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By LoveforBB

It was a beautiful morning, birds singing sweet tunes, and early rays of sun hitting the leaves of each tree, making them glow. The newly arisen sun beat down on a particularly large tree house, jutting out of the roof of a house, and began to wake up its inhabitants.

One by one the 5 children woke, stretching their small arms and yawning. All were ready to confront the new day, that is, all except one.

A pair of green eyes opened for the first time that day, and a short, blonde 10-year-old boy arose. He looked up at his clock, hanging in the middle of his wrestling ring bed, and froze. "Crud!" he yelped, and hurriedly stepped out of orange footy-pajamas to pull on an equally orange hoodie and some blue jeans. Attempting to pull on his socks and sneakers and hop out of his room at the same time, he opened his mouth to notify his friends about his currently horrifying situation.

"Guys!" Wallabee Beetles, or Numbuh Four's, Australian voice rang throughout the enormous tree house. "Guys! Yeh gotta help me!" Apparently he was the last to awaken, because all four of his friends were sitting in the kitchen eating cereal when he ran in.

"What's the problem, Numbuh Four?" asked Numbuh One, or Nigel Uno, the leader of the group of Kids Next Door agents.

"Yeah, Numbuh Five is trying to eat here, but it's hard for her when yo' wakin' up the whole neighborhood!" said Numbuh Five, also known as Abigail Lincoln, annoyed. The dark girl crossed her arms and tilted her red cap so she could get a better look at the obviously frantic Aussie.

"You don't undastand, guys! I'm in big trouble here!" Numbuh Four approached the breakfast table, waving his arms around. "Today is moi docta's appointment!"

The team gasped. "Oh, no! You poor thing!" Numbuh Three, or Kuki Sanban, covered her hands with her mouth, horrified.

Every year, each of the Kids Next Door Operatives had a doctor's appointment. And every year, each of the operatives managed to escape the terrible visit to the doctor. Unfortunately for Numbuh Four, his mother was the ultra-persistantest of them all. She was the first out of all their mother's to actually get her son in the car, and one year, she had actually managed the drag him into the waiting room. That had been last year- every year it seemed that Numbuh Four was an inch closer to his doctor's appointment.

"Oi think this year she's gonna bring out the big guns!" Of course Numbuh Four was speaking figuratively here- at least he hope. Mrs. Beetles was very persistant. The blonde dropped to his knees and clasped his hands together. "You guys hafta save me! There is no way I'm going to the cruddy docta'!"

"Calm down Numbuh Four, no one is going to go to the doctor today. We know that if a kid enters that place, those evil doctors would give them a shot that would turn them into mooses." Numbuh One said matter-of factly.

Numbuh Four's eyes widened. "Oi don't wanna be a moose!"

"Which is exactly why you're not going to that appointment. What time is your mom coming to pick you up?"

"Eh…" Numbuh Four counted on his fingers. "Noine-thirty, oi think…"

The team looked at the clock. It was nine thirty. "Oh, no-"

Right on schedule, a voice could be heard from down below. "Wallabee! It's toime fo' yo' appointment! Get down here now!"

"Hoide me!" Numbuh Four squeaked, scuttling behind Numbuh Two, also known as Hoagie Gilligan, the pilot of the group.

"Don't make me come up there, Wallabee Beetles!" His mother yelled loud enough so that her voice could be heard perfectly clear 72 stories up. "This year, yo' going to that appointment!"

All was quiet in the kitchen, not one of the kids making a sound. Maybe if they were quiet, she would go away.

That was not the case.

"WALLABEEE! OI'M COMIN' UP THERE!" They heard her ring the Uno house's doorbell, and knew it would be a matter of time until they felt the fiery wrath of Mrs. Beetles. Numbuh Four's doom was upon him- a trip to the doctor!

"Oi gotta get outta here!" Numbuh Four jumped up from the table and knocked his frozen teammates out of their stupor.

"Numbuh Two- activate the supah-emergency escape pod!" Numbuh One ordered.

"Roger that!"

Numbuh Two flipped over into the main control room which was next to the kitchen, and positioned him self at the keypad. His fingers began to type furiously, and the team could hear engines revving up. Soon a small containment module crashed through the ceiling, with Numbuh Four's name all over it. Literally.

"WALLABEEE, YOU BETTAH NOT TRY TO ESCAPE IN YO' LITTLE ESCAPE POD LOIKE EVERY YEAR! I WILL FOIIND YEH!" Numbuh Four 'eeped' and raced towards his ticket to freedom as fast as he could, just as his mother crashed through the door. Funny how she didn't really notice the intricacy of the tree house… bah, they never do.


"You'll neva' take me!" Numbuh Four cackled as he pressed the "take off" button of his escape pod. The doors snapped shut in his mother's face, and the module blasted off. He caught glimpses of his friend's smiling faces and his mother's angry one as he lifted out of sight and towards the secret landing point. For each operative, the landing point of their escape pod was different; it was the backyard of the Numbuh before them. That meant, like every year, he was headed for Numbuh Three's backyard.

A victory song could be heard from the young Australian as he landed in the woods behind Numbuh Three's house. "Deh neh neh neh! Ain't goin' to no docta'! Deh neh neh neh! No shots fo' me today! Deh neh neh neh!" Numbuh Four made the rocker sign with his index and pinky fingers as he danced about.

He had done it. He had escaped. She hadn't even pulled him into the car this year! And the best part was, since the doctor in this town was so busy, it would take forever and a half to reschedule! No more doctor appointment, now all he had to worry about was his dentist's appointment in a couple months, but no matter.

He had escaped his doctor's checkup for five years in a row! Oi'm a genius, thought Numbuh Four as he climbed up the slide on Numbuh Three's playset. He always liked to play here; that's why he was greatful that it was always Numbuh Three's yard in which he was deposited. As the blonde climbed up the slippery plastic, he smiled to himself at his accomplishment. Sure his mother would be mad at him later, but so what? The punishment didn't include going to the doctor! The blonde chuckled as he reached the top of the slide. He was never sick anyway; he didn't need cruddy adult to tell him that. It was rare that anyone would see him with even a small cold.

"Heh, I don't need a cruddy docta'." And Numbuh Four slid down the slide.