Pokemon The Next Generation!
aka Reversed Roles!
Chapter 1: Friends and Family!
We leave off with Sparky, now known as Jaime Crystal, falling at a rapidly fast pase into the pokemon world. Suddenly a bright flash blinds Jamie and she blacks out from all the excitment.

The light song of birds, and the harshness of the sunlight woke Jamie. She slowly opened her eyes and waited until they came into focus to get a better veiw of her surroundings. She was more than surprised to find herself in a bedroom, and frankly it looked vaguely familar.

This couldn't be she whispered as she sat up and got to her feet.

She walked around the room slowly, examining every inch only to confirm her suspisions. Oh my god! this is Ash Ketchum's room! she told herself.

Jamie smiled, at least she was in a familar place, but who had brought her here? Just then something occured to Jamie. Where was Sparky, and Rover?

As quietly as possible Jamie looked around the room and called out the two pokemons' names; no answer. What if they went downstairs? they might cause some trouble. Swiftly, Jamie ran out of the room and down the stairs. She stopped short of the bottom when she heard the sound of laughing voices coming from the kitchen.

Jamie stepped out into the hallway to see the kitchen at the far end, and she noticed the living room at the other end. Well, the place seemed cozy enough, and the pictures on the wall were definitely a sign telling her that this was Ash's house.

Ahh. I see somebody's up? a old man's voice said.

Jamie reconized it immeadiatly as Professor Oak's. Jamie felt more nervous than when she had to stand up in front of her science class and give an oral report on the human body and how it worked.

Just then Mrs Ketchum poked her head around the doorway to look at Jamie. As usual, Mrs Ketchum had a smile on her face that made anybody feel happy, Jamie couldn't help but smile.

Why don't you come here Jamie, we don't bite Mrs Ketchum said sweetly.

Jamie slowly aproached the two adults in the kitchen, smiling politely at them, she stopped in front of them.

Jamie said timidly.

Well, I see we have a shy one on our hands Professor Oak laughed.

Jamie just smiled, then something on the kitchen table caught her eye, it was Sparky and Rover!

Jamie sighed as she saw what her two baby pokemon had gotten into. Rover had managed to rip open a box of twinkies and was now chowing down on the puffy pasteries, while Sparky had managed to open the jar of peanut butter and he stuck his tiny little paws in and scooped out two huge paws full and then swallowed it down whole!

Jamie walked up to the two pokemon Sparky, Rover. Look what you two did. Now I'm going to have to replace those Jamie scolded.

That's alright Jamie Mrs Ketchum replied, I have to go shopping anyway, so it's not really a bother

Jamie sighed in relief Really, you don't mind?

Not at all Mrs Ketchum said.

The two pokemon stopped eatting their delectible delights, and jumped up onto Jaime's shoulders. Jamie took a seat on one of the chairs and began to think out loud. Well now that I'm here, what am I suppose to do?

The Porfessor looked at Jamie Well now that you're here it's best that you know the facts first. Each author that has been brought here has landed in a different house. Those people who have the chance to help an Author is legally considered their temorary guardian

Jamie cut in. You mean to tell me that since I landed in Ash's house, Mrs Ketchum is my guardian?

Call me mom, Guardian sounds so offical Mrs Ketchum said.

The Professor continued. Yes well, You're right Jamie, until you get home

Jamie turned a little curious So is it just Ash and Misty going around and throwing authors into the pokemon world?

The two adults shook their heads. Mrs Ketchum seemed th most worried. I'm afraid not she said.

She's right, Gary also went off as well, even James from Team Rocket!

Oh dear, that can't be good Jamie replied.

The Porfessor held his head in exhaustion No kidding he sighed.

Jamie sighed to herself and sat up Well I better start my journey. I don't know when I'll be able to go back home, so I want to enjoy as much as my time here as I can

Jamie, before go I want you to know that the Johto League is off limits to all trainers right now. Oak said.

Jamie was confused

Some sort of inspection thing going on and it takes a couple of months, so all authors and trianers have been going to a brand new league called the Crystal Islands League, there you'll be able to particapate until the Johto inspection is over. Plus you might meet some friends there because all the authors are starting over there he explained.

Great, I can't wait! I hope I get to meet a familar face Jamie said in excitement. Just wait, I'll become the best trainer there ever was!

Just be carefull Mrs Ketchum said. I know you're not really my child, but to me, I feel like you're still my little girl

Jamie smiled softly mom

Mrs Ketchum smiled, and then surprised Jamie with a small hug. You be careful now, alright?

Jamie nodded.

Good, now Mr. Mimey is over by the front door with your backpack. You have a wonderful time. And call me each time you reach a city or when ever you get into trouble okay?

Jamie said.

She looked over at her pokemon Sparky, Rover, time to leave so say goodbye Jamie said.

