Wrath of Groudon finale

Well guys, it's been fun writing this story. This is the final chapter of 'Wrath of Groudon'. I hope everyone has enjoyed this story.

The forest had been quiet for some time now. May was walking through Petalburg woods, with company behind. Her brother Max, her mother, and father, where tagging along because they were worried about her. She had been quiet and deathly sad for some time. Actually, she's been like this ever since she came back. When May said she was going to take a stroll in the forest, her family feared that she might...commit suicide or some other sort. When they said they where going with, she declined but were insisted strongly. May took a look at her Pokenav, 8:38, only a few more minutes until moonrise.

"May," her brother said, "please tell us what's wrong."

"We're really worried about you honey," her mother said.

"We don't want you to get hurt or anything," her father said.

May finally stopped walking and looked back, not to look at them but at the sky soon to have a moon. She was frowning before, but smiled when she turned, although they could tell she was pretending.

"Guys, there's something I need to tell you," she said, finally dropping the act.

"A while ago, me and Drew were attacked."

"By what?" her father asked.

"A beast in red. Later, he saved me from a rabid Arcanine, but Drew attacked him with his pokemon in revenge. The day after that, we arrived in Lilycove and he came back. He told me to meet him late at night and I did."

Her family were intrigued by the tale but wondered where she was going with this. Her parents seemed a little astounded but Max, having more experience with legendary pokemon, knew there was something more.

"So what did he tell you?" Max asked, now concerned.

"He..." she wondered to tell them right now. No, slow and steady, "told me he was cursed."

"Cursed? By what?"


Max's suspicion was correct. It did have something to do with legendaries, but what's making May so depressed about it?

"Well, what else did he tell you?" her mother asked.

"He said..." was now a good time? "I was the only who could break the curse," no, not yet.

"So did you?"

"No, and now," time to tell, "I'm gonna die."

Did she just say that? Did she just say she would die? They understood why she was so sad, but why is she depressed? The question didn't matter, the family member does.

"Die? DIE? May, if this is some kind of joke, it's not funny" her father asked.

"By moon's full. When moon's full reaches the sky, he will strike," May said.

"Norman," her mother said, "I don't think she's joking."

"She isn't," Max spoke softly.

"Well, how do YOU know?" he said.

"Trust me, I know about these things. May, is it true?"

"Yes, all of it."

"But why are you so sad?"

"Because (sniff) I loved him…"

Max was now confused as well as his parents. Something must've happened to her to make her say that. If he was going to kill her, and she loved him, then anyone can understand why she's so depressed. As a matter of fact, she was in this stage before. When that Brendan kid left their town. They hadn't seen him since.

May took one, tiny glance at the moonlit sky.

"And now he's here."

They all turned to see in May's direction. From a distance, there, casually walking was the beast. A red aura was flowing through and around him, giving him an intimidating look that could give you a heart attack at first sight. His eyes were burning an evil fire, one she never saw, as he was only meters away.

'Are you ready to accept your fate?' he asked from afar.

Norman, who wasn't gonna just stand there, stood up to him. He readied his pokeball containing Vigoroth as he glared angrily at him.

"Listen you," he said, "I don't know what my daughter means to you, but I'm not gonna let you lay a finger on her. Got that?" he said with much integrity.

"Dad, don't even bother," May said, not changing her tone, "this is between me and him."

"No May," her mother said walking in front of her joining Norman, "we're your parents, we won't even let him near you."

"Yeah," Max said joining in.

'Hmph,' it merely sounded.

He snapped his fingers, activating a heat barrier to block them, except May, from his path. The barrier wasn't very hot, just to block all unwanted intrusion. Her family banged on the heat wall, calling for her, but she didn't listen. She knew it was pointless to struggle or fight, just accept fate, and everything will be over...

'Failing to rid of the curse,' he began, 'you not only failed me, but brought this fate upon yourself. Your time...has come.'

