"God," Kagome screamed, pushing as the doctor ordered her to. She turned her head, glaring at the man who sat close by, and hissed, "You did this to me."

Another contraction tore through her body, and she just wished for it to be over. For the last six hours they'd been here. Of course, that was only because she hadn't dilated quickly, and had had to sit there until finally she was far enough that the child might come.

Right now, she hated that word: might. No, there should never have been a might. There should be do, or don't, not might. Either the child was going to come then, or it wasn't, not, oh, it might… Ok, she shouldn't be calling her son an 'it'. Yes, she knew from the ultrasound that they were going to have a boy, though she'd kept it from Sesshoumaru as a secret. After all, she'd told him that he would know when the baby came. She knew that they'd also name him, Akira, since they'd decided on it about two months before. It was either, Akira if it was a boy, or Akari if it was a girl. Yes, very close, but you have to know the difference to under…

Kagome screamed, rising off the hospital bed a little with her elbows, while squeezing Sesshoumaru's hand with all her might. Maybe she could force the pain into him if she continued to squeeze as hard as she could. After all, he was already cringing from merely knowing she was going to push as much pain as she could onto him.

The only reason it hurt so much was because her sedative had worn off… or something like that, she didn't know. She only knew that it hadn't hurt this much an hour ago. Of course, that could be because Dr. Hines, the female doctor who was assisting Dr. Jinengi, was yelling that she could see the head. Trying to tell her that the baby would be there soon. She didn't care; the pain was overloading her mind, yet she did not slip into unconsciousness. Ok, so a little bit of joy rushed through her body at the thought that she'd be able to see her little Akira soon.

Still, the pain swept right over that. She knew that she'd probably continue to feel this way until this was completely over with. She gritted her teeth together, looked at Sesshoumaru, sitting there all-calm like, and hissed, "You're never getting me pregnant again, you understand me, bastard!"

He nodded, not sure if he could respond to that. Seven hours ago she'd complained that her stomach hurt a little bit, but other then that he'd ignored it. Then, an hour later she'd gripped her stomach while they were watching a movie, and cried out. It'd almost gave him a heart attack when she said, "I think my water just broke." Hell, he'd been running around so fast that he'd almost thought he'd missed something. Leave that thing to be Kagome in the end, since he'd left her sitting on the porch waiting for him, while he drove down the path, only to realize she wasn't in the car. Damn, he was stupid. She must think that. Actually, she was probably more focused on the pain ripping through her, since Dr. Hines had said they'd need something stronger to help with the pain, since the current stuff, he really hadn't been paying attention when they started, was wearing off.

He was just lucky that six hours ago the kids had been in school. They were at home, currently, and had called many times, only for him to tell them that he'd call when Kagome had given birth. Of course, they were worried, and curious, and continued to call. He was sure that within a few minutes they'd call again, but it really wasn't that bad, since the two doctors, and three nurses merely smiled as he told the children that they should be done soon. What a lair he was.

Now, Kagome was holding his hand in a death grip, which he was sure, would have killed him if she had ahold of his neck. Apparently, there was a lot of pain, and he'd never come close to feeling it. Hell, if she felt worse then his hand felt, she probably felt like she wanted to die. In fact, when her eyes began flooding with tears suddenly, he was sure she did wish to die.

"Sh… Kagome, it'll be over soon," he whispered, moving his mouth so he was close to her ear. Feeling her nod, he kissed her sweaty forehead, and couldn't help but feel pride that she was going through this and not complaining more. He'd heard from some business partners that their wives would complain, complain, complain, because they couldn't handle it, but Kagome only hissed once in a while that she was going to kill him, or he was never doing this to her again. That was unlikely, since she was his wife, he didn't need protection with her, not in his opinion.

He'd be faithful to his woman, not go around poking other women with his powerful weapon – to put it kindly, of course. Since he wouldn't fuck other women, Kagome had no right to say he couldn't fuck her. What was the reason of using protection with the only woman you wanted to be with, when you wanted her to have your children? There really wasn't one he could think of. Still, he wasn't planning on getting her pregnant again any time soon, since he didn't think he could take this again in nine more months.

