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The Assistant





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Chapter 1 - Out With the Old and In With the New

Golden eyes glanced at the annoying women before them, again. Her red contacts stared at him with fear, and a little excitement. He was feared by all who didn't do as he asked. Big time business man, who didn't need this kind of shit happening everyday of his life.

He was going to fire her, for a few reasons, but most had to do with the way she acted. She was his personal assistant, but lately she'd been trying to be more then just his assistant. He didn't need an onna in his life; in fact he tried to stay away from them, it wasn't possible but he tried. He didn't need them for anything expect getting rid of occasional frustration.

His eyes skimmed over the tall onna sitting before him. She was practically shaking with fear. He did that with a lot of people, because he didn't just get to the point; no he stretched it out until the end. He made occasional points to his final one, and got a person fearing for their job, before getting to his point. Like he was doing now.

Not that he wouldn't say, his soon to be ex-personal assistant wasn't good looking, but she tried everything to get him to ask her out… everyday. She was tall at least 5'9" and skinny. Her skin held a soft tan but only in places she allowed to be touched by the sun. Other then her lower leg, arms, neck, and face she was a ghostly white, but sort of creamy. Her eyes weren't red, but brown behind her contacts, and her hair black as a raven. Sure she was good looking, but not the type of woman he liked.

"Kagura," passed from his lips, making the onna snap to attention. He could see in her eyes, she knew what was to come, but still waited a few minutes until finally, "Kagura, I will no longer tolerate your constant pursuit of my person. You well know that dating between colleagues is not welcome at Taisho Corp."

He was drawing it out, and she knew it. Kagura had a feeling that this would happen soon after she began trying to date him. She really did like him, and wanted to get to know him, but now she saw, she had gone the wrong direction in trying. She had been giving him little hints of places, and things she like to do, nothing more. Now she saw, she was going to lose her job because of it.

The tall man, with silver hair drifting down his shoulders tell his mid-back, stood from his chair. His face held no emotion, but still was so beautiful. His golden eyes went well with his light colored skin.

"Please Sesshoumaru-sama, do think this should cost me my job?" Kagura asked, looking up at him. Her voice was small, and seemed almost broken. She felt really intimidated, and wanted to run from the room.

"Kagura, I have put up with this for over a year; in light of the fact that I have told you 'no' numerous times. You don't seem to understand what it means, and after yesterday, I will no longer have you here. I asked Yura, to bring up those papers, and because of your jealousy, you brought them to me, after calling Yura a few unwanted names. Kagura, because of your behavior you no longer have a job at Taisho Crop. Now go pack your belongings in your office, and tell Nazuna when your done, then leave," Sesshoumaru stared at the teary eyed woman. He didn't feel bad for what he had done and waited for her to go. However, Kagura was a fighter, and didn't move.

"Please Sesshoumaru-sama, I have to take care of Kanna. Couldn't you just demote me, instead of firing me?" Kagura said looking back down at the floor. She had her little sister to take care of, and she really needed this job. It paid well… and she didn't want to find another one.

"Leave Kagura, find yourself another job," Sesshoumaru turned and sat back in his chair. Spinning it, so he could look out his window, he heard Kagura leave his office, slamming the door. Shaking his head, he looked up at the ceiling.

He would need another assistant. Well he'd have Nazuna get right on it; after all, she was his secretary, and he didn't want to deal with it. Glancing around his dark office, he nodded, before pressing the intercom button.

"Nazuna, I am in need of another personal assistant. Look up people suitable for the job, and send them different appointments to come and see me," Sesshoumaru said in an indifferent voice.

"Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama," came Nazuna's voice. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time. She really didn't like Kagura, and was glad she would no longer have to put up with her.

"Oh, and Nazuna, tell me when Kagura leaves."

Nazuna nodded, and replied, "Of course, Sesshoumaru-sama."

Nodding in satisfaction, Sesshoumaru leaned back in his chair. He knew Nazuna knew what he meant by send them appointments. He meant give notice of the position, and then set up appointments with them. She had been working at Taisho Corp. since his father owned it, and knew this.


Somewhere else, in the large city of Tokyo, a young onna lay in bed. Though it was late, she didn't have to work yet, and lay sleeping off her pervious day, which hadn't been long. The alarm clock, beside her large black silk covered bed, started to ring with music as she groaned as if in pain.

