Naruto: The Demon within. By. Firestar159 Chapter one: They call me Haisuke Kyosenai

I do not own Naruto or any of its characters the only characters that are mine so far are:

-Haisuke Kim

-Krissia Maria

-Cenjuharu Tara

-Neko Ashley

More to come.

Summary: Haisuke Kyosenai was abandoned as a child at age 3 by her abusive, hating parents, but when a boy who understands her pain finds her, she learns how to love. But when the truth behind the abuse and the hating come out Kim learns she's actually a monster! Can Kakashi protect her before something or someone finds interest in these powers?

Pairings: KakashiXOC (Kim), NarutoXHinata, SasukeXOC (A bit Kim mostly Sakura), More to come later.

Hi people! I am Firestar159 and this is my first fanfic so I hope you like it.

(Flash back)

It was a cold stormy afternoon as raindrops fell from the sky on to the cheeks of the freezing child keeping her tears to its self. She had short brown hair and hazel eyes with scratches, bruises and cuts all over her and her torn clothes. She was hoping to die right there in alleyway alone and scared with no one to turn to, when suddenly she heard footsteps in between her sobs. As they got closer she held her knees closer to her, hoping they would just ignore her...but they didn't. A shadow came over her and she looked up to see a boy at least eight years of age. He had silvery hair and a mask covered the bottom half of his face but the strangest thing about him was how his eyes seemed to show pity for her. He reached out his hand towards her as if asking her to grab it but she was too terrified of the stranger that seemed to care. The boy got up and looked at her closely, she didn't seem to trust him as a matter of fact with all those cuts and bruises who would? He thought about it for a moment and had an idea. The girl was still really confused until she saw the strangest thing. He took his mask off and smiled at her, then he said "I trust you" before she passed out on the cold alleyway ground. He looked down at her sleeping body and put her on his back, then he took off in the direction of the hospital leaving behind, his umbrella and his pain. All because...of me.


In Konoha

It was early morning in lil ol'Konoha as everyone minded there own business, one of them was bored looking Hatake Kakashi, reading his book "Icha Icha Paradise" in one hand and a stop watch in the other. As he walked passed the Ichiruka ramen shop, pass the old swing and into the academy. He's steps echoed in the hallway as he made his way to his classroom and leaned on the side of it, starting the start watch.

"Good morning Kakashi" Iruka said as he walked by him. "You sure are here early. Any reasons?"

"Nope" He said not taking his eye off his little orange book. "Just the usual."

"You know if you keep this up she'll get really mad at you" Iruka said with an anime sweat drop. "Especially since today is-"

"THE GRADUATON!" I shouted as I ran down the street at full speed with my half asleep reddish brown haired friend on my back. "How could I over sleep!"

"Its no big deal Kim..."Mar mumbled as she fell asleep again.

"Oh, so I guess you don't mind GRADUATING!" I shouted making her wake up completely and run next to me.

"That's today! I thought it was tomorrow!" She said as her brown eyes looked at me.

"Duh! Of course it's today!" I shouted as I jumped the white park bench.

We ran passed the old swing and into the academy, making a sharp turn into the classroom to find it…EMPTY?

"WHAT THE HELL?" Mar shouted as she scanned the room with her eyes.

"Great…we probably missed it..." I said mentally hitting myself. Me! Miss Punctuality! Late! For my own graduation!

As I sat there hitting myself mentally Mar gingerly pulled on my thin sweat shirt sleeve making me stop.

"Hey Kim?" Mar said pointing at the clock on the wall that said 6:57. "Is that clock broken?"

"Huh? No, Iruka-Sensei changed the battery...yesterday..." I stopped to hit myself mentally harder. DAMN IT! HE DID IT AGAIN!

"Hey you two, your here pretty early" Iruka said as he came up from behind. "School doesn't start until another half hour"

"Yay! We're not late!" Mar cheered as she jumped with joy, making her pink vest leap a bit. "Isn't that great Kim?"

I guess this is his way of saying "Good luck kiddo" I thought to myself as I calmed down and smiled at the clock. A new record, thanks nii-san. Thanks for setting my clock a head by half an hour.

"Hellooo, earth to Kim, are you in there?" Mar asked as she knocked on my head. "Great you're probably daydreaming about Kakashi-Sensei again."

"Huh? Wha?" I said snapping out of thought. "I wasn't daydreaming just thinking..."

"Riiight" She slyly smirked as she began her taunt. "You wanna huuug him, you wanna kiiiss him, you wanna maaarry hi-"

I used the basic mouth covering skill I learn t from my bro when I was 4 on Mar to make her shut up. Sure I have a crush on a teacher, sure I think his cool...well...maybe a bit dreamy...but she was the only one that knew. So stuff like that...I hate for it to get out.

In class

I sat in the middle row like I always do. Right in the middle between all my friends.

"Man I so exited I hope I pass." Tara said a bit shaky. Then maybe Iruka-Sensei will notice me.