Kagome gave another cry, feeling the life slide a little further out of her body. She heard Sesshoumaru begin telling her it'd be over soon, again, and snapped, "Shut up! How do you know when it's going to… be over, Sessho? YOU DON'T, SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE YOU DO!"

Sesshoumaru cringed trying to take his hand away. However, Kagome continued to hold onto him, even though he wanted to be on the opposite side of the room, whimpering to himself that his wife wanted nothing more then his death, and he didn't approve of it.

Dr. Hines looked up at Kagome's face, before saying, "Once more, Kagome. You're baby will be here in a few moments!"

Kagome didn't know how good that sentence sounded until after she felt her baby slide completely from her. She panted, letting her hand fall limp, and relaxed her muscles, trying to suck oxygen into her lungs. Well, actually, she really didn't think she felt anything until she saw them wiping Akira of the blood, and fluids that stuck to his body, while sucking fluids out of his throat so he didn't chock. Apparently, Sesshoumaru, who was standing very close by, had already cut the umbilical cord, since he was holding a small pair of scissors.

Excitement, and joy filled her as they came to put him into her arms, Dr. Hines saying, "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Taisho, you are now the proud parents of a little boy."

"My little Akira," Kagome whispered, feeling the doctor allow her feet to lie on the bed, instead of spread out with stirrups, which allowed her to relax a little more then she thought she could at the moment. She felt like she'd been hit by a truck, or maybe a huge tanker; either way, she only knew she was exhausted, and felt Akira being lifted from her arms, as Sesshoumaru took him.

Sesshoumaru smiled, watching as Kagome was pulled into the land of dreams, while little Akira began playing with his hair. He'd never really understood why his family was blessed with natural silvery-white hair, but he was happy to see that Akira held the same color. Now, he knew that a child's hair changed color, depending on the traits handed down, but he hoped that Akira's stayed the same color, since his father had always told him it was strange that his own had. Something to do with his genetics, so he hoped that Akira was mostly like him, though it was obvious staring at the baby that he took mostly after his mother.

Akira's hair was the only feature that really resembled his father at all - actually, only the color really did. His hair was wavy, unlike his father's flat, straight hair, which was a trait he obviously got from his mother. His eyes, which were blinking in the new light, were a shade of blue, which when older would probably stop many women in their tracks. They glowed, instead of like Kagome's, which seemed to crackle in the right lighting. His round little face made him look a lot like his mother, with his father's thin, nearly pointed nose. If he were anything like his father, he would lose his baby fat by his third birthday, and shoot up like a bean stock, or perhaps he'd lose the weigh, but merely grow to Kagome's average height. From looking at him, though, you'd think he would be more like his mother then his father.

Sitting down, Sesshoumaru went into a daze, never noticing that he'd handed Akira to one of the nurses, who promised to bring him back once he was fully cleaned, and dressed. His eyes continued to gaze at Kagome, happy to see that she'd pulled through, instead of being lost during the birthing. True, in this day and time the doctors were better, but he was always thinking about that chance that Kagome's body might not be able to take it, and he'd loss her to death. True, he would probably be able to move on, but she'd forever haunt his memories, even if he ever had a relationship afterward. He'd always wish that she were beside him; not only in bed, but anywhere he went, remembering how she would smile, or say something while they were going there…

You baka, Sesshoumaru snapped at himself, she's right here, stop thinking that. Still, he could not think about how happy she'd made him. Two years ago he'd tell you that if he ever married then he'd gone crazy, or he'd kill himself before he ever let a woman get that kind of hold on him. Now, he had Kagome, he was married to her, and he didn't want to kill himself. So much about his life had changed, yet he didn't really mind it.

Sighing, Sesshoumaru went back to the conversation he remembered having with Kagome only a day or so ago. He could remember that she'd gotten off the computer, and waddled the best she could over to him, being content at the time, she'd cuddled to his side, and began talking about how everyone else was doing. He wouldn't have even listened if it were another woman trying to tell him, but since it was Kagome, and they were her friends, and family, he listened.