Kagome Ki shot up in bed, when her alarm clock went off. She'd been working in the later hours for Howling Inc. for over 2 years. She really liked the job, well, with a few exceptions. One would be working for a man, who kept asking you out. Another would be, being same man's assistant.

The job paid well, and she liked working at Howling Inc. However her boss was a little to forward, for her liking. She felt like if he touched her once more, she would no longer be working there, or punch his lights out.

Her name, had once been Kagome Higurashi, but she changed it after leaving home. She had started a new life, though she did visit her little brother once in a while. Her mother didn't like her very well, so she didn't want to be known as Higurashi. Instead, she changed her name in Ki, the last name of her love, though it didn't work out.

The young, yet well educated girl, stood from her bed. She needed to get ready for her day at work. Tilting her head back, she moaned at the thought of seeing Kouga. The damn man didn't understand 'no', and it was beginning to bother her.

As fast as she could, Kagome ran around her apartment, trying to find the work outfit she'd left somewhere. After finding it, she giggled, and ran back to her bathroom intending on taking a quick hot shower.

Fifteen minutes in the shower, and Kagome came walking out in a flimsy towel, wringing water from her hair. She nearly groaned when she forced a brush through her wet hair. She was really thinking about cutting some of it off, but what would she do without her wavy hair?

Her morning ritual done, Kagome ran to the front door. Grabbing her keys, she locked the door, and when toward the elevator. The car arrived, and Kagome hopped inside pressing for the lobby floor.

It didn't take her long to arrive at work once entering her car. She walked toward the door, and was greeted by the ever-jealous Ayame. They were great friends, but Ayame wanted Kouga to notice her, more then he did her friend.

"Hey Ayame, trying once again?" Kagome asked, looking over at the red headed onna. Raising her hand, she swept the hair from her eyes, and watched as Ayame nodded.

"Yes, but he doesn't seemed to notice I'm even there," Ayame looked down in disappointment. She liked Kouga, and for the longest time had been trying to get him to date her, nothing worked.

Kagome patted Ayame's shoulder, before saying, "Don't worry, Ayame. I'm sure that he will, soon enough, and then you'll have him all to yourself."

"Really think so?" green eyes looked up at electric blue colored ones of her friend. Yes, she was jealous that Kouga noticed Kagome, and not her, but that couldn't ruin their friendship. Looking around, her eyes widened in hope, as she watched Kouga walked toward them. Her hope was crushed when Kouga greeted only Kagome.

"Morning Kagome, are you ready for today?" Kouga said, completely ignoring Ayame. Yes, he knew she was there, but Ayame wasn't his type of girl.

Kagome looked over at Ayame, before saying, "This is Ayame, Mr. Menomaru."

"Oh, hello," Kouga said, looking over at the hopeful Ayame. He smiled a bit, before talking with Kagome about the upcoming board meeting. He needed her to be ready, since they'd be dealing with Inuyasha Taisho, and Bankotsu Lee. Walking toward the building he was pleased to find she already had the contracts ready to sign. That was what he liked about Kagome; she was always ready. He had fallen as soon as she walked through the doors of his building and never wanted her to leave. However, Kagome Ki was a woman you had to charm or so he thought. Lately, he was beginning to think his efforts were in vain.

Kagome nodded, and quickly walked into her office. She grabbed the contracts, and went to Kouga's door. Knocking, she opened the door, and walked toward the desk. "Here you are Mr. Menomaru, all you need to do is read over them before the meeting, and then have them signed."

"Thank you, Kagome," Kouga said, taking the contracts, and giving her a smile. It was his charming smile that made most women melt before him. Kagome, however, did not and told him she would tell him when the others arrived. Nodding, he sat down to read over the contracts, and like usual he found everything in order.


Inuyasha, and Bankotsu walked toward the entrance, as they both sighed. Neither of them liked Kouga, but with Kagome there, the trip was much easier. Plus, they needed the merger to help their own companies grow.

Bank glanced over at the fuming Inuyasha. Though the young man was annoying, and a little arrogant, he was a good businessman. Not like his brother, but good none-the-less.

He sighed, knowing Inuyasha would probably make this merger harder then it should be. He'd heard of others Inuyasha had made, and none had gone well until he signed. Hoping that this time would be different, he followed behind him.

Inuyasha wasn't looking forward to seeing Kouga, either. They had known each other for a very long time, and for Inuyasha, that was too long. They were always found fighting, or glaring at one another. Each time, was usually worse then the last, and he wasn't looking forward to any merger with Kouga Menomaru.

