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Previously: Angel is dragging Spike out to the stores on Christmas Eve to finish up his Christmas shopping.

Something Shiny and Something Fuzzy, cont.

An hour later the two were in a men's clothing store trying to figure out what a 'higher pansy ass British guy' would want.

"How 'bout this one Luv?"

Angel smirked at the puke green sweater that Spike was holding up.

"So sue me! I want to get the hell out of here Pet." Spike whined. Overall he looked miserable disgruntled, he became even angrier when Angel didn't move. "Come on you bloody Bastard! Do that caveman thing you do so well: Toss me over you're shoulder! Bring me home! And SHAG ME!"

The last bit of that comment really received some stares but neither one really gave a damn. Angel caught Spike's hand and dragged him behind a display of ties.

Before Spike could comment Angel kissed him full on the lips. The brunette's hands pressed into his lower back, whereas Spike's were tangled in the short hairs at his nape. Angel's thigh was pressed up against Spike's engorged length.

They broke apart only when they realized that they were being watched by an elderly couple.

"Can we go yet Luv?"

An apologetic expression crossed Angel's face, "10 minutes, I promise."

"Bloody hell!" Spike practically roared, throwing up his hands. "What's a guy got to do to get laid around here!" With that he stalked off to find some where to deal with his... problem. (:horny grin:)

"What are you looking at?" Angel barked at the senior citizens that had interrupted them... Fuck it! Angel thought after a few moments. I'll just write Wesley a very legible I.O.U and give him something really good for his birthday... Yeah that will work. So now I can go find Spike so we can get the hell out of here.

Angel followed Spike's scent to the corner of the store marks 'Fitting Rooms' . The clerk looked up from her magazine but Angel waved her away, "No I'm just looking for someone." She just shrugged and went back to her business, leaving Angel with his.

He followed the trail to a specific stall and broke the lock with a quick, damn near silent turn. And what he saw made him immediately hard.

Spike's pants where down around his ankles and his hands were frantically trying to rid himself of a very pesky and persistent erection. "Evenin' Pet." the blonde greeted, trying to remain dignified despite his present position.

Angel slammed the door behind and then faster than the human eye could have followed, he had Spike pinned up against the wall. "That looks uncomfortable Babe." he said between dropping kisses on Spike's neck and face.

For his part all Spike could do was wiggle desperately along the seam of Angel's pants, making the brunette even harder.

"Cut that out and I'll put you off until we get back to the hotel." Angel growled.

Spike stopped immediately and watched the master work. Angel's adept fingers had Spike's shirt unbuttoned in no time but didn't remove it. Instead he ran his hands down the blonde's pale slender hips and then cupped him gently in his hand.

The platinum vampire let out a whimper but Angel put a finger to his lips. "Shh Babe, none of those sexy little noises I like so much... Save them for home."

Spike nodded mutely, giving Angel the okay. With a smile the brunette took Spike's erection in hand and began with soft tender strokes. Gradually they became harsher and quicker making the blonde hiss way in the back of his throat. From there Angel began to pump at it mercilessly, but just as Spike was about to come he stopped. "Bloody hell." Spike murmured.

Angel knelt down and took caught the drop of liquid that had formed at the head with his tongue. That was his only warning before he took Spike in his entirety. Once they were settled and as comfortable as circumstances would allow Angel began to suck and hum "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" at the same time. And with that little shove Spike came. He spilt into Angel's mouth and the brunette, being the experienced deep throater that he was, swallowed it all down.

When Spike's breathing returned to normal Angel sat back on his heels.


"Come on let's get you dressed." Angel's gaze swept over Spike's... mussed appearance. His eyes flashed amber for a moment. At this rate we'll never get back to the hotel. "On second thought; I'll meet you at the door." Angel said quickly and with that he was gone.

Spike smirked and began to hum "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" as he went about and collected his discarded clothes.


The next morning when Spike stretched awake Angel was waiting for him with a cup of coffee in hand.

"No substitute for blood." the blonde grumbled.

Unphased Angel smiled. "Sorry fresh out of human... But I do have something else for you." From behind his back the brunette brought out a long jewelry box, wrapped in crimson paper with a silver bow.

Amused, Angel watched at Spike into the present, revealing a narrow black velvet box. Spike paused for a moment before flipping back the lid. When he saw what lay within all the breath in his lungs whooshed out. "Pet." he whispered, not sure what else to say.

It was a thick, silver chain. And in the lower, center small garnet and onyx stones were inlaid into the links. The clasp was a little pair of angel wings that fit together perfectly.

"Here let me get that for you." Angel offered, taking the necklace and clasping it for his lover. But before he let it drop he planted a quick butterfly kiss at his nape. "I'm glad you like it Babe."

The words bubbled up inside Spike. Three simple words that could make such a bang; I love you. But he couldn't say it... He wouldn't say it, atleast not first anyway. If I say it first then he'll feel obligated to say it back to me and that's not what I want. I want him to mean it for once in his unlife. Spike thought before hopping of the bed to retrieve Angel's present.

When both feet were tucked firmly beneath him Spike handed over the black and blue covered box.

The brunette shook it harshly, listening for the sounds within.

"Cheater... You're bloody lucky that that isn't breakable.

Ignoring him, Angel proceeded to untie the ribbon and lift up the lid... A huge, horny smile broke out across his face.

For what lay in the box was a pair of black, fuzzy handcuffs.

"The cover slips off..." Spike said, sort of uncomfortable with the way Angel was watching him. "Wanna shag Pet?" he asked after a moment, cocky grin firmly in place.

Angel nodded and went to straddle the younger's hips, cuffs firmly in hand.

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