspicions about.

Her eyes narrowed, "And just where have you been." She demanded waspishly.

"that, professor, is none of your business." I return in a sickly sweet voice.

"You'd best get moving Mr. Malfoy, I'll be having a talk with your head of house about your behavior." With that she turned on her heals and left, obviously forgetting what she had been meaning to do.

Crabe and Goyle were gone by the time he returned to their dorm room, but Blaise was waiting patiently on my bed, eating from my secret stash of Honey dukes.

I shot him a glare, carelessly tossing the second roll of parchment next to the first. He grinned at me cheekily, and picked up another piece of chocolate.

Ignoring him I head over to my wardrobe to select what I should wear today. Behind me I can hear him move, and as I turn back he is reading the parchment from Hermione.

"She's sending you on a scavenger hunt?" he asked with some disbelief.
"It would appear so." I respond blandly, moving into the bathroom after snatching the remains of my sweets stash. Looks like I'd have to find a new hiding place.

After breakfast, which was completely Golden Trio Free, I headed out to the Quidditch pitch. I had wanted to come by my self, but apparently Blaise wanted to see what Granger would do next, although it was rather obvious.

I'd have to fly to the center of the pitch to collect my next clue, as that is the only logical explanation to why I would need my broom.

And I was right, too. There, in the center of the pitch, I could make out three objects. One, in the direct center was my prize. Ignoring the other two objects as irrelevant I swung myself on my broom and kicked off, heading for the floating candle (this one had a flickering blue flame).

I was about three feet away from my next clue, when something barreled passed me, almost knocking me off my broom. Mere seconds later another such object made another close encounter with my person, causing the air to buff me slightly, knocking me off course slightly.

Fuming I glanced around quickly, spotting the two bludgers that had almost ended my life. My eyes shifted back to the parchment floating innocently about a yard away.

Eyes narrowing, I looked back at the bludgers. Of course Mione couldn't make this simple.

Grumbling, I lean forward on my broom, my eyes locking on the blue flame of my prize. I shot forward, only to jerk to the side as a dark streak nearly took off my nose.

Righting myself I headed below the parchment, dodging to the left to avoid the other bludger, then sharply pulled up, snatching the parchment, and doing a quick flip, neatly avoiding both of the enchanted balls by a hair.

It was another thirty seconds before the bludgers quit chasing me, apparently having been charmed to do so shortly after I had 'won'.

I landed swiftly, unrolling the parchment. I was only half aware of Blaise taking care of the rouge bludgers as I skimmed over the contents of the paper.


You will, of course have beaten the bludgers rather quickly (not as quickly as Harry, I'm sure, but fairly quickly nonetheless). I'm sure you are rather thirsty now, why not head to the kitchens for a quick drink? Be there by 10 or miss your chance.


A quick glance at my watch told me I had just over half an hour to get to the kitchens to get my 'drink'.

As I walk back to the castle, completely ignoring Blaise struggling with the last bludger in the background, I silently debate taking a quick shower. While I make it a habit to shower after any physical exertion such as quid ditch, I really didn't want to risk being late and losing the note.

Finally deciding that a shower can wait half an hour since I was simply heading to the kitchen anyway, not the Great Hall or anything, I headed down a fairly well hidden secret passage tucked into the wall of the castle.

Since I still had half an hour to get to the kitchens it was a fairly leisurely walk, and I made it to the painting with fifteen minutes to spare.

After slipping inside I'm confronted by a small army of house elves, the leader looks to be an old house elf my father lost to Potter in second year.

Before I can ask for something to drink, Dobby speaks up with only a hint of unease. He was never treated very well by my father, "Mistress Hermione said Master Malfoy would like a drink." He said, and as if on cue the sea of elves parted as if I was Merlin himself.

Perched behind him on the small round table designed for students who found themselves desiring a late night snack, was a brightly burning candle with a green flame the light turning the parchment below it a strange color.

Walking through the ranks of staring house elves was just a touch unnerving. I swear, some of them didn't blink once, that's just not natural.

I glance briefly down at the glass of what looked to be water, then back over my shoulder at the elves before deciding it would be rude not to drink it.

I am really not in the mood to deal with offended, strangely non-blinking house elves, so I quickly downed the water, surprised at how thirsty I actually was.

Setting the glass back down my eyes go to the staring elves for a moment before I grab the letter and retreat, head high and walking at a pace just slightly faster then the Malfoy Swagger.

It would not do, after all, to lose face in front of all those creepy elves.

Once the portrait closed behind me I had to force back a shiver, that had been particularly unnerving.