Inuyasha walked into the elevator, and pressed the 20 button. Waiting didn't take long, for soon the pair found themselves before Kagome. Both liked Kagome, and both found their visits with Kouga easier when she was around.

"Good evening Mr. Taisho, Mr. Lee, I will tell Mr. Menomaru that you're here. Before then will you allow me to show you to the boardroom?" Kagome smiled at the two men, who nodded.

"Of course Kagome, lead the way," Inuyasha said, smiling at his friend. They'd known each other for a while, and had become friends quickly, since he was already married. His little Kikyo couldn't be replaced by anyone, even if she had once been Japan's biggest tramp.

Kagome gave a small bow, before showing the small group to the boardroom. Once inside, she made sure to get them coffee, before walking toward Kouga's office. Sighing, she knocked lightly, and opened the door, "Mr. Menomaru, your guests are waiting for you in the boardroom."

"Thank you, Kagome, I will be there in a moment," Kouga smiled. He watched as Kagome walked from the room, her hips swaying. She didn't know how much she temped him into touching her, and he gulped not wanting to do something stupid today.

A few minutes passed, and Inuyasha looked over at Kagome. "Kagome, if you don't want to work here anymore, you have a place at my company," he smiled, when she looked at him confused.

"Yes, I agree. If you ever want to leave Howling Inc. just call me, and I'll have a position opened for you," Bankotsu smiled at the young woman.

Kagome looked between the silver hair, amber-eyed man, to the light blue eyed and black haired one. Shaking her head, she was about to reply, when Kouga slammed the door behind him.

"Kagome will not be leaving my company, because you don't like her working here. Leave MY woman out of this," Kouga snapped. He felt a tingle at the back of his throat that felt much like a growl.

Kagome stood, stunned before rubbed her temples. She didn't need this, and yet here they were at it again. Every time one of them mentioned something like this they ended up fighting over it. Her nerves were still raw from last time, and she listened as they fought over her.

"Kagome is not your woman, just because she works for you," Inuyasha glared at Kouga. They both knew this would happen, because every time they saw each other, and Kagome came into the conversation they fought like wolves over a scrap of meat.

"I agree, with Inuyasha," Bank raised his voice. He wasn't one for yelling, but at times people got on his nerves, and then he snapped. Glancing over at Kagome, he saw that she was thinking hard, and seemed to be considering what they said.

"Kagome is my woman, mine," Kouga growled out, looking around the room. His eyes landed upon Kagome, and he saw her glaring at him.

"HOW DARE YOU? I DON'T BELONG TO ANYONE, AND THAT INCULDES YOU! I… I… I QUIT," Kagome thundered from her spot, and walked from the room leaving three shocked males behind her. She walked into her office, and began grabbing her things. Once she had her items inside a box, she walked out, and slipped out her nameplate from the door. Sticking her nose in the air, she walked past Kouga who'd came to ask her to stay.

Kouga watched her go, and glared back at the men he wouldn't be merging with. "This is all your fault," he said deadly calm.

"Its not our fault. You're the one who can't get the fact Kagome is a person through your head. Therefore, it would be your fault, baka," Bank said walking from the room. After that he had also decided not to merge, and would be heading toward Taisho Corp.

"Forget the merger Kouga, I will go see my brother about it. You can't seem to understand that Kagome is an onna, and belongs to herself, not some flirting pig," Inuyasha barked, before slamming the door behind him, walking toward Bankotsu, who stood waiting in the elevator.

Bank and Inuyasha, sat in the elevator, before finally Inuyasha couldn't take the silence and yelled, "Can you believe that guy? Who does he think he is, doing that in front of Kagome?"

Bankotsu agreed with Inuyasha in silence, as the elevator continued toward the lobby floor. A mad Ayame, and a fuming Kagome greeted them. Both didn't seem to like the way Kouga treated a woman he thought belonged to him. They were in heated discussion about the whole thing.

"Can you believe him? Who does that baka think he is? I am my own onna, and he can't just say I belong to him," Kagome growled through clenched teeth. Her blue eyes swirled with what seemed like a thunderstorm, as her anger got the better of her. Her eyes got more electric like, as she glared at the nearest wall, which would have burst into flames if possible.

Ayame nodded. She to couldn't believe Kouga was that type of man. How dare he just down right say Kagome was his woman, without thinking about her feelings? Kagome didn't even like Kouga expect as a friend, so why didn't he back off? She couldn't understand men who thought they owned everything that was near them. Meaning worked, slept, or did something for them. Thoughs types of men were not her type, and she was beginning to rethink her opinion of Kouga Menomaru.

