Chapter Seven

Happily Ever After or Tragic Ending?

Kikyo gasped and squealed when she heard a knock at the front door. "Kagome! Kagome, answer the door! God, she is so slow!" Kikyo marched over to the door and opened it swiftly. Standing there was Jacques, holding a little glass slipper on a red satin cushion. He smiled and stepped aside as InuYasha came up the walk.

"Good morning Madame!" Jacques said brightly. "I trust you heard of our search? The one whose foot…"

"Yes, yes, I heard, please come in!" Kikyo said in a rush. She practically yanked the Prince and servant into the house and shut the door. Kagura walked into the room eating a piece of bread but when she laid eyes on the Prince she nearly choked. She ran over to InuYasha and smiled dreamily. He looked a bit nervous but he gave her a kind smile nonetheless.

"Er…hello, Miss," he greeted Kagura. "We're here about the search. I'm guessing you already know about it?" Kagura nodded as if still in a daze and was suddenly pushed aside by Kikyo. They glared at each other for an instant before Stepmother joined them.

"Aw, Prince InuYasha! What a pleasure it is to have you in our humble home!" Stepmother smiled, waving a hand as though she too were royalty. "Please sit down." She led him into the parlor but he merely shook his head.

"No, thank you. But we have many other houses to visit and I would like to begin." He looked over at Jacques and motioned for him to bring the slipper over. Jacques obeyed and held up the shining glass shoe. Kikyo and Kagura were shoving to be the first to try it on but Kikyo eventually won. Kagura gritted her teeth angrily and sat down in one of the cushioned chairs InuYasha had turned down. Kikyo also sat, but on the piano bench.

Jacques knelt down as she stuck out her rather large foot. Even by looking at her foot and the slipper you knew it would not fit. Kikyo glared down at him as he took a deep breath and slid the shoe down onto her foot. It only went halfway. Kikyo gasped in shock and pushed the servant aside. She thrust her foot into the shoe but it was still no use; that foot and shoe would never fit together.

Kagura laughed in triumph and snatched the slipper from her struggling sister.

"My turn!" she snapped, removing her own shoe to put on the new one. InuYasha, Stepmother, Kikyo, and Jacques all watched eagerly to see if it fit. Kagura grasped the slipper with both hands and forced it onto her foot. It crushed her toes but just barely fit. Kagura's eyes widened and she cheered. Kikyo's mouth was hanging open in anger and amazement as she watched her younger sister brag.

"It fits! It fits! I'm the one! It's my slipper!" Kagura was saying as Stepmother grinned. InuYasha examined her foot and sighed.

"I don't know. It seems to be…crushing your toes…" Without warning, the slipper came off of Kagura's foot and ricocheted off the wall. Everyone gasped in surprise and ducked as Jacques grabbed the satin cushion and chased the flying slipper. He caught it and wiped the sweat from his brow in relief. Kikyo and Kagura were coming over to him to fight over who would get to try on the slipper again but InuYasha stopped them.

"I'm sorry, ladies, but only one try each," he informed them. They slinked back in disappointment.

Kagome searched her bed for anything to pick the lock with. She looked under it, on her vanity, and even over by the window. Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks. The window! Why hadn't she thought of it before? She could climb out the window and…

Kagome looked out her window and saw a three story fall. She gulped. Ok, not so great idea. But her eyes were trialing over her bed sheets. She'd read about it before in books. Tying the bed sheets together to create a rope and then use it to escape. But it was too risky…too dangerous. Kagome knew though that she had to try. Her love was waiting right downstairs and he was going to leave any minute now.

She sighed and began ripping up her bed sheets. Soon, she had tied them all together and was attaching them to her bed post. She let her new rope fall out of the window and down to the ground. This is crazy, she told herself as she grasped the rope. She took a deep breath and started to scale the wall. At first, she just hung, completely stunned to move. But then she remembered InuYasha and was going lower and lower and lower….

She was to the second story now. She could see through Kikyo's room's window and it was dark. She then came to the first story and it was only a few more inches….

Kagome cried, "Yes!" as her feet touched solid ground and she looked through the kitchen window. She could just make out two male figures beside the door. "No!" Kagome whispered as she turned to run to the backdoor.

"Well, this was nice, but are you sure there are no more women in the house?" Jacques asked Stepmother as he faced the front door. Stepmother's eyes grew colder.

"I'm absolutely positive," she told him and practically started shoving him out the door. He looked startled but was just about to leave when…

"Wait!" a voice cried from behind them all. Everyone turned to see Kagome standing there, looking sweaty yet happy. Jacques looked very confused while InuYasha was gaping. "Jacques…the slipper…" he mumbled. Jacques snapped out of it and nodded hurriedly. Kagome took a seat and waited. He was about to dash over to her when Stepmother's eyes turned to slits. She saw an opportunity and reached for the broom. As Jacques rushed past her, she dropped the broom so that he tripped over it.

The little shoe went soaring and everyone starred in horror (except for Stepmother, Kikyo, and Kagura of course) as it smashed into the ground and shattered into a thousand little pieces. Jacques looked like he was about to faint.

"No! That was the only one! Oh, the King will kill me! Why, why, why…"

"Um, excuse me?" Kagome said sweetly. "But…I have the other." She removed a glittered glass slipper from her pocket that was an exact copy of the one broken on the floor. Jacques starred in disbelief but then smiled widely. "Yes! Yes!" he said as he took the little shoe from her. He knelt before her tiny foot and slipped the shoe onto it with ease. It was a perfect fit.

InuYasha smiled as hundreds of blue birds whizzed past his head and out into the open blue sky. It was the perfect day for a wedding. He looked to his side to see his new wife, Kagome, grinning broadly back at him. She was wearing a puffy white wedding dress with a matching tiara and choker. On her feet were two sparkling glass slippers. The two descended the long flight of steps down to their awaiting white carriage with matching horses. The King was waving to them joyously with Jacques right beside him smiling as though he had just been promoted (wink).

Kagome stuck her head out the window and waved merrily as the carriage started to roll off down the road. Everyone waved back and Stepmother, Kikyo, and Kagura stood like outcasts to the side, crossing their arms and frowning grumpily. Kagome felt better then she ever had before. A puff of spook appeared a little ways out and she saw Fairy Godmother smiling and waving to her. Kagome almost cried tears of joy as she waved back. She owed all of this to Fairy Godmother now that she thought about it.

InuYasha sighed from next to her. Kagome turned to face him and was still smiling as big as ever. InuYasha was smiling as well and he leaned over. The two kissed happily as the hundreds of blue birds soared past in freedom and wonder…and they all lived:

Happily Ever After

The End