Cinderella: The InuYasha Version

Chapter One

Kagome's Miserable Life

It was a sunny day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and morning dew made the grass glisten. But in the household of Kagome Higurashi it was a very gloomy day. She hurried around the kitchen preparing breakfast and even managed to break a plate. She groaned in frustration and ran to get a broom. She swept the glass pieces up and continued with her cooking. Kagome was dressed in a white apron that had eventually darkened from ashes and dust. She also wore a brown dress that swooped down just above her ankles. Her hair was tied back with a blue ribbon and she wore a bandana.

"Kagome!" came a loud and scratchy scream. "Where's my breakfast!"

"And where's mine!" came another, though it was less scratchy. Kagome sighed and wiped her sweaty brow. "Coming Kikyo! Coming Kagura!" She grabbed the three trays on the counter and rushed up the stairs to the first room. She entered and Kikyo hissed when the door opened. "The light is so bright!"

"Oh come on Kikyo! Rise and shine!" Kagome said cheerfully but Kikyo glared at her. "Don't tell me what to do you filthy tramp!" Kagome looked hurt and shoved Kikyo's tray at her. She quickly departed the room and closed the door. Next was Kagura's room. When Kagome opened the door this time Kagura squealed.

"Oh finally! Kagome, you are so slow! I don't know why Mother keeps you around!" She yanked her tray from Kagome's hands and shooed her out of the room. The last tray to deliver was to her stepmother. Kagome knocked this time and received a calm, "Come in." She slowly turned the doorknob and then opened the door. Stepmother was sitting up in her bed stroking her black cat. She gave Kagome a fake polite smile, her gray eyes cold and hurtful.

"Hello child. Well, don't be shy. Come closer." Kagome held Stepmother's tray in shaking hands and approached. When she was right next to her stepmother's bed, she laid the tray on the old woman's lap. Stepmother continued to smile and stroke her fluffy cat. "Kagome, I want you to finish all your chores by noon today. You have been working much too slow lately, and I will not allow it."

"Yes Stepmother," Kagome replied stiffly. She turned to go but Stepmother stopped her. "Oh, and Kagome. All of your chores. In the past you tend to…"

"Yes, Stepmother," Kagome repeated and left the room quickly. She raced down the staircase and back into the kitchen, where she gathered a mop, broom, and bucket. She filled the bucket with soapy water and started to mop. By noon, she was exhausted. She had cleaned the entire house and not had any moment to rest. When the clock struck twelve noon, Stepmother descended the staircase.

"I must say, Kagome, you have done fine work," Stepmother commented. "But now you must work on the garden in both the front yard and backyard. When you are finished with that, tell me." She walked back upstairs to her room to get the sisters up. Kagome took a watering can and some seeds and stepped out into the sunshine. She smiled as birds started to flock around her and sing merry songs.

She joined the birds in song and she had a lovely voice. As she worked in the front yard, she noticed a white stagecoach with matching horses speed by. It was heading for the market and going in the opposite direction of the castle. Kagome watched it until it was completely out of view. I wonder what it's like to ride in a fancy stagecoach with matching horses, she thought as she planted some seeds. She stood up and brushed off her apron.

Kagome had had one of the nicest lives imaginable when her father had been alive. He had given her everything her heart had desired except for one thing…a mother. One day he had announced he would be married and Kagome had rejoiced. When she met the woman who would be her stepmother, however, she had been anything but happy. The woman had been cruel, and cold, and lazy. She also had two daughters that were just like her and teased Kagome for everything.

When her father had died, Kagome had died inside.

Kagome poured herself a cool glass of lemonade and drank it all down in one gulp. She set it down and went out into the backyard to work. Kikyo was sitting in one of the lawn chairs and when Kagome came out she scowled. "Get to work!" she snarled, pointing at the flowerbeds. Kagura was in the opposite lawn chair smiling maliciously.

"Yeah, Kagome! The chores aren't going to do themselves!" She stood up and walked over to the flowerbeds. She stomped on all the flowers and laughed. Kagome gasped and ran over to her evil stepsister. She shoved her aside and knelt by the crushed flowers. Kagura stood there, shocked, and looked at Kikyo. Kikyo nodded and Kagura dashed off into the house. Seconds later, Kagura returned with Stepmother at her side.

"Kagome, what Is this I hear about you shoving your sweet sister!" she snapped. Kagome looked up from tending to the wilting flowers and frowned. "She was killing these poor flowers…"

"That is no reason to push her!" Stepmother interrupted. "I need you to go to the market for me and when you return I want you to stay in your room for the rest of the evening without supper! And tomorrow you must finish your chores an hour earlier!" She gave Kagome a cold stare. Kikyo and Kagura were smiling smugly and looked as if they were about to burst out laughing. Kagome forced back a growl of anger and stomped inside.

She forcefully grasped a basket from the closet and marched out the front door. She would buy something to eat at the market and hide it from Stepmother so she wouldn't starve. But before she was even halfway down the walk Kikyo called, "And don't forget the cake! I'm absolutely dying to have cake for dessert tonight!" Kagome ignored her and kept on going.

The market was buzzing with noise and crowed with townspeople. Kagome had a hard time navigating her way through them all. She stopped by a food cart and browsed its fruits. She ended up purchasing tomatoes, squash, and apples. She bought bread from another cart and fish from another. What to buy for me, she wondered as she gazed at chicken, noodles, and lemon pies. She decided to buy the cake so Kikyo wouldn't complain to Stepmother.

She spotted the white stagecoach she had seen pass the house earlier. A little man stood by the door as if waiting for someone to return. Kagome shrugged and turned to leave. But she bumped into someone and fell to the ground, the cake landing on her apron and covering her in chocolate and frosting. She moaned in depression but ceased when a deep voice apologized.

"I'm so sorry! Let me help you up!" Kagome looked up and saw the handsomest man she had ever seen in her entire life. He had long black hair and golden eyes. He was dressed in a red suit and looked like royalty. Kagome blushed and took his hand as he pulled her up. She looked at her apron and sighed. "Let me pay for that cake! It was my fault!"

"No, really! It's alright! That cake was for my stepsister and I'm sure I have a good excuse now not to have it!" The man laughed and then grinned. "My name is InuYasha. It's nice to meet you, um…"

"Kagome. Nice to meet you." They shook hands awkwardly and Kagome pulled a handkerchief from her pocket. She wiped up as much of the chocolate as she could and picked up her basket. "It was a pleasure InuYasha, but I really have to go." She hurried past InuYasha but he grabbed her arm. Kagome's heart pounded.

"Wait! Do you think I'll ever see you again?" he asked. Kagome turned and looked into his golden eyes. She could get lost in them. "N-No, I don't think so." And with that, she sprinted out of the market. InuYasha stood there confused and hurt. He sighed in regret and walked over to the white stagecoach Kagome had seen. The little man in front of it looked at him

"Who was she sir?" he asked.

"I don't know, Jacques. She was lovely, I'll admit, but I don't think I'll ever see her again. Let's get back to the castle." The man nodded and hopped to the front of the coach. InuYasha got inside the coach and slammed the door shut. He starred out the window.

Kagome, she had said…