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Chapter one: Kakashi's Found Out!

"When it rains it pours," the old saying goes. Yet when it rains it literally pours.

Sakura sighed as she walked through the rain. She hated rainy days. Sasuke completely ignored her today during training. Instead it seemed he was more interested with what Naruto was going on about! Naruto of all people! And Kakashi today just seemed to be staring into the middle of nowhere; he didn't even read his book! Today was just to confusing for Sakura. Naruto didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, he was just blabbing about being "the next hokage". Him the next hokage? YEAH RIGHT!

The more Sakura thought the angrier she got.

Sakura forgot how mad she was when she spotted a certain white haired jonin hiding behind a pole as if he was spying on someone and no one could see him. Quite pathetic for an elite ninja.

Sakura went up behind him and tapped him on the back. Kakashi freaked and jumped forward hitting the pole and falling backwards holding his nose. Sakura watched him laughing terribly. Kakashi quickly got up and looked at her as if he could kill her.

"Sensei what are you doing?" Sakura asked as she stopped laughing

You could see his face start to flush under the mask, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I…was out on a little jog that was all." He said then laughed nervously

"You were jogging behind a pole?" Sakura asked suspiciously

Kakashi stopped laughing and sweatdropped. He pretended to cough.

"What are you doing out here?" He asked

"I was on a walk when it started to rain and I'm now heading home." Sakura said

"Ahh I see well walking is good for you, keep it up." Kakashi said

Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Well now then I'll be on my way. See you at training tomorrow!" Kakashi said and ran off as fast as he could

"Weird." Sakura said

The next day Sakura walked up to Sasuke and Naruto. They were a little early but not much.

"Sasuke, Naruto." Sakura said

Naruto looked at her, but Sasuke didn't pay any attention to her. Sakura ignored him for the moment.

"Today pay attention to Kakashi." Sakura said

"Why?" Naruto said not understanding

This got Sasuke's attention

"Because he's not acting like himself." Sakura said "Yesterday I saw him hiding behind a pole as if he was spying on someone, when I tapped him on his back I actually scared him and when I asked him what he was doing he said he was jogging." Sakura said

"This is ridiculous." Sasuke muttered

"Hmm…" Naruto said as if he was trying to think

After a few minutes Kakashi jumped down from a tree branch out of breath. Everyone looked at him quite surprised.

"Kakashi? Your actually on time?" Naruto asked

"Ok lesson today is…there is no lesson take the day off take the week off. I don't care what you do! See ya!" Kakashi said then took off again

Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke watched Kakashi.

"YAY NO TRAINING!" Naruto shouted happily

"Don't you see! He's acting weird!" Sakura said

A moment of silence passed.

"YAY NO TRAINING!" Naruto shouted again

Sasuke just got up and walked off.

Sasuke was walking around when he decided to get something to eat. When he sat down at Ichiraku Noodle Bar (a/n: It was mentioned in Vol. 1) he notice that the person next to him was passed out face down on the counter.

Sasuke stared for a moment until he realized he knew that person. It was Kakashi! Sasuke shook Kakashi. But Kakashi didn't stir. Sasuke lifted Kakashi upright. His head fell forward and a cup dropped onto the counter. Sasuke let Kakashi drop back on the counter and picked up the cup. An unpleasant smell came from the cup. Sasuke realized that the smell was sake.

"What could have happened in 3 hours?" Sasuke muttered to himself

The owner came up to Sasuke.

"Do you know this guy?" The owner asked

"Yes." Sasuke said

"This guy showed up half an hour ago and drank about half of the sake I have." The owner said

"Ok I'll take him home." Sasuke said

"You do that." The owner said walking away

Sasuke took one of Kakashi's arms and put out around his neck and dragged Kakashi away. Sasuke realized he didn't know where Kakashi lived so Sasuke took Kakashi to his own house instead.

During his way Sakura noticed them and ran up.

"Sasuke what happened?" Sakura asked

"Just help me get him to my house." Sasuke said

Sakura took Kakashi's other arm. On the way to Sasuke's house he told Sakura how he found Kakashi passed out.

When they arrived at Sasuke's house, they laid him on the couch. Sakura sat in a nearby chair and Sasuke leaned against the wall.

"What could have happened?" Sakura said

"Your guess is as good as mine." Sasuke said

"I don't have a guess at all." Sakura said

"By the way what happened to Naruto?" Sasuke asked

"He ran off as soon as you left claiming he'd find Kakashi first." Sakura said

Kakashi sat up.

"This isn't my mom's house." Kakashi slurred confused

Sakura and Sasuke sweatdropped. Kakashi was still drunk

"Your at Sasuke's house." Sakura said

"What happened to you?" Sasuke asked

Kakashi didn't do anything at first, and then he broke down crying. Sakura ran over to him and rubbed his back. Sasuke was trying to decide if it was funny or just plain scary seeing Kakashi, a frickin jonin, cry.

Once Kakashi calmed down Sasuke tried again.

"What happened?" Sasuke said slowly

Since Kakashi was still drunk he had no trouble telling what was happening, were as before he would have told them it was none of their business.

"Well for a couple of days I have been following this girl I like and today I saw her with another guy and they kissed I couldn't watch it was just heart wrenching!" Kakashi said

"So you got drunk." Sasuke said

"Yeah." Kakashi said

"Then you have to win her over!" Sakura shouted

Kakashi looked at her. Sasuke looked at her as if she was crazy.

"We'll just give you a make-over and new clothes definitely and we'll teach you how to get a girl!" Sakura said to Kakashi

"Wait 'we'?" Sasuke asked

"Yeah unless your chicken." Sakura said

Sasuke's eye twitched, Sakura hit him in the ego.

"Fine!" Sasuke said a little upset he got brought into this situation

"So what are we doing?" Kakashi slurred totally lost on the subject

Sakura sighed.

"Just go home and get some sleep." Sakura said

"Righty-o!" Kakashi slurred

Kakashi tried to get up but immediately tripped over his own feet and nose-dived into the floor with a painful thud. Kakashi sat up holding his nose.

"OWWIE!" Kakashi yelled

Sakura sighed and helped Kakashi onto the couch.

"Kakashi just stay here for the night." Sasuke said

"Really Sake?" Kakashi slurred and mispronounced Sasuke's name.

"Its Sasuke and yes." Sasuke said

"Wonderful!" Kakashi said

"Yes wonderful." Sasuke muttered

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