Inuyasha, who'd finally learned how to use messenger, was engaged to a woman named Sasha, who from what Kagome said, had worked for him for over five years. Though his brother's sex life really didn't concern him, he was happy to know that his brother had finally gotten a woman who wanted him for more then his money. They were thinking about getting married in the summer months, on the beach, and inviting only a few people, since Inuyasha's current fiancée was shy, so she didn't want a big wedding. Apparently, Inuyasha was doing better, since his company was gaining in profit, thus doing better then it had in years.

Kagome'd said that she'd also been talking to Sango, and Miroku at the time. They were doing well, as well, saying that Miroku had finally gotten his wish, and impregnated his woman. Apparently, the line, "Sango, will you bare my children" he used when they first met had finally come to pass, though Sesshoumaru had listened to Kagome laugh about how Sango told her that she'd hit him over the head with a vase when he'd first asked. They were doing quite well, since Miroku had had a break through within the company, and become one of the lead scientists Taisho Corp had. Sango was still working for the time being, but would take paid leave once she got bigger.

Ayame, Kagome's old time friend from high school, and the main friend she had while working for Howling Inc, was married, and content. She'd married a man named Hiten, who'd been talking about moving over to the states, since he'd been offered a very good job opportunity. Though Kagome said she'd be sad to see Ayame move to so far, she said she was happy to see her finally happy, instead of continuing to chase after Kouga.

Kouga was doing well, though every time he saw them he'd try to make it seem like his life was doing great, when it was only ok. Kagome could only get information about her old boss from Jakotsu, since they'd talked to each other a week prier, but from what he said, Kouga wasn't doing so well with the ladies. The man was too possessive, and had learned that if he wanted to keep a woman he'd have to trust her, instead of keeping her to himself at all times. Kouga, however, did not take that lesson to heart.

Kikyo, Kagome's once hated cousin, had actually become close to the family. She said that she did have a few relationships with other HIV carriers, but other than that she really didn't want anything to do with men. In fact, she said she might turn lesbian for the hell of it. She was doing well with her job, and had been excited to learn that Inuyasha was doing well in his life, though she had seemed saddened at the knowledge that he was getting married again so soon after their divorce. She'd also been excited to learn that she'd have a niece or nephew to spoil soon, but when asked if she'd ever have children of her own, her answer was, "If I decide to adopt, then yes."

The rest of Kagome's family was doing much better, since Sesshoumaru was helping them with a lot of things, even though they protested on most of it. Souta, who'd retired from using his sister's reputation, was beginning to make one of his own, telling people that the 'Dragon Queen' had married Sesshoumaru Taisho, known 'Ice Prince' of the business world, which made him his brother-in-law. Though he was gaining friends, and making himself known as Souta Higurashi, he was still slightly using the information to make others leave him alone. Kagome's mother, Mrs. Higurashi, had once again become close to her daughter. She was always coming over to either watch over Shippo, and Rin – who were doing fine, as well – or to see how Kagome was doing in her pregnancy. Sometimes it was a good thing that the older woman came over, since she'd caught them many times before he was ready to strangle himself just to get out of life with a pregnant Kagome.

Shippo, and Rin were making lots of friends, and constantly having them over. They were closer then ever, but even closer to Kagome. True, they were close to him, as well, but they loved to sit near Kagome, with their hands on her stomach, trying to feel for the baby that was once within her womb. They loved to play with Chance, who had a small limp from his battle scar, but was as good as he'd ever be. The dog could often be found lounging around with their two cats, somewhere within the livingroom, close to the fish tank. Kagome seemed to not only love kids, but she loved animals.

Kagura had taken over her father's company easily. However, he was sure that the woman would soon lose it to something, since she was trying to shoot her way to the top, instead of merely taking one step at a time. She was a good business owner, and worked everyone as hard as they could be worked, but there was still a limit. Sesshoumaru was sure that within five years the company would start being taken apart from the inside, and Kagura and her sister would have to move to another city, or country. Either way, it'd get her out of his hair forever.

Naraku? Naraku who? No, he knew who he was, but Naraku was merely in prison for life. They'd nearly given him the death sentence, but his lawyer had gotten them to go down to the life sentence. He would never get out, since he'd helped in the release of a man who was never supposed to be released, who tried to rape a woman, who killed another woman, and was helping a man named Goshinki with the death of many other people around the city. He'd came very close to the death sentence; Naraku was lucky he had a good lawyer.