"I totally agree with you, Kagome. I hate men who think, just because they have money, means they can have whatever crosses their path," Ayame fumed. Her face was red from anger about the treatment of her friend, and she finally noticed the two handsome men walking toward them. Bankotsu would have been very hot to her if it wasn't for the fact he was gay and dated Jakotsu, his other half. Inuyasha wasn't half bad looking, but he was married so, she decided it best to find herself a man before she ended up with someone like Kouga.

"Hey guys," Inuyasha said, walking toward them. He smiled, and handed Kagome his card. "Remember what I said, Kagome."

"Yes, have mine as well," Bankotsu, stated pulling out his own business card.

"That's fine guys, I'll find myself another job, no worries," Kagome said with a smile. She calmed and said, "Besides, I know your business numbers, I don't need these." With that she waved the business cards in their faces, and watched as they laughed before taking them back.

Inuyasha nodded, "Your right, Kagome."

"Yes, after working here you'd have to know them," Bankotsu slipped the card back into his jacket, before saying 'good day ladies' and walking toward the door.

"Remember though, Kagome if you can't find a job, call me or Bank. We'll both be happy to have you working for us," Inuyasha bowed, and walked past them. Like Bankotsu, he took the left door, and began talking on his cellphone when it rang.


Sesshoumaru sat behind his desk, rubbing his temples, as he thought of all the women who had come to see him already. It had been a week, and every woman, or man who came wanted something from him. He couldn't seem to find a person who wanted the job and not him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, I think I've found you a person who actually wants the job," Nazuna said through the intercom. "She is a nice friend of mine, and quit her job recently."

"What is her name, Nazuna?" Sesshoumaru asked, curious. It wasn't everyday that Nazuna talked about a friend so kindly. She seemed like she really liked the onna she was talking about. Maybe, just maybe he could finally find someone who wanted his personal assistant job.

"Kagome Ki, sir," came Nazuna's voice after a short while. Yes, Nazuna really must have liked this Kagome person, for she spoke fondly of her. Almost like you would a friend for life people, sometimes found in life.

"Very well, set up an appointment with her. Oh, and Nazuna, please make sure she wants the job first," Sesshoumaru sounded somewhat tired, and he knew it. His voice wasn't as silky as it could be, and he kept rubbing his eyes to stay awake. Well, that did happen when you stayed up for a few days, after dealing with his type of work.

"Oh, she does Sesshoumaru-sama. Her last job was at Howling Inc. and from what I've heard from Mr. Menomaru, she was a very good personal assistant. She will tell you why she quit if you'd like, but I promised not to say," Nazuna sounded like she was gossiping for a moment, as she talked through the intercom.

"Good," was his only reply, before turning back to his work. Well if Nazuna, and Menomaru approved of this female, then she must have been a very good assistant when working at Howling Inc. Hell anyone who worked for that bastard Kouga had to have been good because of his wild ways. Nodding, he picked up his phone, when it rang.

"Hello," he said into it, wondering why Nazuna let the call through? Usually Nazuna didn't so such a thing unless she thought it would benefit the company, and knew he wouldn't go for it hearing it from her.

"Yes, Mr. Taisho, this is Bankotsu Lee, and I was wondering if we could merge our companies together. You see, I was going to merge with Howling Inc. but Kouga like always had to say something I didn't like, and I decided to go for a larger company," came Bankotsu's voice.

"I will think about it, and have a contact drawn up if I approve," Sesshoumaru said, not wanting to deal with this as well. Bankotsu was merged with his baka half-brother, Inuyasha, but his company would help his, instead of making it plummet. Maybe today wasn't so bad after all. With that in mind, he went back to work, and amazingly found himself doing more work in a day then he had all week. Yes today had been good.


The phone rang, as Kagome ran to get it. She wondered who would be calling at this time of night. She had been looking for a job ever since she quit her old one, but none of the ones she found were… what she liked to do. She loved being an assistant, even if she didn't know why, and had yet to find an opening at any company.

"Hello, Kagome Ki speaking, how may I help you?" Kagome nearly sang into the phone. Yes, she was that way. She always sounded chipper, even when she wasn't, and tried to find everything good out of things. Really, she had no idea why, but it worked for her, and what worked she did.

