Title: Hot Chocolate!
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Theme: #11 Ice
Pairing: Jiroh x Bunta
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis

Jiroh sneezed, and sneezed and sneezed.
"Owww, that hurts." Jiroh gently rubbed his nose while gently hugging his jacket closer.
Shishido rolled his eyes, "Wear warmer clothes next time."
Ohtori felt sympathetic for his sempai and offered him his scarf,
Jiroh grinned, "No thanks, anyways I have to go, bye!"
"Ah……" "Let him go Choutarou." "But if he runs like that he might slip."
Shishido just shrugged and walked away, Ohtori soon following.


Slosh, slosh, slosh
'Ahhhh I want some cake'
Jiroh's steps started to go faster, "and hot chocolate."
"Hey! Be careful you might slip!" An arm shot out to grab his, linking together.
Jiroh looked up to peek at the red haired savior.
"Ah! It's Marui-kun!"
Marui raised an eyebrow, "You are…..?"
"Akutagawa Jiroh! S2 player from Hyoutei."
"Hyoutei?" A dark haired boy poked his head from behind him.
"GAH! Don't do that." Kirihara did not look impressed, "Oh, your that weird narcoleptic, from Hyoutei, the so called Volley Specialist."
"Ah! Your that Rikkai freak that hurt Fuji-kun!" "What was that?"
Marui stopped Kirihara from advancing, "There's no need to get violent." In an all to cheery voice, "Why don't you head of first, the others are waiting."
Kirihara huffed and left without turning back.
"So, where are you heading." A green bubble expanded past his lips.
Jiroh's face lit up, "The Cake House nearby."
Marui smiled and ruffled his hair, "Oh?"
He nodded enthusiastically, "The cakes are great."
Marui blinked, "Ya know…. I really think I would remember you somehow…"
Jiroh's face fell, "You don't remember me?"
Marui shrugged, "I would have remembered that cute face of yours."
He blushed, "Ummm… wanna go with me?"
Marui grinned "I thought you'd never ask, though don't step on ice again." He pointed downwards where Jiroh would have stepped on.
Jiroh giggled face slightly flushed, "Oops."