Hojo… Hojo was gone for good. Tsubaki had seen to that; the detective had not only gotten enough evidence to put him away, but to send him walking down death road. The day they placed him in the electric chair had been around three months ago. His trial had taken forever thanks to Naraku's lawyer, which just proved even more that Naraku was working with him. The man, from what he'd heard, continued to mutter about how he loved Kagome, and he'd wished she'd love him too while the trial was taking place.

In a way he pitied the man, since he had what Hojo had always wanted, and no one would ever share it with him. Of course, he had the prize, so why should he care? Oh, yes, because he loved his wife, and he didn't want for her to ever think otherwise.

"Mr. Taisho?" came a male voice. Sesshoumaru turned his head to see Jinengi standing at the doorway. The man dipped his head a little before saying, "Would you like for me to have a nurse bring you your son, Mr. Taisho?"

Nodding, Sesshoumaru said, "Yes, thank you, Dr. Jinengi."

"He should be brought in, in a few minutes," Jinengi said, before turning. He closed the door gently, before walking past the covered window, and down the hall to find a nurse.

Sesshoumaru placed his hand over his eyes, glad that his son was finally in the world, and his wife could rest. Perhaps now his little Kagome would go back to the way she was after they first made love. After the touching moment when he first made her climax, and shudder beneath him, and became so sweet, and kind, instead of snippy, and defiant like she was when they first began working together.

Giving a small smirk, Sesshoumaru told himself that he'd get her drunk as soon as he could. Kagome, for the last few weeks, had been moaning that she wanted a drink, but couldn't have one, and it was killing her. Maybe when she had enough liquor in her system she'd go back to the way he remembered her, and… he'd be able to take advantage of his wife, and ravish her the way he wanted, since the alcohol would probably make her forget about any pain she'd experienced while giving birth.

"Sesshoumaru…" Kagome moaned, opening her eyes a little. She felt like a weight had been taken off her, and knew that she'd need to do some running to get back into shape. True, Sesshoumaru had said she looked lovelier then ever, but she wanted to feel like she was once in control of her body.

Sesshoumaru turned back to Kagome, giving her a small smirk, before saying, "I see you're awake."

Kagome smiled, just as the door opened to reveal a nurse carrying Akira, "I love you, Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru knew the nurse was waiting for him, but he leaned down to Kagome's ear, and whispered, "I love you too, my little Kagome. I love you more then life itself."

He meant it.

Thus they lived together, expecting to have many more children throughout their years, watching them grow, while spending time with their friends. Their love never died, and they would forever thank the kamis' that at the same time Sesshoumaru fired Kagura, Kagome quit Howling Inc, and suddenly the tables turned. However, they knew that they'd have to thank Nazuna for the rest of their lives, for without her they might never have had their first night, nor would they have married, and finally gotten to see their first-born child, Akira.




I had a hard time ending the story. I didn't want to stop, but I knew I had to end it somewhere. I'm not used to writing loving endings, though I do it a lot. I like for things to end up good, instead of bad. Like when I finally got around to reading, Tales From the House of the Moon, and I started crying toward the end when their was a main character death, and then my heart kind of lifted when I found out that everything turned out to be alright in the very end. Still, it was saddening, and I don't like my stories to end that way, even though I, too, make happy endings.

So, the stories over… and I don't think I'll make a sequel to it. However, I thank everyone who reads my story/stories, and I hope you liked this final chapter. I wish you all luck with your own fanfiction, and do hope to hear from you in my newer stories I start, or stories I'm currently working on. I'll love to hear your comments, and I'll see you when I get around to updating another one of my stories.

Once again, I'm happy to know you're a fan, and hope to hear from you.

See ya around,


OK, I have another after 'Episode' for this story, and since it's the final chapter, here you are:

Kiba: Ok, cut, and print! That's a wrap people!

--Sesshoumaru rushes off stage, panting from the scene they'd just done. He couldn't believe Kiba'd wrote that into his scrip

Sesshoumaru: God, I'm glad I can finally do this!