"Hey Kags," came her friends voice. Kagome lit up, when she heard the voice, and almost forgot how late her friend had called. She didn't though, and put in mind to ask as soon as she could.

She giggled before saying, "Hey Nazuna, what's up?" Nazuna, and her had been best friends, since they met, and even now seemed that way. Since high school, you couldn't get them apart when they were together, and though in high school they weren't as nice. While in high school, they were known as the troublesome pair, because that was what they did caused trouble everywhere they went. However, after senior year, they calmed down and became cheery like most other people were.

"Well, I have good news for you, Kagome," Nazuna said. Kagome took the phone from her ear for a moment, and stared at it in confusion, she had no idea what Nazuna was talking about. Honestly, she didn't since they had only talked three days ago. It was strange that one day your looking for a job, and then your old pal calls like they'd just seen you. "Kagome? Are you still with me?"

"Sorry, I was trying to figure out what could be so good that you called at," glancing at a clock, "8:50p.m."

She heard Nazuna giggling on the other line, and sighed again. She wanted to know what Nazuna wanted, but like always her friend drew out what she wanted to say. She always did it when good things were to come, and Kagome figured if Nazuna was drawing it out this much it was very good news. "Come on Nazuna, tell me, just get to the point. Kami, do you have to draw it out every time we speak?" Kagome whined into the phone.

"Well, if your going to be that way about it, maybe I should just keep it to myself," Nazuna said in a bored voice. Kagome could just bet Nazuna was smirking on the other end as she waited for her to say what she wanted to hear. Kagome like always gave in, and said the thing her friend wanted to hear the most.

"Come on, Nazuna don't be that way. Look, I'm sorry," Kagome, whined, trying to get her friend to say something. She waited, and heard Nazuna sigh before speaking. Silently, Kagome congratulated herself on getting the info Nazuna had.

"Well, there's a personal assistant job open here at Taisho Corp. After you told me about not having a job, I figured you'd be just what Sesshoumaru-sama needed since you'd actually work. All week there's been women wanting either his money or… body, and I know you wouldn't. See, Sesshoumaru-sama after hearing this told me to set up an appointment with you," Kagome's mouth dropped open, "If you want the job that is?"

Kagome stared at the wall before her. Taisho Corp. was the biggest company in the whole city. She was going to work at Taisho Corporation if she was approved of. Hell, she would take any job at Taisho Corp. from the money it paid. "Kagome, do you want the job or not?" snapped her out of her musing, as she snapped her attention back to the phone in her hand.

"Of course, I want the job," she said. She wasn't about to pass this up, and so she agreed to the job. Even if she'd have to get up early, she didn't care as long as she got the damn job.

"Good, you'll have to come see Sesshoumaru-sama, for your appointment at 9:45a.m on Wednesday. Now tell me again why you quit your job at Howling Inc." Nazuna said with joy.

Wednesday? 9:45a.m? Well, she wasn't going to complain, so she started to tell Nazuna of Kouga's forward approach once more. She picked up the phone and carried it over to her calendar so she could write down the date. Damn, she thought as she looked over the dates. It was only in two days that she had to go see this 'Sesshoumaru-sama'. She just figured it was what he had everyone who worked for him called him instead of 'Mr. Taisho' all the time. Hey, she wasn't going to complain, and asked Nazuna what she was doing when she was done.

"Oh, I'm still at work. I work until 10, but you'll only have to work from 8a.m. tell 4p.m. if you get the job. Those are the hours Sesshoumaru-sama is here unless he goes home early, or like today stays later, much later," Nazuna sighed as she continued, "Well, Kags it was nice talking but I have a person on the other line, so I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, and I'll see you Wednesday. Oh, but what floor is his office on just to make sure I get it right?" Kagome asked quickly, not wanting to get Nazuna in trouble with her boss.

"Floor 25, and Kagome write it down you're always forgetting things. Bye Kagome," Nazuna said and nearly hung up but not before hearing, "I don't always forget things."

"Right, Kagome, right," the usual click was heard as Nazuna put down the phone. Kagome stared at it and quickly wrote down, 'office on floor 25' underneath her, 'Interview at Taisho Corp. 9:45a.m.' on the Wednesday space. Sighing, she went to put down her phone, and then go to bed. She would need to get up early and get the right type of outfit that was worn, since she only had two and her original interview outfit was worn out.


Nazuna nodded after she set the phone down. She glanced over at Sesshoumaru's office door and found him standing in it. Blushing at what he might have heard she picked up the phone with the usual, "Taisho Corp. how may I help you?"

