Pokemon The Next Generation!
Whirlpool Round Up!

The salty air stung Cid's face as he flew over the ocean onboard his faithful Skarmory, Skarr.

The Steel bird pokemon had a scar that went down it's eye so hense the name. Cid was forced to wear his shades because the sunshine was so bright, and the reflection it made off the water wasn't helping either.

Cid was scanning the horizon for something, he made careful note in his mind not to miss an inch of the oceans' wide span. Finally he saw it! A Gyarados with several people aboard, all headed in the direction of the Crystal Islands.

Cid grinned She's not going to get away from me this time he thought. Cid removed a pokeball from his belt and chucked down towards the ocean. The pokeball opened and released its pokemon into the watery depths below. Skarr swooped down and Cid caught the pokeball then he looked at his pokemon.

Kingdra, go trap that Gyarados using your Whirlpool attack Cid ordered.

The pokemon said with a nodd and it dived into the cold ocean and headed for its target.


Eric was resting contently on Gyarados's back, Jamie's head on his stomach, she said it wasn't soft enough to be a pillow but it would have to do. Sparky was fast asleep next to Sandy; and Melissa, Paul, Mike, and Kim were playing cards. As usual, Lila was on top of her Gyarados's head watching for any sign of the Crystal Islands.

Eric opened his eyes to see Jamie fast asleep, Eric smiled and chuckled to himself and closed his eyes. Suddenly Lila's Gyarados started roar and jerk around violently.

We're caught in a whirlpool! Lila yelled from her post.

Jamie was litterally thrown from were she lay, Eric reacted quickly and caught her.

He said as he got a firm hold on his friend.

Jamie yelled as she saw her Pichu fly off the Gyarados.

Suddenly Melissa said as she made a quick reach for Sparky and caught him.

Pi Pichu Sparky chimed with a smile.

Jamie sighed in relief then she looked up at Lila and yelled Lila, what's happening?

We're caught in a very large whirl pool, we can't get out! Lila yelled.

Jamie gave her a surprised look, when suddenly an evil laughter was heard from above. Jamie looked up to see Cid on his Skarmory looking down at Jamie.

Well, well. It seems you have yourself stuck in a bit of a pickle, or a whirlpool in this case Cid laughed.

Jamie only gave Cid an unamused look and replied Bad Cid, really bad

Well at least I haven't lost my sence of humor Cid said.

Cid looked down and watched as Jamie tried to stay on Lila's Gyarados. He smiled and swooped down only a few feet away from her. Come on Jamie. Why don't you just come with me and you you can be my partner in Team Rocket Cid offered.

You already have a partner and I'd never join such a horrible organization Jamie yelled in anger.

You're in no position to talk girl Cid snapped.

Suddenly Arty popped out of his pokeball again and the rough movement of the Gyarados threw the baby pokemon into the water.

No! Arty! Jamie yelled in panic and she pulled out of Eric's hold and dived into the water after little Arty.

Everyone yelled, Cid only laughed.

Immeadiatly everyone began to react. Gyarados, Go! Paul yelled, releasing his Gyarados.

Blastoise, Go! Mike yelled as he released his pokemon.

Eric yelled.

You to Squirtle Kimberly ordered.

Rescue them! every one commanded.

Every pokemon complied and immeaditatly caught Arty with little trouble, but Jamie had been snatched by Kingdra.

Blastoise, tackle it! Mike yelled.

Mike's Blastoise tackled Cid's Kingdra, freeing Jamie and allowing him to grab her. The turtle pokemon quickly rushed Jaime to the surface and Jamie gasped for air. Eric's Fearow flew down, baby Arty and Eric already on it, and made an attempt to get Jamie.

Alright, now everyone stop that whirlpool Paul yelled.

Suddenly Cid flew down on Skarr and snatched Jamie right from Blastiose's grip and glided back up to the safety of the air.

Give her back Cid! Eric yelled.

Not on your life Cid yelled.

Just then something flew by and knocked Cid and Jamie into the whirlpool below. Cid couldn't keep his grip on Jamie and was forced to let go by the strength of the spiraling water. Kingdra quickly came to Cid's rescue and got the boy out of there as quickly as he could.