As I walk m hands, seemingly of heir own accord, quickly break the seal and unravel the parchment. Y eyes are immediately drawn to the smooth red ink.


Now that you have stated your thirst, I'm sure you feel rather sweaty and dirty from your earlier exertion. I personally am not partial to sweaty stinky boys, go take a bath.


As my eyes travel across the parchment my feet loose all their ambition and I come to a complete stop in the middle of the hallway.

A slow smirk winds it's way onto my face as I turn on my heel to head down a different passage.

I'm sure Hermione could very easily slip back into Slytherin as she'd done previously to set up the little clue, but I had a hunch that was not the place she had in mind.

My mind flashes back to a few days prior where I had caught her pranking me with singing bubbles. I can't help but grin to myself as I mutter the password and slip into the prefects bathroom.

My gaze quickly scans over the room, not spotting any floating candles.

Shrugging to myself I step towards the bath; well she did say to take a bath, and I the previous clues are anything to go by, I could have up to an hour wait.

Might as well make use of the time.

This bath was much more relaxing then the last one, no sneaky Gryffindor girl's setting me up with singing bubbles.

I'd already been enjoying myself for a while when a slight popping sound informed me that my time was up.

Cracking open one eye lazily I could make out a faint pink glow through the steam.

Opening my other eye I pushed against the tub with my feet to propel me towards the other side of the tub and my next clue.

I grabbed my wand from my bundle of clothes and summoned a couple towels. After drying my hands on the smaller patch of cloth I deemed it safe to pick up the parchment.


As I'm sure you lost track of time, you might want to know lunch is just about over. You might want to get to the Hall before all the food is gone.


A quick glance at the clock told me that indeed, lunch was almost over. It was already 12:20.

Muttering to myself about stupid annoying Gryffindor girl's I pulled myself out of the bath and dried myself quickly.

Crabe Goyle, and Blaise were already eating by the time I entered the hall, fifteen minutes later. They were sitting alone since none of the other Slytherin had returned from break yet.

A quick survey of the room informed me of the obvious lack of the Golden Trio.

Squelching down the disappointment at not getting to see Granger I sauntered over to sit among my friends, taking note of the pumpkin flamed candle perched in front of my plate, as well as the numerous burns and welts and Crabe's over large hands.

I raise an inquiring eyebrow at the boy, but it's Blaise who informs me. "He tried to open your letter." he explained with a clearly amused glint in his eye. Ignoring Crabe's angry glare.

My lips quirked as well at the image as I reached out for my next clue.

Strange, but I seem to actually be enjoying this little treasure hunt.


After a good meal, I always find it enjoyable to curl up with a good book, I'm sure you would enjoy a certain book I asked Madam Pince to hold for me. Bothers Grim. You might enjoy these fairytales. Perhaps you should have a look-see?


After I read it I turned it over to Blaise for inspection . I watched in amusement as his face screwed up in faint disgust as he read.

Finally he looked up and our eyes locked, "Who would want to read a 'Grim Fairytale'?" he asked in mild revulsion, "I thought the whole idea of fairytales was the Happily Ever After."

I had to agree with him there, it didn't sound at all pleasant to me either.

I shrugged off the feeling and dug into my food, I still had quite a while before my hour was up.

As fate would have it, I only stayed in the dinning hall for twenty minutes before getting up and heading for the library. O, don't get me wrong, it's not a place I make a habit of frequenting unless for homework purposes, I just have nothing better to do.

When I reached the library, I honestly didn't expect to find my next clue right away. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the tall candle with it's peculiar flame with a small parchment rolled carefully below it. Also set beside it was a rather large book with the title, 'Brothers Grim Fairytales.'

Ignoring the book I automatically reach out for the parchment, only to yelp and tug my hand back to cradle against my chest. I glare at the offending object, then look down at my injured fingers. They were burned slightly, but already healing over.

Growling to myself I plop down in the chair and pick up the book. Looks like Mione doesn't want me reading that till I'm done reading this.

Looking down at the book I notice with distaste that it is in fact a collection of Muggle fairytales. Rolling my eyes I open it to the page Granger marked. I really should have expected this of Hermione, but I guess I kinda forgot her parentage for a while. It doesn't really matter though, she more then makes up for her background with her intriguing quirks. Maybe Muggle borns aren't that bad after all.

The story she had marked wasn't very long, and for that I was thankful. I was having problems coping with the fact that I had kind of, in a way…enjoyed reading he story.

Don't give me that look, it was really interesting, and it had a witch in it. Sure the witch was evil, but it was still a witch.

