I was watching TV, the trailer for the movie Memoirs of a Geisha comes on, and I get this idea. Hopefully, it doesn't suck. This is in no way, shape, or form, similar to the book or movie. This is from my own little mind. I hope you guys actually like this. Read and enjoy.

Memoirs of the Dragon Geisha: Prologue

I am not normal. I have never been. From birth, I was shunned, an outcast.

I was no more than a demon in my family's eyes. I was proof that my mother had been tainted by a foreigner. I was every inch a European. Silver hair, silver eyes. No mark of my mother's people visible.

I was nothing. I lived as nothing. I was another pretty face in his home, another body he could violate.

I wasn't accepted among the others, because I was not a woman, not a geisha.

Not normal.

And yet they called me one. Mockingly of course. Because I was too feminine, too lovely, for a male.

I could master every art, every skill, that we were required, and best them all. And yet it didn't help. Their resentment for me grew as I continued to excel at the things they couldn't.

I was nothing. I lived as nothing. Just another pretty face in the crowd.

Until him. Until Harry.

This is my story.

My name is Draco.

But they called me the Dragon Geisha.