Title: Musical Talents
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Theme: 5) collide
Pairing: Marui Bunta x Akutagawa Jiroh
Rating: PG-ish
Disclaimer: Don't own this.

(Thump! Thump! Thump!)

A whirl of silver hair swished back and forth as a tall grey-ish eyed man thundered around the small, though surprisingly spacious apartment.

"Crap! I'm going to be late!"

The next thing he knew, his toe had somehow connected to the sleek, black piano.

Nioh glared, he glared so spitefully and the wretch black thing that he almost threw a dish at it.

But of course, he could not do that. He could never do that, not to this piece of junk.

Still glaring at the piano, he picked up his briefcase and slammed the door wishing that his old flat-mates would suddenly be back again, even if 5 years had already sped past.

Nioh still remembered how Marui and he went to the Music Store with his parents. Marui, had suddenly clamped on to the piano saying how shiny it was and how his reflection could also be seen. After what seemed like hours of prying, Marui's parents gave up on trying to pull the 4 year old off the darn old thing and promised him that if he had let go, they would pay for his piano lessons. Marui had then reluctantly let go Nioh was already on the floor bustling with laughter. He pouted, mumbling about how he would show him, how he would show him how musically talented he really was.

'Course he couldn't prove anything when he decided to quit when he had entered middle-school, saying how lame it was and how he wanted to dedicate himself to tennis with Nioh.

"At least tennis shows of a person's strength." was what Marui had always told him. However Nioh knew that Marui was quite thankful for the fact that he knew how to play. It was after all the reason Akutagawa had came into his life. Every weekend, for the past 10 years, Akutagawa Jiroh would pester Marui to play the piano, when he refused, he would pester Nioh about. It was already Nioh's routine of poking fun of Marui and teasing him, laughing at his stubbornness until he would finally agree. The three of them would then discuss the songs that he would play, already picking out favourites, yes it was their daily routine, something Nioh would never forget.

It wasn't long until the three would finally graduate, that night Jiroh had begged Atobe to drop him off at Marui's house pleading and saying things like 'making it up to him for ditching his teammates' Nioh and Marui were rolling around on the floor, laughing at the unfortunate situation.

After they calmed down and drank they started to have a discussion, if Nioh wanted to move in with them. Nioh, was quite shocked at this, "What the hell? You guys were discussing this behind my back!" "Err…no…not really." "Don't lie Jiroh! You two have been doing this and that I bet! I saw you guys hugging in the backyard 2 weeks ago!" "This and that…? Don't put it that way!"

"Pssh! Whatever! I can't believe you actually though I'd say no!" Nioh broke into a smirk as Marui started to laugh, Jiroh grinning broadly next to him, "Course not!"

Marui Bunta and Akutagawa Jiroh passed away during an unfortunate accident on March 8, 2006, 22:42 pmat the ages of 19, we are sorry to inform you of this tragic incident and wish for you to come to their funerals.

Nioh crumpled the letter, and unfortunate accident,

The room was than forever silent, the piano never played it's song again.

A/C: I'm not dead, sorry for not updating fast enough DX, blame it on ToS and Gakuen Alice. I was kinda skeptical on actually typing this plot out xD, it's kinda depressing and I though it would have been interesting to see it in another person's point of view, I was actually gonna cry while making the story. Please R&R and thank you everyone for reviewing this! Keep it coming, reviews feed me xD.