By: SilvorMoon

Note: Inspired by the Battle City manga. If you haven't read the Battle City manga, this isn't going to make much sense.

Esper Roba sat perfectly still in the center of his room, eyes closed, breathing deeply. Outside his open window, the moon and stars beamed softly down on him. The stars were moving into alignment; he could almost feel it. This time, for sure, he'd have his breakthrough. This time he'd finally release his untapped psychic abilities. Already he was certain he felt different. Soon everything would fall into place.



Hello, said a voice.

Roba's eyes snapped open. He had heard a voice, he was sure of it - and furthermore, it was a voice he had never heard in person before. Only once had he heard it at all, and that had been coming through the faint mechanical distortion of a television. Now he was hearing it perfectly, because it was coming to him not from a machine or even a human throat, but straight into his mind.

I did it! he rejoiced inwardly, trembling with excitement. I've contacted the spirit world!

"Can you... hear me?" he asked.

Yes, yes, I hear you, said the voice. There's never been anything wrong with my hearing. As a matter of fact, I heard you bandying my name around today, so I came down to see who was treating my name so lightly.

Staring very hard into the shaft of moonlight, Espa could see the outline of a human figure. It was tall and thin, and moved with the inhuman grace of one who is no longer burdened by a body. The face was aristocratic and intelligent, framed by curtains of long silvery hair. Espa was slightly disappointed that it was wearing khaki slacks with suspenders over a plain and rather worn-looking shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He'd been hoping for mystical white robes. Still, who was he to dictate what people in the next world wore?

"You're Pegasus!" he exclaimed. "Pegasus J. Crawford, the inventor of Duel Monsters! I really summoned you!"

Something like that, said Pegasus. Like I said, I heard you mentioning my name, so I looked to see what you were up to, and since you do have a modicum of psychic ability, I decided I would come over and give you a message from the Great Beyond.

"Yes?" asked Roba eagerly. "What is it? What is it?"

It is this, Pegasus answered. He cleared his throat, and then intoned solemnly, Quit bothering me!


For your information, I'm having a very nice time in the afterlife, and I don't appreciate people trying to rouse me from my everlasting rest. Life was difficult enough as it was without people interfering in my afterlife. So do be a dear and leave me alone. Clear?

Roba nodded.

Good. Glad we got that settled. He disappeared.

Roba stared a moment, blinking stupidly. That had not gone at all the way he'd expected.

A moment later, Pegasus reappeared.

And one more thing, he said.


The ESP thing? So overrated. You take it from me, it's much more trouble than its worth. If I were you, I'd look for a more constructive hobby, said Pegasus. He looked down at the stunned look he was getting and smiled wickedly. Well... toodles!

He vanished. Roba sighed. Then he got up and closed the window, just in case he came back. If this was what getting in touch with the spirit world was like, he wanted no part of it.

In fact, just now, he was seriously considering taking up painting.