Author's Notes

Kid Batman: (tied to a chair) You are so evil!

Me: Awww… Too weak to escape my evil clutches? Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha… Ahem.

Kid Batman: (glaring)Shut up!

Me: Aw… You're so adorable when you're small! Okay, can you read the disclaimer for me?

Kid Batman: Why should I do anything for you?

Me: Because if you don't… I'll make sure you don't turn back into Batman in the story.

Kid Batman: (mumbling) Fine. Whatever. AlwayzBored does not own the Justice League. Blah. Blah. Blah. Otherwise, viewers would be after her with a pitchfork.

Me: I heard that. Okay, hope you all enjoy the story! (I just came back from the new Wynn hotel/resort in Las Vegas!)

The original Justice League members looked down at their small, short selves.

Kid Batman gave Kid Flash the bat-glare. "We told you not to even go near that!"

The scarlet speedster looked at the caped crusader innocently. "How was I supposed to know that it made people grow younger? I thought you said it was harmless."

A glowing green wall appeared between the two. "Why do you think we told you not to toy with it?" Kid Green Lantern asked in an exasperated tone, making sure their childish sides didn't do anything violent.

Shayera stepped into the conversation with a threatening expression at Flash. "So what are we going to do now? Stand here while our eight-year-old selves burst out and cause the Watchtower destruction?"

Batboy sighed wearily. "It's going to take me a few days to reverse the Pacifier's effect, so until then… you'll just have to find something for yourselves to do."

Kid Superman and Kid Wonder Woman chuckled. Everyone looked at them incredulously, amazed by their joyfulness during their condition. The Kryptonian looked up with a bright face. "Oh. Sorry. Diana and I were just discussing about what I will tell Lois during our date tonight. She's gonna freak!"

Kid Flash zoomed over to Superman and studied the "big guy's" face. "Whoa. I didn't know you could talk like that! Who are you, and what have you done to Superman?"

"Well… What happened to the adult Flash?" Superman asked jokingly.

"Maybe I was an adult on the outside, but I was always a kid mentally," the speedster declared, tapping the side of his head to indicate his mentality. "And you're not funny, so I'm going to ignore you now…. Wait a minute! Chicks love adorable kids wearing costumes! Oh, yeah! I know how I'm gonna spend my day… or few days."

Kid Batman rolled his eyes under his cowl as he strained to pick up the Pacifier. Apparently, he had lost all his strength he had as an adult. "Need some help tough guy?" came a young female voice behind him.

Batman grunted, barely managing to lift the large ray gun from its holder. "No!"

Kid Wonder Woman lifted up the gun, ignoring his refusal. "But I insist. It's not much of a strain for me."

Knowing that the Amazonian was right, the crusader allowed her to help him.

To be continued... or not...

Me: (to readers) So how do you think? It's horrible isn't it? Well, just say so!

Kid Batman: (trying to untie himself) Of course! It's terrible! I'm weak. How am I supposed to do anything!

Me: Well, you're the great detective. Figure it out.

Kid Batman: You know… I'm going to get out eventually. And when I do, I'm going to throw you off the side of Wayne Enterprises with only the Bat grappling hook supporting you!

Me: Kids these days. They're so violent. Well, if they can support two hundred and ten pounds then it can really support me. Okay. See you later, shorty! (leaves room)

Kid Batman: Hey! Wait! Arrrgh.

Me: (comes back into room) Oh. And to anyone who actually reads this, know that I almost never finish a story because too many ideas pop into my head at once. Almost.

Kid Batman: You actually have ideas?

Me: (to Batman) Okay. I'm bored of listening to you. Twa-la. (leaves room again)