Everlastingly Bonded By Love

I really hope you all enjoy this fan fiction. I am editing all of the chapters currently. I went through it, just to review it so I could add another chapter and realized just how vague it was. There were a lot of grammatical and spelling errors.

Also: Everlastingly is a word if you have any questions. It means lasting forever or eternal. You can check on dictionary(dot)com if you do not believe me.

Summary: (Takes place after the last episode) Inuyasha finds out that he is to lead part of the western lands. He has always been royalty. His mother was a princess and his father was the ruler of all of the western lands. The half demon is needed to lead his portion of the land. Things can get a little complicated, considering him and Kagome are 'mating' behind people's backs.

Warning: Sexual Content; Offensive Language

Rating: M for Mature

Couple: Inuyasha and Kagome (Based)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with the series now or ever.

Chapter 1: Restless

Kagome was concealed in darkness of the wooden hut. The warmth she felt earlier had left. She shifted in her slumber. It was still nightfall. You could smell it in the air. You could see it when glancing out the cracks under the bamboo door. The miko felt a shake on her shoulder as she slowly began to awake.

Kagome used her hand to casually swat the masculine hand from her shoulder.

"Damn." She heard a familiar voice. "Kagome get the hell up." Inuyasha's voice was slightly louder than a whisper. It seemed rough, but somehow gentle at the same time. She squinted and fluttered her eyes open only to see Inuyasha as he knelt beside her. He was watching the door of the hut, while he pulled on his haori top.

She looked down at herself and noticed a thin blanket was all that covered her form. Inuyasha and her had had a pleasurable evening.

"Come on and get dressed. We have to get back to the others before they start noticing we're gone. I don't want to hear any crap from the monk." Inuyasha said as he walked over to the door. He peaked out of the abandoned hut to make sure no one was around.

Kagome sat up and rubbed her dizzy head. She was a little soar, but it wasn't as though it had been her first time with Inuyasha. They had been together a total of four times in a little over a month, but that was all they had been together.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara were still in the process of hunting for sacred jewel shards. Like always, Naraku was still causing a lot of trouble for the group.

Inuyasha and Kagome had been keeping their relationship hidden from their friends for the past couple of months. The kisses started two months ago and the sex started a little over a month ago. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara had no idea Kagome and Inuyasha had even gone lip to lip yet. The couple had made the decision not tell anyone until after Naraku was defeated. It made things a lot simpler.

Kagome had told Inuyasha she loved him only once and he had yet to say it to her. She knew he loved her and it was hard for him to say. His actions showed he cared for her. Especially since he always risked his life for her. Inuyasha wasn't a playboy. He wouldn't have ever bedded her unless he was sure he loved her and would always be there for her. They were mated after all, and mates were forever. He wouldn't want to be with her forever unless he had a great deal of adoration for her.

Kagome was about to get up and put on her clothing, but before she had a chance to move she felt a hand gently placed on her waist and lips passionately places atop her own.

She returned the kiss after a moment of surprise. When Inuyasha's hand began to tenderly roam over her, she pulled away. His expression shun confusion.

"You said it yourself. We have to get back before the others notice we're missing." She smirked.

"So, I'm only getting one last kiss in before we get back." He crossed his arms and leaned back in a pout. Kagome kissed him on the cheek.

"There. Happy?" She smiled and got up to dress herself. Inuyasha huffed and sat back against the old hut wall to think a little. He had nothing else to do while he waited for her.

Kagome and Inuyasha had left the campsite as soon as everyone had fallen asleep and had their 'fun'. Kagome ended up falling asleep a little after her second climax for the night. Inuyasha knew she have been very exhausted. He had only let her have an hours sleep, though, since they had to get back before the others noticed.

Inuyasha watched as Kagome finished putting on her pajamas that had been scattered across the ground. She ran her fingers through her hair. It was a shame she forgot her brush. Her hair was a mess and the others might grow suspicious if they saw.

"You ready?" Inuyasha questioned. Kagome glanced back at him.

"Do we have to go back right away?" Kagome asked with a slight frown. Inuyasha gave her a stern look.

"Once we get back you can get some more sleep." He began, not answering her question directly. "I'll make sure the others don't wake you up in the morning to early. You're probably tired. You should rest." Kagome liked it when he was this caring towards her. It was another sign of his untold love.

"Thank you, Inuyasha." Kagome said gratefully.

"Feh. Come on." Inuyasha knelt in front of her. She got on his back. He stood. The hanyou ambled to the door with his companion on his back. He felt her head nuzzle into his hair. She was falling asleep already.

