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Showers, Cigarettes and Sex

'Honey, I'm home!' was on the tip of Angel's tongue as he walked into his suite at the Hyperion. He was bruised and bleeding from numerous gashes. Angel felt like dead shit walking but at least they'd won. That was what really mattered--Angel smirked as he heard the shower running--the hell it was. What really mattered was that even the faint trace of Spike's scent in the lobby had sent his blood pumping.

He was on leave from Buffy and the Scoobies and Angel thanked whatever Fates had made Spike want to come down when he had. Angel shrugged off his black leather duster and made his ay towards the bathroom. As he reached for the doorknob he toed off his boots, leaving him barefoot.

When the steam began to roll out of the bathroom Angel spared a moment to think about Buffy and the Gang. What did he tell them? What did they think he was doing while in actuality Angel was screwing him into the mattress? Did they even notice when he was gone? Did they care? Why do I care? Angel thought as his focus fell on his platinum lover.

Spike was singing to himself in the shower, a habit that Angel found adorable. Without a sound he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, along with his undershirt. Next he shucked off his black leather pants. He padded across the bathroom naked and pulled back the shower curtain.

Joy and excitement flashed through Spike's eye's when whirled to face Angel but he hid it was a pout and a "What took you so bloody long?"

"Well, if you're not happy to see me..." Angel turned to go, giving Spike a great view off his backside.

But no matter how great the view Spike wasn't about to let him go anywhere. "Oh no you don't. Besides, you look like hell, who else would have you if not me?" Angel winced as Spike's fingers brushed a particularly nasty bruise. "What happened Luv?" Spike asked, true concern showing through.

"Just a pack off vampires. I can only take on so many at a time though." Angel explained, climbing in beside his lover.

"Next time take me with you." Spike mumbled as he reached out of the shower for a washcloth.

"I didn't know you were coming. It wouldn't kill you to call, would it?'

"Probably not." Spike conceded, smiling as Angel let out a deep moan. "You like that Luv?" He asked, already knowing the answer. He continued to mop the red stick mass off congealed blood off his lover's back while still managing to massage his tense shoulders a bit. "But really the only phone I have access to is Buffy's and a bunch of late night phone calls might look suspicious. Besides, I've heard that phone sex doesn't compare to the real thing."

Angel started at the last bit. His slack shoulders tensed again at the promise of sex. "I wonder if how horny the participants are has anything to do with it. 'Cause you know when you're not around I can get pretty bad."

"Well imagine that... You can be pretty horny when I am around too... Come to think off it the phrase 'pretty horny' doesn't seem to cover it." Spike teased, wrapping his arms around Angel from behind, effectively pressing his groin into the ass he so admired.

"I've missed you Spike." Angel admitted as he brought his blonde lover's knuckles across his lips.

Why do I have to be such a sucker for the sweet stuff? Spike asked himself as he turned his attention to the tattoo on the brunette's shoulder blade. Angel shuddered as he began to trace the black swirling lines of the design. While his mouth was doing that his fingers began to draw idle circles around the elder's navel. Next, those same fingers began to travel downwards, following the thin line of dark hair lower, and lower. Just as Spike reached his prize Angel snatched his hands away.

"Oh no you don't." he growled. Spike just pouted into the damp hair at his lover's nape. "You know I'd never turn down sex with you. I'm just kind of asking you to hit the pause button is all." When Spike didn't say anything Angel turned in his grasp and looked him in the eye. "Come on look at me, I'm covered in blood and some of it's even mine... Go read a book or something while I clean up."

Spike gave one last pout and a smart slap on the ass before climbing out.

"You're going to pay for that." Angel grumbled as Spike pulled the curtain shut behind him.

"I'll believe it when I feel it Luv!" Spike called as he grabbed a towel and left the room.

Angel sighed happily as he began to scrub away at all the gunk that covered him. How did I get so lucky? Angel asked himself, even thought knew he had no answer. He watched the water slide down toward the drain. It was pink but getting lighter.

Angel inhaled deeply. Spike's scent still lingered in the shower. It was a potent mixture of sex, cigarette smoke and blood all mixed together to make up the true essence of Spike. And for the time being at least Spike was his and waiting in just the next room.

Angel ran his fingers through his hair once more before going to face his platinum lover. He hardened instantly at the sight Spike made. He was naked and draped across Angel's bed with only a crimson satin sheet covering him. His bleached blonde hair was still damp and it practically glistened in the dim light. His whole attention seemed riveted on Angel's cove of 'Dante's Divine Comedy'.

"I could summarize it for you." Angel offered.

"No need Luv." Spike tossed the book aside and sat up. The dark satin pooled in his lap with a soft whisping sound.

Amber flashed momentarily in Angel's eyes. "You're mine." he growled before lunging at his lover.

"That was a hell of a shag." Spike said as he untangled his limbs from Angel's and rolled out of bed.

"We should definitely do this more often." Angel replied as he rolled onto his side to watch Spike.

The vampire in question had lit a cigarette and was smoking it while watching the L.A lights. Angel got up and hugged him from behind. "What's wrong Babe?"

"Nothing Luv... Everything is perfect--But not too perfect right?" Spike asked, turning to face the brunette.

Angel chuckled in spite of himself. "Right."

"Good then. I think next time we do this you'll have to come and visit me."

"Name the time and the place and I'll be there."

Now it was Spike's turn to laugh. "Since when are you so sex craved?"

"Since this gorgeous, buck naked blonde is standing mere centimeter s away form me... I'm practically dying to kiss him." Angel whispered, a note of secrecy in his voice.

"Only a kiss?" Spike asked, beginning to rub his body up and down Angel like a giant cat.

"I didn't specify where I'd put that kiss." Angel said in that same sultry whisper. The brunette gave his words a moment to sink in and when they did Spike began to shudder all over. "Cold?" Angel asked with a smirk as he began to kiss a path down the pale column of Spike's neck.

"Bloody Bastard." Spike swore, but before he could continue Angel lifted him up bridal style and went back to bed.

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