--Human transformation spell runs dry, and Sesshoumaru turns back into his demon form

Kagome: Oh, come on, Sesshoumaru, you know you like being human

Sesshoumaru: No… I don't

Inuyasha: Oh, and why's that asshole?

Sesshoumaru: --smirks—Because unlike you, I have had a chance to touch my woman, while you can't even manage to ask you know who out on a date. -–motioning toward the director: Kiba—As a human I can't feel my woman to the best of my abilities

Inuyasha: --confused—What the hell does that mean?

Kikyo: It means that he can't make her feel the—MMMmmMMM

Kagome: --hand over Kikyo's mouth—Now, now, Kikyo, no need to go there.

Inuyasha: --glares—No need, Kagome, I understand

Sesshoumaru: You sure, hanyou? You aren't exactly the sharpest nettle in the stack

Kiba: What are you guys doing? You should be getting out of your make-up and costumes. Come on, people, get moving, we have another story to start!

All of them: Yes, Kiba!

Kiba: --calls out as they leave—When you're done, come back, ok! I need to talk to you!

--They waved their hands, showing her they understood

Kiba: --sighs—I wish Haru was here

--Inuyasha rushes out, his business-suit halfway off. Kiba blushes, before looking away

Inuyasha: Who the hell is Haru?

Kiba: I already told you, Inuyasha

Inuyasha: No you didn't, bitch! You just told me that he was an old friend, and that he'd decided you weren't going to spend time together! What the hell is he? Your LOVER? Come on, Kiba, answer me! Kiba…?

Kiba: --blushes, before whispering spellDOWN, BOY!

--Inuyasha slams into the ground, a groan escaping his lips; his make-up and costume only half off

Kagome: --walks back onto the platform—What happened to Inuyasha?

Sesshoumaru: --following behind her—Who cares? --glares—You don't have feelings for the hanyou anymore, do you, Kagome?

Kagome: NO, never, my love!

Sesshoumaru: --smiles—I'm glad to hear it, my love

Kiba: Ah… that's so sweet!

Sesshoumaru: Shut up, woman

Inuyasha: --stands—Kiba… why the hell did you do that? Don't… Nevermind

Kikyo: Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: KIKYO!

--Kiba and Kagome nod to each other--

Kiba: DOWN!

Kagome: SIT!

Inuyasha: NO, NO, NOtries to stop the process, but hits the ground with a thud

Kiba: Go away, Kikyo

Kikyo: --grins before bowing—Yes, director… --gleam in her eyes

Sesshoumaru: --shakes head—He'll never learn

Shippo: I could have told you that

Kiba: --eyes brighten—Shippo, when did you get back from vacation? Your replacement was a total dud…

Shippo: --smiles—Its ok, Kiba! Manten probably did great

Kagome: No… he didn't

--Kiba told them about the next story, before telling them they could leave. Though they were saddened the story was over, they did, but Inuyasha came rushing back inside

Inuyasha: --waving money—Kiba, Kiba! I got the $19.99, plus shipping and handling! Can I have that subjection spell now?

Kagome & Sesshoumaru: --pop their heads inside—Product only valuable from local magic users! You may need special protection, eye coverage, or medication when the product has worn off. However, the subjection spell offer, performed by the famous Kiba, Tsubaki, or Kaguya, will expire on April 20, 2006!

Inuyasha: --drops to kneesNNNOOOO!

Kiba: --pats his arm—Don't worry, Inuyasha, the spell will wear off in about a year. Besides, by then the offer will come back!

Inuyasha: --tears—Really?

Kagome: Yeah, Kiba, Tsubaki, and Kaguya all perform their products on certain dates. However, if you're late they won't take excuses! You must be on time for the product, or no money back

Inuyasha: That's just scary

Kiba: I know… maybe I should take that off them

Inuyasha: You should

Kiba: --sighs—Well… I gotta go see Haru… he's probably waiting for me at the Café

--Kiba walks away, leaving Inuyasha standing there, mouth wide


--Rushes out to join Kiba

Sesshoumaru: --shakes head—Since she's not here to say it: Until the next time we meet, everyone! –waves; frowning