Wrath of Groudon

Hey y'all! After some careful consideration, I've decided to type this story. I've done it before and I thought I wouldn't do it again, I guess I should've saved it some time ago, eh? Anyway, I can tell people are gonna love this.

Summary: Friends are worth remembering, and there's a reason for it. May finds out the hard way through a curse… Hoennshipping.

Nighttime had set in the land of Hoenn, and the only thing that broke the peace was the squeals of fans at the Lilycove trainer fanclub. Inside, two trainers were being favored among others who were in the midst of gaining popularity. One trainer had an awkward hair color that would catch anyone's eye. He was previously known to be frail and sickly but now he looked a lot more experienced. The other trainer had an extraordinary hair color compared to the others. His eyes were ruby red and looked as if he has been through more than just pokemon battles. This trainer was apparently watching TV in the corner of the room as the other fan-girls squealed over the other trainer. He had become really strong, so much in fact, it was nearly impossible to match his skills. Sometimes, he wished there was someone out there who could rival him, it has been pretty boring.

He flipped through channels in search of entertainment hopeful for anything that could catch his eye. Just when he was about to give up, a premier was featured announcing the winner of the Kanto Grand Festival winner. He decided maybe for a couple of seconds until he turns it off and joins his friend. He wasn't paying much attention because contests didn't really interest him, but he heard a name he thought he would never hear in years.

"…declaring the winner as May Maple."

This got his attention. He closed in on the TV and saw that it as the May he saw before. He was speechless, but mostly because it was a long time since they met.

'May?' he thought, "Could it really be her? Wait, what is she doing in Kanto?'

"May," the female announcer spoke as she held the microphone to her face, "how does it feel to have finally won the Grand festival?"

Brendan closed in to hear better.

"Incredible. All that hard work finally paid off," she said.

"Is there anyone you would like to thank for this spectacular victory?"

"Well, I would like to thank my friends and my brother Max. I would also like to thank everyone who inspired me to become a coordinator."

"Is there anyone else you would like to thank?" the announcer said.

'C'mon May,' he thought 'what about me? Don't I matter?'

"No," she said, "In fact, everyone I ever needed is in my life, no one else."

His mind went blank at those words. The announcer spoke positively at her answer as she signed off. He couldn't believe she forgot about him. Was the first day they met wasted? He slowly got up and walked toward the door leading the exit. His friend noticed his pale swagger and asked.

"Hey bud, where you going?"

"I'm…going out for some air."

"Okay, suit yourself."

He left the club and staggered out into the forest with one painfully true thought echoing through his head.

'She doesn't remember… she doesn't remember…'

This fact striked him as painful as a Mightyena's bite. He continued to walk until he reached the foot of a mountain and began climbing.

Don't worry, this chapter was only a prologue. The chapters might get longer so keep a lookout. R & R!