Sesshoumaru shook his head at Nazuna. He'd heard her giggling and wanted to know what was happening? It wasn't everyday Nazuna wasn't working or doing something that involved work at work. When he'd heard the name 'Kagome' he instantly knew she was setting up his interview for the girl. He'd over heard things from Nazuna's gossip this morning about this 'Kagome Ki'.

From what Nazuna had said Kagome had a lot of experience with men but not in bed. It would seem the Kagome was a virgin so it was a few points for her. It wasn't everyday you met a 21 year old virgin, especially an onna in this day and age. He also had to put up a few more when he heard some of the things Kagome had done to the men who tried to get into her panties. It would seem Miss Ki didn't like being treated less then what she was and let everyone know.

A smirk played across his lips when he'd heard this. Nazuna had said something like, "Yeah, Kags is still a virgin but back in high school you should have seen how she treated men. She was like a bitch from hell and she doesn't take shit from anyone. If she thinks she's being treated badly she'll tell them, but other then that Kagome is sweet. Kami, we caused a lot of trouble for others while in high school."

He'd also heard that her last name had been changed to the name of her high school loves. She had been with him and once out of high school and going into college had her name changed. Just as Kagome thought everything was going for her, her boyfriend tried to rape her thus ending the relationship. Of course, from what Nazuna said it seemed Kagome didn't tell her love that she'd changed her name.

It went something like, "Oh yeah, Kagome only told a few people she'd had her name changed. Her mother and her don't get along so she changed it to Ki but things didn't work out with Hojo. It would seem Hojo didn't want to wait to have sex with her so at the last moment he tried to rape her and so she told him off after he went to jail. It doesn't affect her but she seemed feistier after it happened. The main thing is Hojo can never find her because she changed her name and he pulled his stunt before she told him."

Kagome Ki had a troubled past but at least he wouldn't have to deal with it. Only thing he'd have to deal with is the feisty-ness Nazuna talked about after it happened. Kagome seemed like a great person but when angered she had a bad temper. Well, at least he wouldn't have to deal with an emotional female all the time since her past didn't bother her.

Nazuna, knew a lot about Kagome Ki so he figured they must have been very good friends through high school and college and still are. It did bother him though that Kagome went through three years of college though. If she was that smart he'd have a very good person by his side, yes, but that would make her have a smart mouth as well as temper. Damn, even he had to go through five years but like Kagome finished high school early. Just he finished earlier then she did.

Being 24 going on 25, single, and rich did have its plus sides though. He'd finished high school at 16 and started college a year later. His life was going good and got even better when he finished college at 23 and his father passed down his company to him. One of the few plus sides were he was in the prim of his life, another would be, not having to deal with an onna everyday, and he could buy anything he thought he deserved.

It almost made him laugh when Nazuna had said something he found quite funny. It seemed Miss Ki was independent but Nazuna and many of her close friends thought she shouldn't be. Nazuna had talked about many things but what caught him was, "Kags, really needs a man in her life. Come on, she's in her prim and she hasn't been with a man. She needs to settle down but still work and be who she is. At least that's what I think. Damn, even some of our other friends think so… but Kagome does as she wishes."

Well, with that in mind he figured it wouldn't be so hard to work with Kagome. Sure she might find him attractive but since she'd never been with a man she wouldn't know how to go through with it. She wouldn't try to get at him like every other person who'd walked through his door had. She also wouldn't give him little hints because she didn't know the pleasure that came from sex. It would be a relief that finally after almost two years of owning Taisho Corp. he'd have someone who didn't want to have sex with him.

Another thing that Nazuna said made him relieved as well, "Kags, isn't a gold digger like most either. She works as hard as she can so she can have money in her pocket. She thinks that she has to depend on herself and isn't the type of borrow cash without paying them back once she gets her next pay check. Most of the time, if she's given a gift we have to make her keep it because she says something like, 'I don't deserve this guys. Really, you didn't have to pay so much.' So we make her keep it saying she does deserve it and should be happy to get it. After that she puts on a smile and goes along with it like she never said anything and it didn't happened."

That was another point for Kagome. It was true most people in their time were gold diggers and went for the richest person. Kagome, however, didn't even want to be bought expensive gifts on her birthday. It would seem Kagome Ki was a hard working girl that didn't need anyone but herself. Well, that made sure she wasn't going to jump for him either because she didn't care if he had money, or looks. Yes, it wasn't going to be so bad if he gave her the job.