The two little pokemon cheered a happy goodbye, and then Jamie recalled Cyndiquil to it's pokeball. I'm going to keep Sparky out so it can get stronger and for my own protection.

Jamie was escorted out onto the porch where Mrs Ketchum handed Jamie a small gift wrapped box with a bow tie. Jamie looked at the small gift then she looked back up at Mrs Ketchum with a confused look, What's this for?

Mrs Ketchum smiled I bought it for you to help you out on your journey

Thank you Jamie replied as she opened the box; she gasped at what she saw inside.

Jamie said.

Jamie looked at the small device, it was pink and it looked exactly what it looked like on the 3rd movie of pokemon. Just then Jamie rushed up and gave Mrs Ketchum a huge hug. She smiled and returned the affection.

Thank you Jamie whispered.

You're welcome Mrs Ketchum told her, Now get going before I start to cry

Jamie laughed as she put the pokegear around her neck, then she ran towards the fence and hopped over it skillfully. She waved behind her as she ran down the old dirt road and disappeared off into the distance. Both Professor Oak and Mrs Ketchum waved back and when Jamie was out of sight Mrs Ketchum sighed. She looked over at Oak.

You know, I know she's not my kid but I still feel like I'm losing my baby all over again she remarked.

Professor Oak smiled I wouldn't worry Delila, if she's anything like Ash then she should be fine

Mrs Ketchum sighed a little That's what worries me


Jamie walked down the old dirt road that would lead her out of Pallet Town, Sparky was at her side smiling up at her. Jamie took a better look at herself. She wore a white t-shirt with a pink cover top over it, black shorts,white socks and runners, a pink and purple backpack, and finally a pink pokegear to match.

Jamie opened the little device and looked in the phone section. Mrs Ketchum's and Professor Oak's phone numbers were already locked into it. Jamie closed it and looked up to were she was going. Suddenly a great force tried to knock Jamie to the ground, but right as Jamie hit the ground she used her legs to push the thing' right over top of her and have herself land on top of it, pinning the thing down.

Jamie was panting in excitment but she didn't look happy, infact she was mad. The thing that had tried to knock her down was a boy, but it wasn't Brock, also this boy didn't seem love sick, perhaps he just wanted to scare her. Jamie looked at the boy, he was her age and he looked like a youger version of Gary Oak! He wore a light blue sweater and dark blue jeans. His hair was brown and a bit more shaggy than Gary's.

Finally Jamie asked Who are you?

The boy gave her a sarcastic look and replied HA! you create me years ago and you don't even reconize me? I'm Eric Oak from your story Pokemon The Next Generation. The First Series!

Quickly Jamie got off of the boy and helped him to his feet. Eric brushed off his black runners then looked over at Jamie who seemed shocked and worried. Eric looked at her in worry as he approached her Jamie are you alright? he asked.

Jamie almost seemed to be in a state of shock. If charaters she had designed for pokemon lived here in the pokemon, then other characters that other authors had desinged were sure to be here too!

Jamie had read almost every story in the pokemon section of, but one thing that really made her worry were the Team Rocket, and Mewtwo ones. If they had all come true here, then things might not be as pleasent as she thought. Poor Jamie was so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn't notice that Eric had wrapped his arms around her shoulders to try and comfort her. Eric asked.

Jamie snapped ot of her trance and realzed that Eric has holding her. Jamie sighed and looked away sadly. If all the new charaters that authors have designed to be in their pokemon stories are here, I'm not sure whether I want to do this or not she said.

Eric smiled at Jamie incouragingly Awe come on Jamie, you don't mean that do you? besides, it's not like I'd let anything happen to my best friend now would I?

Jamie looked up at Eric with a puzzled look. What are you talking about? she asked.

Eric smiled more brightly Oh please. You don't think for one second I'd let you go it alone would you?

Jamie suddenly bagan to brighten You mean it? You'll really come? she asked hopefully.

Eric gave off another sarcastitic look, just like the same one Gary always gives to Ash, as he answered Of course

At that moment Eric looked out at the tall grassy field and whistled loudly. Yo! Sandy, come on lets get going

Right at that moment a Sandshrew with a black and blue backpack on it's back jumped high out of the grass, then it began to roll towards Eric and Jamie had high speeds! As soon as it reached Eric's feet it stopped, and took off the backapack and handed it to the boy.

Eric smiled Good speed there buddy. Now come on Sandy, we're going on another pokemon adventure

The little Sandshrew seemed happier than a pig in mud. Eric looked up from his pokemon and looked over at Jamie. You ready to go? he asked.

Jamie smiled You bet !

Good, then it's off to the Crystal Islands! Eric cheered.

The Crystal Islands! Jaime cheered and she jumped up in excitement, and the two friends ran up the drit road and out of Pallet!