He continued to walk towards her, with flames burning brightly and fiercely, as his blue shine shimmered. May finally put on a serious face and spoke.

"Kill me if you want to, I don't even care, but I won't forget all the people that mattered to me in my life," she said, the monster not changing his pace.

"I won't forget my friends, my family, all who supported me to be who I am today," she said, remembering that one person, "and I won't forget Brendan Birch!"

The monster stopped walking, his eyes turning to a look of surprise, his blue shine no longer glowing, and the fierce flames had halted.

'What did you say?' it asked in utter surprise.

"Brendan Birch. The boy who made me who I am today. He was the reason I wanted to be on this journey," tears began to flow in her eyes as she spoke, "and I hate myself for forgetting him!"

The monster now walked towards her, her family was screaming to her to run away. He finally got up to her and she looked him in the eye. But what she saw, was relief, no desire to kill or hurt. Like he completely changed his mind or something.

'You...you remembered,' he said.

"Remembered? Wait a minute, you wanted me to remember...him?"

She realized the facts that were all coming together now.

"Is...that you, B-Brendan?" she asked afraid.

'...hello May. Long time, no see.'

It really is him. The boy she had forgotten two years ago, was now standing in front of her. She remembers him, and the curse, had been lifted.

"You-you're back...Brendan!"

She gave him a hug, one she had missed for a long time, as he hugged back. She was crying tears that were meant for sadness and depression on his shoulder as he gently rubbed her back, satisfied with her presence. May lifted her head up to look at him, what's going to happen now?

"Shouldn't the curse have been lifted?" she ask.

'It is,' he said holding his hand up.

The red pieces were slowly chipping off his hands as skin underneath were revealed. From the hand, the chipping of the powerful shell had reached his arm to his shoulder to his torso. Slowly, they revealed he was wearing black and red shirt and pants. It soon reached to his other arm and to his legs. When it reached his head, the tips fell like weak armor rusting off a warrior as white hair was revealed. By now, she could see his eyes, those ruby-red eyes that May was happy to see again. The last piece had fallen off as Brendan felt really weak, he fell and May caught him. He lifted his head up to look into her sapphire-blue eyes, eyes he had longed to see again.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," she said back.

The heat barrier had disappeared as the family watched in awe. Max was surprised to see a familiar face appear to him just like that, but if May was happy, he was happy.

"May," Brendan said, "I want to tell you something, something you have no idea how long I've wanted to tell."

May put her finger on his lips playfully.

"No, I have an idea."



"I...I love you."

Even though, she felt he did on the inside, she couldn't believe those words. Probably because she felt the same way.

"I love you too."

And at that moment, the space between their faces disappeared.

'Brendan…' she thought, 'please…please forgive me…'

'Hmhmhm. Groudon has broken the rules.'

'He fears us now and is hiding.'

'Rayquaza, you know what you and your bond must do.'

Rayquaza smiled as the green haired child said.

"It'll be my pleasure," he said as he thrusted his hand to his left and engulfed it in a green fire as it transformed into a replica of Rayquaza's claw.


And now the story is complete! For anyone who hasn't noticed, the words 'forgive me…' are italicized. Why? Check the chapters; the first letter of each one spells 'FORGIVE ME…' Not bad for a story, eh? Well, it's the least I could do for everyone. Before I move on to the sequel preview, I want to see this story in a hoennshipping C2 community. Please people, I want to see my work given some credit. Please notify the C2 manager about this story.


Groudon desired to bring them together, now Rayquaza wants to split them apart. Kyogre will not let him do that, and thus, the climactic clash concludes. Except this time, its bond and bond versus bond. The children of destiny will fight to stay together, even if it means destroying the human bond. But what kind of blood runs through the dragon bond? And when will he strike? Will May suffer her heart once again, or will Kyogre assist her, Brendan and Groudon to prevail against the sky king? Discover the legends that saved Hoenn as they fight for the heart of May, in the sequel: Reign of Rayquaza.

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