Sitting down at his desk he realized he'd just praised her more then once and he hadn't even met her. He would have to stop that or he would soon have a female who thought she wasn't replaceable on his hands. Shaking his head he picked up the contract he'd had drawn, when the intercom came on.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, your brother is on the phone and wishes to speak with you about merging the companies as well," Nazuna's voice came through loud and clear.

Inuyasha was the only thing going through his head as he pressed the button. "Patch him through Nazuna," he said. He really wanted to hear what Inuyasha had to say since it wasn't everyday he got a call from his little brother.

"Right away Sesshoumaru-sama," Nazuna replied before patching Inuyasha through to his older brother. Even she had been surprised when she heard Inuyasha's voice. He'd said something like; "Hey Nazuna. Put my big ass brother on the phone." Of course she'd replied something like, "Sesshoumaru-sama is a very busy man, may I ask why you are calling Mr. Taisho?" Waiting for his reply she was shocked and quickly called up Sesshoumaru when she heard him say, "I want to talk to him about merging my company with his now get his ass on the phone I'm sure he'd like to hear what I have to say."

"Hello little brother, to what do I owe this call?" Sesshoumaru said after picking up his phone.

"Look Sesshoumaru, I'd like to merge my company with ours. I have a contract saying everything I will do to make your company stronger," came Inuyasha's rough voice.

"Hmm," Sesshoumaru said, "Why would you want to merge with me?"

"Look, I was going to merge with the bastard Kouga but after hearing the way he treated a friend of mine I decided not to. I figured since Bank is going to I might as well try and get you to consider merging with mine as well," Inuyasha sounded hopeful and Sesshoumaru made him wait for a reply like usual.

"Very well," came from Sesshoumaru's lips after a short time, "I will have a contract drawn up and we will agree on a few things at the meeting I'm holding with Bankotsu on Thursday, 10:30a.m. Is that expectable for you little brother?" Sesshoumaru knew it was but asked away.

"Thanks bro, I promise my company will benefit yours," Inuyasha said before putting the phone down causing a click to be heard by Sesshoumaru.

No good-bye, Sesshoumaru thought as he set the phone down. Not that he cared if Inuyasha said good-bye but usually he did. Though Inuyasha's good-bye was, "Fuck off" or something more colorful. Sesshoumaru shifted in his seat he went back to reading the contract to make sure it was what he wanted and everything was in order.


Nazuna sat in her desk chair when Sesshoumaru came out of his office at 9:30. She glanced up and noticed he held his jacket in his hand and was walking toward the elevator. Like usual she called out to him, "Have a nice evening Sesshoumaru-sama."

Sesshoumaru nodded back toward her. Nazuna said her good-bye everyday after work for him was over. Though today he had stayed at work extra long he didn't mind.

Nazuna went back to her computer once Sesshoumaru left. They had Internet in the building and after she was done with her own work she popped up her messenger intending on writing to someone until work was over.


Her computer started to ring as her still on messenger popped into action. Yawning Kagome walked over to the desk and sat down typing, 'I'm trying to sleep.'

NaziX53: Hey Kags

TwinmasterX: Oh its u

NaziX53: You don't sound 2 happy 2 see me

TwinmasterX: I can't see u baka

NaziX53: Whatever but hey can't wait until u come to work at Taisho Corp.

TwinmasterX: Speaking of which shouldn't u still b at work?

NaziX53: I am

TwinmasterX: Nazuna get 2 ur point because I want to sleep

NaziX53: Fine anyway don't forget

TwinmasterX: Nazuna I wrote it down!

NaziX53: Good cause if your not here at the time u won't get the job

TwinmasterX: Nazuna I promise 2 b there at the right time ok

NaziX53: Ok

TwinmasterX: Can I sleep now?

NaziX53: Yes go back 2 sleep

TwinmasterX: Thank u

NaziX53: Welcome

NaziX53: Bye

TwinmasterX: Bye

Kagome yawned again before walking over toward her bed and flopping in. Sleep took her quickly and for that she was glad. She needed it and sighed once her body fell into peaceful dreams.


It was finally Wednesday and Kagome pulled on her business outfit once she got ready. She had been walking around her apartment in her undergarments until she looked at the clock finding it close to the time she should leave.

Kagome rushed from her apartment making sure to close the door behind her locked before she left. Running she found herself next to her car where she got in and started the engine.