Cenjuharu Tara. One of my best friends and the new student in grade 5. Tara has kinda short black hair with red streaks in it that give her that kinda mature look for some reason, maybe because her brilliant brown eyes just make it that way. She has fare skin and likes to where anything that makes her look mature and normal. But the thing that most people don't understand is why she's such a teacher's pet especially towards Iruka-Sensei. Well give up? Ever since Tara got here she had a crush on him, Mar thought it was pretty cute, I thought it was normal. So I always support her.

"So tired...ZZZZzzzzZZZzz" Mar mumbled as she fell asleep between me and Tara.

Krissa Maria, my closest friend since day 1 at the academy, Mar has long reddish-brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail all the time, but for some reason her long hair doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because she's not into Sasuke like all the other moochers in the school. She has pretty brown eyes that kinda stand out but you don't really notice because she always falls asleep. Mar maybe kinda and sweet but she likes to where my most hated colour...Pink.-shrugs- But I guess it's not as bad as that weirdo Sakura.

"I now I'll pass bwahahaha!" Ashley did her diabolical laugh she always does to scare the girly girls in our class. "Then I'll listen to Green Day all day and sleep on my sofa."

Ashley the cool, tom boy, jock in our group that likes to tackle guys and do diabolical laughs to scare girls, that's why she's the coolest! She has short dark brown hair with pretty blue eyes that make all the preppy kids think she's a vampire or something. Nope she just uses her vampire genjutsu to scare them. I met Ashley in grade 3 when I got picked on by this stupid preppy kid and she saved my hide by making him think she would turn into a werewolf and kill him if he tried to hurt me again, that was pretty funny. Kinda like nii-san does when I'm in the park and I get picked on, only he uses kunais and maybe even a katana. She likes to wear torn jeans with a black or cameo shirt which makes her get along well with Suke-sensei, our weaponry teacher.

"Mar wake up…your drooling on my shirt again..." I said as I poked her on the head with my pinky finger, which I seem to do a lot. "Great she's gone"

Well I guess you kinda already know me, but if not sorry about that. My name is Haisuke Kyosenai , Kim is my nickname since Kyosenai is the name of the dragon that destroyed the village hidden in the cloud a hundred years ago...Maybe that has to do with why I was left in an alleyway when I was 3...Yes I am adopted, and no I can't remember my last name before that. I got kinda, but not really long brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm probably the super student in the academy since I got the highest grades in all the academy, even higher then Sasuke. My adoptive parents are very busy people, I mean my dad is the stradagizer of the ANBU squad and my mom works at the Hokage's office. So they're VERY busy people. So I got nii-san to hang with, sure his not my real bro but he did save my life when I was ditched in that alleyway. So his like a real brother to me.

"Let get this over with..." Sasuke whispered as he occasionally gazed over his shoulder to glare at Ino and Sakura.

The soul survivor of the Uchiha clan, yeah his pretty cold hearted, but his got a soft spot…somewhere. Sasuke stared hanging with us last year when he realized we where the only girls in the entire nut crack school that didn't like him obsessively but wanted just be his friends. So yeah, now we protect him from evil preppy girls like Ino and Sakura.

"Cenjuharu Tara-Lynn, your up next" Iruka said as Tara got up and walked to the front.

"Good luck Tara!" I shouted waking Mar in the process.

"Wha! I'm up" Mar said a bit jumpy as she sat up straight.

"Bwhahaha! She will pass and help me rule the world!" Ashley laughed just to scare Ino. "And now I seat here and...wait."

Tara went up to the front of the class and tried to create three clones but she was to shaky, since she was close to Iruka-Sensei. Tara closed her eyes and started focusing on the jutsu, luckily she concentrated on it really well and managed to make three clones.

"Very good Tara" Iruka said as he gave her the forehead protector. "You pass"

"Thank you" Tara said a bit, blushing as she took the forehead protector and walked back to her seat next to Mar.

"Good job Tara" I said with a smile. "That was great control and everything!"

"YEAH! YOU TOOK THEM OUT WITH A BANG!" Ashley shouted making Sakura jump a few feet. "And now I wait for my turn"

"Lets see..." Iruka mumbled as he checked to see who was next. "Haisuke Kim, your up next"

"Hai!" I said was I got up and walked to the front.

"YEAH GO KIM! SHOW THEM WHAT YOU GOT!" Ashley shouted making these two other girls freak. "Now I calm down."

"You can do it Kim!" Mar shouted as I made it to the front.

"Good luck!" Tara shouted.

"Break a leg..." Sasuke finally said as I got ready.

This was it, the test I've been waiting for since started the academy. My biggest goal was right there. Sure I'm one of the best when it comes to the forbidden art of the shadow clone, heck. My clones are even unique! Unlike your regular shadow or plain clones they actually shock the enemy on contact! How did I learn that? No idea. But anyways one tiny mistake...And I can kiss my dream of being a Shinobi good-bye. I could still here my friends in the background, but was still focus on my goal. Then I heard it...


Well that's it for the first one, sorry. Hope you enjoyed it and I'll try to get the next one out soon.