Meanwhile the others were all aboard Eric's Fearow, Paul's Noctowl, and Mike's Pidgeot. All of them were yelling frantically for the pokemon to stop and save Jamie.

They can't hear us Melissa yelled from Paul's Noctowl.

None of them will stop until the whirlpool is gone Eric Lila yelled from Mike's Pidgeot.

Eric looked at the whirlpool in anger Come on Jamie, you can't give up now

At that time
A lifeless form floated through the water, Jamie had drifted far from the whirlpool and was barely hanging on o life. Just then something grabbed the collar of her shirt and began to lift her to the surface.

Jamie's head gently broke through the water, and the thing that had her by the collar slowly started to bring her over towards Eric and the others.
Everyone sat on Paul's Gyarados, Lila's was to weak from all that had happened earlier. As for the other water pokemon, they had been ordered to search for Jamie but now each one waded in the water looking up at their trainers in disappointment.

Did you find her? Eric asked, already knowing the answer.

The pokemon shook there heads in sadness.

Well you guys did the best you could Lila said.

Just then Melissa started to scream frantically. Guys Look!, Look! It's Jamie, over there! she pointed.

Everyone looked to see Jamie coming towards them, something under her that was under the water was holding her up.

Eric yelled, but Jamie did seem to notice.

Finally Jamie was brought next to Paul's Gyarados and the pokemon that had brought her there just went into one of her pokeballs before anyone could see it! Eric hausted the cold, wet, unconscious girl up onto the pokemon and held her close.

Jamie was breathing weakly and shivering violently, occasionally caughing up water. We have to get her help before she gets sick or dies from hypothermia! Eric said.

Don't worry! Gyarados is the fastest pokemon I know! Paul said, and quickly the giant pokemon let out a roar and swam as fast as it could in the direction of Crystal Islands.

Melissa carefully wrapped a blacket around the unconscious girl and felt her forehead for a fever; Melissa looked up towards Paul Paul hurry, she's getting worse! Melissa yelled.
3 hours later
Shhh, I think she's waking up Melissa said in a hushed tone.

Jamie felt as if she were engulfed in total darkness and she could only hear the familar and comforting voices of her friends. Just then Jamie moaned softly and slowly opened her eyes. Everything was fuzzy but her sight quickly cleared up to reveal her friends. She seemed to be in some sort of hospital room.

Melissa was at her bedside, Eric too but he was holding her hand. Paul and Mike were standing near the door, intent on staying, and as for Kimberly and Lila, they too were at the doorway but they had other plans.

Lila smiled I'm glad we made it here in time, and I'm glad to know Jamie will be okay. But right now I have a gym to get to.

Jamie get better soon because you have a whole journey ahead of you and it will be filled with lots of fun, adventure, and friends Kimberly said.

Jamie smiled weakly and slowly lifted her hand and waved a small good bye. Kim and Lila waved back and left.

Jamie, you need to rest before you can battle. Take my word for it Melissa sighed.

Jamie only nodded and closed her eyes, She was to weak to even stay awake. She was just going to have to wait until she had regained her strength. As Jamie closed her eyes she couldn't help but wonder what happend to Cid.

It's about time Angel said as she saw Cid come up the path and approach the two girls.

Where were you? Swan asked.

Cid just walked right past them and said I was taking care of some business, now lets get going!

And they all walked off in the direction of the Flower Island Gym!

To Be Continued!

Authors Note! : Okay I've come to the conclusion that listening to music while writting is not a good mix, therefore I will not do it again. Insults between Rocket members will fly! More trainers will appear in the following episodes. This series will be like the show and 2 to 3 trainers maybe featured per story. Those who sent in a description through the reviews Thankyou, those who did them through e-mail, I lost them and would ask if you woudn't mind doing it again. It makes my work go faster. As for Arty, this is not why I asked people to not chose legendary pokemon, you'll see why soon. And Arty will soon prove that his cuteness is the only good thing he has ( Psyduck wanna be x7) need I go on!