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By the way, this is a MarySue I think. I'm unsure of the definition of MarySue so if someone feels like explaining it then please enlighten me (nicely). I'm assuming it means some girl out of our world into the LOTR.

I like those stories though so I thought I'd try and write one. If you don't like MS then no one is forcing you to read it. Happy reading guys!

Prologue: Between Worlds


That was the first thing I noticed as I swam back to consciousness. I sat up cautiously, checking for injuries of any description. There were none.Apparently whatever had happened didn't do anything to me except knock me out. My next thought following was: what on earth DID happen? The last thing I remember was taking my brother down to the shops with me for some milk. Shaking my head, I decided to contemplate that later. For now, I took the opportunity to check out my surroundings. What the hell? I was in a white light with absolutely nothing in it except the couch I was currently lying on. This was like something out of The Matrix.

"Good." A voice came from seemingly all directions at once. "You have awakened."

"Oh well done Sherlock," I retorted sarcastically.

"It also seems that you retain your personality, Natalie Grant," the Voice continued dryly. "I was unsure if you would, as some people have odd reactions to the shift between worlds." It took a few seconds for what the Voice had said to connect with my brain.


"I don't really know either to be completely honest," the Voice interrupted. "I just know I have to bring a being of Light to the world of Middle Earth to save it from a disaster greater than any in your world at this time. You have a task to do in Middle Earth, however I do not know the specifics," continued the Voice. "That you will have to figure out on your own. However, I cannot place you there in your own form as it is too dangerous for your health. You may be slightly surprised at what you are when you get there, as I cannot control what shape you take beyond that it is four-legged."

"Four-legged? Not only do you take me from my world without permission - if this whole other world thing is real - but I can't even be HUMAN in this other world?" I glared at all parts of the 'light' since I couldn't see the speaker.

"Unless you'd rather be split into many pieces scattered across many worlds, then yes, I'm afraid it's true." The Voice did sound slightly sympathetic.

"Can't I just go back to my world?" I asked. "Why does it have to be me?"

"You can't go back to your world," the Voice informed me, slightly softer than usual. "You have no body back there. It was part of the magic I used to bring you here. I had to take someone who didn't want to or couldn't return. You were the first Light being I felt that filled those qualifications. If it helps, you died a hero. Or rather, heroine."

"I'M DEAD?" I couldn't take this in properly. Not only was I suddenly thrust into this weird 'between worlds' thingy me jiggy but I had DIED? This is just too unreal.

"Well, yes," the Voice admitted. "However the dying part wasn't my fault. I just diverted your soul on it's way to the underworld."

"At least tell me how I died?" I asked, still trying to grasp the concept that I was DEAD.

"Will you agree to take part in this world's fight for freedom then?"

Thinking about this, I decided I had no other choice. I mean, I was dead in my world anyway. "Alright. I'll do it. Not like there are many other options right?"

"You could continue on the the underworld if you wished. I could try to find someone else," the Voice offered.

Much as I considered the offer, I decided I didn't want to die yet. If I could do my living as an animal in another world then I was up for it. The fact that the Voice kept hammering home that there were other worlds is starting to make me think that it was telling the truth. "I'll do it," I told the Voice. "So how did I die?" I held my breath waiting for the answer.

"Your younger brother had run into the middle of the street," the Voice said slowly. "He didn't notice the truck headed towards him. You and about 5 other people did. You were the one who reached him in time to push him out of the way." The Voice stopped.

"And I didn't?" I whispered. "Get out of the way?"


That was all. I had been killed by a truck. Then I thought that my brother may even now been dead. Thank you, whoever is out there, I told the ceiling. Thank you for not taking him too. I stood there silently, eyes closed, remembering my brother, and grateful that he was still alive, even if I wasn't.

Eventually, I opened my eyes purposefully.

"So," I said. "When do I leave?"

The only answering I got was the lessening of the white place into complete blackness.


End prologue

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