The story was about two little children who got lost in the woods and found a cottage made entirely of candy. Now, I would have loved that if I had found such a building when I was exploring the forest surrounding Malfoy Manner when I was younger, but sadly no such building existed anywhere in the vicinity.

Once I had finished reading a light flashed and when I looked up again, the light of the candle had changed color.

I raise an eyebrow, but took that as a sign that it was safe to pick up the parchment.

I wasn't even worried when I reached down and lifted the rolled up parchment in my hands, unrolling it swiftly.


Your next clue is hidden somewhere good little snakes should never venture, though it will be safe for you when the clock strikes two. If you start to doubt your path, simply follow the bread crumbs.


Well, that was rather straight forward. Looks like I'm heading up to Gryffindor Tower. A quick glance at the clock and I stand swiftly. I only have fifteen minutes to find my way up there. As easy as you'd think I is to find a tower in a castle, that particular area was rather elusive, even if you knew where you were going.

Once I was standing in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady, I realized that I didn't have the password, and it had obviously changed since the last time I'd been in there. So what to do?

I slumped against the wall and stared at the floor in thought.

Then something on the floor caught my eye, I bent down and picked it up, examining it in slight amusement, "A bread crumb?" I asked to myself.

I was startled out of my thoughts when the Fat Lady said something I didn't catch before the portrait opened for me to step inside. Grinning and flicking the bread crumb back onto the floor I stepped inside he room, glancing around. My gaze landed on the mantle above the fireplace, in front of a small clock was a tall candle and a small familiar parchment.

As I walked forward my eyes glanced up, exactly two o clock. Perfect timing.


Now that your in the Lion's Den, all you have to do is find the King.


Hm, it seems that the further into this we went, the more comfortable Hermione became. Now she was giving me small riddles. Alright, Lions Den, obvious. The King?

She could be referring to Weasley, but I had a hunch she's talking about the most popular Gryffindor to ever grace Hogwarts with his fame. Potter.

Either way, I would get my next clue in the boys dormitory.

Smirking to myself I head up the one staircase I had never ventured up, and found a numerous doors on my way up. The first ones were locked, so I brushed passed them carelessly. Finally I found one open.

Pushing the door open I peek inside, and sure enough, there situated on one of the beaten trunks, was the candle and parchment.

After picking up the parchment I hesitated and glance down. I was sure it wouldn't hurt if I just took a peek, I wouldn't steel anything, who would want to? But it would be interesting to see what the Boy-who-lived had in his trunk

After moving the candle carefully out of the way I reach for the clasp on the trunk, only to have it disappear completely.

I blink in surprise, then a slow grin spreads over my face. Typical Hermione, I should have known. Chuckling to myself I open the next clue, not at all put out that she had obviously not trusted me not to peek. Just goes to show she knows me better then I thought.

I can honestly saw I respect that about her.

I push the uncomfortable feelings away for now and glance down at the parchment.


Now that you have found your prize, I suggest you retreat back to your hole, and seek out the Cobra's Poison, your next clue lies there.


Okay, again with the analogies, 'my hole' would be the dungeon. And the Cobra would be the largest 'snake' there, Snape. So the next clue will probably be somewhere in Snape's classroom.

The next few clues I collected one after another, and it didn't seem to bother Mione seeing as I found them all, and I received no more burns.

My latest clue sent me back to my rooms where I found the last clue situated next to my closet.


If you want to see me tonight, come to the Astronomy tower at 8 tonight. Dress nice. I hope to see you there.


Well finally, I'm getting closer to my prize.

Hermione really outdid herself. I never expected this, maybe a good snog, but never this.

Hermione wasn't there that I could see, but laid out before me was a beautiful dinner for two with red, cinnamon scented candles everywhere. And smack in the middle of the was a tall candle whose flame flicked a different color every five seconds, and at the base a small rolled up piece of parchment.

Merry Christmas, Love

I felt her come up behind me and wrap her arms around my neck, her face pressed against mine. With a swift move I had her in my lap, my lips on hers I breathed the one question on my mind, "Be my girlfriend?"

Grinning, she kissed me.

I took that as a 'yes'.

Okay, so it's finished, you don't think that was too rushed? I hope not, I worked on it for a long time, and that ending…it wasn't quite what I had planned. I was planning this long, romantic talk over dinner, but…this kinda came instead. shrugs it's what the characters wanted, who am I to interfere.

Oh, one more thing. I have a story I'm currently working on, and in order to write it I need to know Bill and Charlie's ages, or at least how many years before Harry they went to Hogwarts…and another thing…how old do you think the Potters were when they died and/or had Harry? If you can help, that'd be great!