Author's Note: I would like to thank so many people, so many. I like to thank them for reviewing and helping to end the first installment of the trilogy. I honestly thought I wasn't gonna make it, to tell the truth. I always end up deleting the story. But the reviews told me to keep going and I told myself: "Try finishing it, you might like it." I also like to thank a lot of songs, movies, books, and video games for ideas in this fanfic. Without them, some of the chapters would be sucky. I like to thank the people who helped me with some things I did wrong in the chapters. And not to play any favorites, but I really like to thank Firework. You reviewed every chapter and helped me out, I really like to say that. And to all my readers and reviewers, thank you for your support, they help me out a lot! And I had fun reading some of the reviews (meaning you crazy-bender-girl and Life sucks get used to it), and to SoccerChick101 who was so funny and gave me a couple of humor ideas (I reccommend you all read her Avatar interview). Well, there's a lot I like to say, but i think I'm going overboard. It's just I have NEVER finished a story before, and this is my first. I also like to thank the person who inspired me to type this, and who is like my sister: WinterRoseAlchemist! Without her, this would never happen. And I am working on the next installment, "Chapter Two: Earth", and will put the first chapter up as soon as I can! Oh, and Firecat97, to answer your question, yes, the gang will meet Troph. She's cool! As for Zuko, it depends on the show, 'cause I don't wanna get off track. Personally, I think he will by the end of season two. Thank you all so much!

P.S. I will put the preview up for the sequal soon. Once again, thank you all so much! Expecially WinterRoseAlchemist and Firework!