After fifteen minutes Kagome pulled up in a parking space close by Taisho Corp. Glancing out her window she pulled out a piece of paper she'd written down the time, and floor on. She still had around ten minutes before she needed to be there so she got out and walked toward the entrance.

"Excuse me, Miss, do you have an appointment?" called one person behind a desk.

"Yes, for Kagome Ki. I'm here to see Sesshoumaru-sama… on floor 25 at 9:45, according to his secretary," Kagome said walking up to the desk. She watched as the person flipped through some files and nodded once she found her appointment.

"Alright just go down this hall, until you find the elevators, and then Nazuna will be there to greet you on floor 25," the young women said smiling up at Kagome.

"Thank you," Kagome said walking off toward the elevator. When she reached it she pressed the up button and watched, as it turned green. Waiting didn't take long and she waited for others to get out before getting in and pressing for floor 25. Standing in the elevator she sighed once it reached the floor she wanted. Just as the desk woman had said Nazuna was standing to greet her.

"Hey Kags," Nazuna said running forward and hugging Kagome. When she someone cough she broke away from Kagome and blushed. Looking back she saw Sesshoumaru standing in his doorway with an eyebrow raised. "Sesshoumaru-sama, this is Kagome Ki."

Sesshoumaru nodded and watched as Kagome sat down to fill out the necessary paperwork. He stood there until she was done and motioned for her to come into his office.

Kagome followed the silent man and sat before his desk once she reached the small chair. His office was dark blue in color and unlike most it didn't bother her. She liked the color and smiled when he asked her to tell him a little about herself. So she started to talk about how she finished high school early, college as well and other jobs she'd had before finding her way to Howling Inc. where she quit a week and three days ago.

Sesshoumaru nodded and was glad to see she was well spoken. She wasn't like most people who entered his room. When she looked around she seemed almost happy to be there when he was the only one supposed to feel comfortable in his office. It was the way he had it decorated and yet she seemed to feel comfortable as well. When she finished he nodded deciding she would be perfect for the job.

"Tell me Kagome, how come you quit working at Howling Inc?" Sesshoumaru asked. Nazuna had been true to her word and hadn't even told anyone in the office building why Kagome had quit. It had him somewhat disappointed but he decided not to dwell on the matter.

"Mr. Menomaru… is a little to forward. You see, for some stupid reason he claimed that I was his woman because I worked for him. I've told him numerous times that I will not under any circumstance go out with him. Unfortunately, when Mr. Menomaru sees something as his he goes for it like a wolf trying get food from others," Kagome said thinking back. It was true Kouga was just that way.

"I see, well, there are only a few things you will need to do besides being my personal assistant here at Taisho Corp. One is you must be dressed properly everyday. This is not said, because you are not but some women wanting to work here dress like whores. Another is you must call me 'Sesshoumaru-sama' like everyone else. Unlike anyone else though you will be the only person allowed to walk through my office door without knocking. The last thing you must do is attend social events on my arm, dressed in something that suits the occasion," Sesshoumaru spoke in a silky voice. To his satisfaction she didn't shiver in pleasure from hearing it and her eyes showed truth when she replied, "Of course, Sesshoumaru-sama."

"Do you have any questions so far, Kagome?" Sesshoumaru said. He waited and nodded for her to leave after she did.

"No, Sesshoumaru-sama," Kagome replied. When he motioned for her to leave she stood and nodded toward him. Once she reached the door she stopped when his voice hit her ears.

"Nazuna, will show you your office and then you may get to know the computer, Kagome," Sesshoumaru watched as she walked from the room. After she did he glanced around the room.

She hadn't looked as he expected her to. She wore little make-up and she was beautiful. Tall, meaning long legs, and well built. She wore a smile the whole time she was in his room and she seemed to brighten it somewhat. Her lips had been pouty like and red in color though he could tell she wore no lipstick. Her long black wavy hair looked silky much like his. It was her eyes that caught his attention though. They were unusually blue; no Japanese woman he'd ever met had blue eyes. They glimmered with happiness and looked almost electric in the light. It was like looking into a thunderstorm of emotion and if he hadn't have caught himself he would have drowned within them. Not literally of course, but he would have felt like he was falling within them.

Thinking about her he had to wonder if it was a good idea to let her be his personal assistant. She had already distracted him and she had done nothing at all. It confused him to end that he found himself rubbing his temples. Today was going to be a long day and with Inuyasha and Bankotsu there tomorrow was going to be longer.