Inuyasha was more concerned for her than any other. She had mated him and if demons knew that some would use Kagome to get to him. Although most would probably keep their distance since all demons knew dog demons were fiercely protective of their mates.

Inuyasha hoped Kouga wouldn't come around anytime soon. He would probably shout to the world who Inuyasha bedded in pure rage.

Inuyasha began leaping through the woods, until he came upon the campsite. The fire still burned, but it was much smaller than it had been a couple hours earlier. When he swiftly landed on the ground he noticed the others were still asleep. He thanked the heavens and went over to Kagome's sleeping bag.

Kagome tiredly got off his back and stumbled to her sleeping bag. She lied down under it, white Inuyasha leaped into a tree of his own.


It had been an hour since Inuyasha and Kagome had returned and Inuyasha was still just sitting in the tree, watching Kagome. He knew she was yet to fall asleep. She seemed a little restless. She had been like that since him and her had first mated. It was as though she didn't want to sleep alone.

Inuyasha looked around the campsite and knew perfectly well that the others were still resting peacefully. He plummeted down from the tree and treaded slowly over to Kagome. She turned and looked his way.

"What are you still doing awake?" She quizzed.

"I should be asking you the same thing. What's wrong?" He sat down beside her form, crossing his arms over his firm chest.

"N... nothing." She said with a small frown. It wasn't something he was to be bothered by. It was just that she was yet to spend a full night in Inuyasha's arms and she really desired to. They were a couple, after all.

"Don't lie. I know when something is wrong with you. How long do you think I've known you?"

"I'm just.. too tired." She replied turning away from his amber orbs for a moment. 'Yeah, right.' Inuyasha thought looking at her incredulously.

"Come on!" He almost said to loud.

"Huh?" Before she could ask what he meant, she was swept into his arms bridal style. He hopped into the tree. Inuyasha landed on a high, sturdy branch. When he sat down against it with Kagome in his lap, she finally found the words to say. "What are you doing? Why'd you take me up here?"

"Just get some sleep." He pulled her in tighter. She blinked, feeling a little awkward.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome began. He looked into her chocolate eyes. She leaned in forward and kissed his lips lightly. The light kiss turned into one full of passion when Inuyasha continued to kiss by licking her bottom lip for entrance. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to explore it.

Inuyasha's hands freely roamed her curvy body. He removed his lips from hers and slowly kissed down to her neck. He nipped at it bit. A small moan escaped her mouth. Inuyasha's hand went up her shirt and rested on her back. His other stayed stuck to her waist as her continued to kiss her seemingly fragile form.

His lips moved back up her neck, to her mouth. There was another long eager-filled lip-lock.

Inuyasha felt himself slowly loosing control and he wanted to take her once more this night. His hand twitched on her waist for a moment. He wanted to touch her more.

Kagome leaned into him farther allowing the sweat kisses to continue. His lips and body were warm and comforting. To Kagome's surprise Inuyasha suddenly pulled back. She looked at him bewildered, wondering why he had stopped.

Inuyasha looked down through the branches and leaves only to see a figure moving. It was Sango. She was awake and seemed aware something was up. Inuyasha noticed her eyes go wide and followed her gaze. His eyes widened as well. She was looking at Kagome's empty sleeping bag.

"Kagome." Inuyasha's lips were right near her ear. A small shiver went down her spine. "Sango's awake." He muttered. Kagome glanced down and saw her friend losing control to worry.

Sango ran over to Miroku.

"No, not the monk.." Inuyasha mumbled. He grabbed Kagome and jumped down from the tree. Sango turned to them before she had a chance to wake up Miroku.

"Where were you two?" She asked in an angry whisper. She went over to them so as not to wake the lecher.

"I had to get some water from the stream." Kagome said. "I was really tired and Inuyasha had to carry me there and back." She lied, hoping Sango would believe the tall-tale. Sango sighed, apparently more gullible than she let off.

"Next time warn us, or at least me." She looked as Kagome removed herself from Inuyasha's arms and was surprised when she noticed something. Inuyasha's grip on her was pretty tight. Tighter and more protective than usual. She decided to ignore it for now. Maybe he was just to tired to notice.

"We just didn't want to bother you. Sorry I worried you." The priestess gave Sango a goodnight embrace and waited for the demon slayer to go back to her sleeping mat, before turning to Inuyasha. He wasn't there. He had already gone back up into the tree. Kagome frowned. She had wanted to stay with him, but it seemed to plans had changed. She headed over to her own sleeping bag and lied down in it, trying her best to fall asleep.

The idea of this hasn't changed, either has what they said. I did change a lot of the words and edit the sentences, but otherwise it is all the same.