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Chapter 6: Kagome's Arrival

Kagome flung her bag over the well and climbed out. It was early morning and still no Inuyasha. She decided Inuyasha's safety was more important than a test.

She was surprised to see Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara waiting there for her, rather than Inuyasha.

"Where's Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, concern etched in her tone.

"He went to the Northern, Western lands." Shippo informed as he jumped on Kagome's shoulder.

"The Northern, Western lands? But why?" Kagome questioned.

"He didn't really say." Sango exclaimed with a frown. "He left yesterday and told us to wait here for you."

"I see." Kagome frowned. She was looking forward to seeing him.


Inuyasha ragged in battle. His haori was torn and bloody. He growled.

He had been awoken in the morning by the sound of a roar and screams. A boar demon had come running through the lands. Inuyasha had been the first to the seen and so he took care of the demon all on his own. Not that it was a hard battle. The boar demon was easy, every day pray and could easily be taken care of. If not for the boar demons buddies, which Inuyasha had disposed of his haori wouldn't be torn and as for the blood, it was the boar's.

"Wind scar!" Inuyasha hollered as a final blow. The demon turned to dust and Inuyasha landed on the ground.

Inuyasha sheathed his sword and suddenly heard clapping. he turned towards the source.

A tall, proud, man-looking dog demon stood with a smirk. The man had light tan, long hair, tied back in a high up ponytail. The man wore black formal clothing, that suggested his was a high ranking general and vital to the clan.

"Congratulations, Lord Inuyasha." The man bowed, "I am pleased, as well as honored to make your quittance. I am thrilled to watch you in battle. The rumors of your strength suit."

"Who are you?" Inuyasha began to growl warningly.

"I mean you no harm my lord. I am head general. I go by the name of Shogun. I only came to meet my future lord and ended up lucky in seeing you dispose of another nuisance on these lands. You are every bit the warrior I thought you were. You also handle the sword very well, maybe even better than the late Lord, your father."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"I kid you not. You have even drawn a crowd." Shogun gestured to the onlookers. There were both men and women, but more woman, and the girls were all staring and seemed to drool over Inuyasha, with stars in their eyes.

Inuyasha couldn't help, but blush at the attention.

"Feh." Inuyasha swiftly walked past the crowd towards the castle. He was stopped when he heard raged breathing and turned to where Shogun stood. Two Inu-soldiers stood there panting and trying to speak to the general.

"General Shogun.." One began.

"We have trouble."

"What is it?" Shogun asked.

"A demon is headed this way. It seems pretty big. He already killed two of our men. We'll need your aid."

"Of course." Shogun turned to Inuyasha. "I leave it to you to protect the village. Unless you would rather I retrieve someone for the job?"

"Feh, I'll be fine protecting this place."

"I thank you once again my lord." Shogun left with the soldiers. Inuyasha turned and walked to the castle gates. 'Retrieve someone else! What the hell do I look like! I'm not going to have anyone die for me.'

The guards bowed and opened the gates for Inuyasha.

"He's so cute." One female said.

"I wouldn't mind taking him for a mate. he's more manly than any demon around here." Said another. Than one walked forward, past the two bitches. (A/N: Bitch really means female dog and since they're female dog demons... though they look human.)

"That hanyou is mine." She said.

"What do you mean 'yours'!"

"Well it's mating season, right? He doesn't bare the mark of a mate. We would be perfect with one another. Since General Shogun is my uncle I can get close enough to ask. No way will he turn me down."

"Unless he already has a mate in mind."

"He won't turn me down." The female dog demon walked forward.

"You don't know if he'll even want you to begin with, Kouki."

"He's a guy." The one known as Kouki stated. "And probably a pervert. Sure he'll want me."


It was now afternoon and Kagome saw a castle ahead. 'Is it there?' She wondered. She hadn't gotten any more information from Sango or Miroku when she left with Kirara.


"Sango can I borrow Kirara?" Kagome asked. "I'll send her back as soon as I get to where I'm going."

"Sure, but why?" Sango probed.

"I need to see Inuyasha." Kagome replied. "I just want to know what he could possibly be doing in the western lands at all." She got on the now transformed Kirara. They flew off. "Kirara can you follow Inuyasha's scent?"

"Meow." Kirara nodded and flew faster. 'Why would he be there? Don't those lands all belong to Sesshomaru?" Kagome wondered.

End Flashback

Kirara landed on a spot where some blood soaked the ground.

Kagome got off Kirara and knelt down over it. She picked up some shredded red cloth and rubbed the material. She gasped.

"Inuyasha's haori! I hope he's alright." Kagome turned to Kirara. "You can go now." Kirara left without so much as another meow.

Kagome stood tall and began to walk toward the village. Maybe she would find Inuyasha there and maybe some answers.

Soon Kagome realized it wasn't a village of humans. It was a village of mostly dog demons, like Inuyasha.

She stopped one of the walking demons. It was Kouki, the one who said Inuyasha would be hers earlier after Inuyasha fault the boar demon.

"Excuse me?" Kagome began. Kouki just stood there and looked at her. "Have you seen a hanyou anywhere around here. His name is Inuyasha and..." She was cut short.

"Inuyasha! He's addressed as Lord Inuyasha girl! How dare you not say his name with the formality it deserves!" The demon said angrily. Kagome was taken aback. 'Lord Inuyasha? How much have I missed?' Kagome thought in question.

"Anyway, have you seen him?" Kagome queried.

"Like you would have the right to know where he resides."

"I need to know"

"Leave here."

"Hey, Kouki, what's going on?" A male dog demon stepped forward,

"Oh, Kichou brother, your here. This mortal believes she had the right to see Lord Inuyasha."

"Kouki you have no say in the matter. You know uncle will be mad if you medal with the Lord's affairs. Although I must say the Lord has no time to be wasting on humans such as yourself."

"Please, just tell me where he is! Is he alright?" Worried flooded Kagome's voice.

"You have no right to see my future mate!" Kouki smirked.

"What'd you say! Inuyasha would never."

"Lord Inuyasha!"


"Lord Inuyasha!"


"What!" Everyone turned to see Inuyasha. He stood there smirking. Kagome gasped at what he was wearing. It was very formal, suited for Lords. It resembled Sesshomaru's clothes, except the sash was red and gray and there was no fluffy thing on his shoulder.

A smile lit Kagome's features. He looked really good.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said happily and jumped into his arms.

Kouki and Kichou stood in shock. Kouki was angry, because she didn't like the close contact between Inuyasha and Kagome.

"I missed you." Kagome whispered.

"I missed you more, my wench." he said as he placed a hand under her chin and brought her lips to his in a short, loving kiss. Now the two onlookers where twice as stunned.

"Inuyasha, why are wearing them." She tugged on his clothing.

"I'll tell you later. Why? Want to take them off?" He teased. Kagome blushed. 'Maybe.' She thought secretly.

"Inuyasha." Kagome warningly hissed.

"Come on wench. I got some explaining to do."

"Sure do, and tell me why it was so important you couldn't come greet me at the well?"

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