Title: The Cliches are coming!
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing(s): implied TerraxBB, implied RobxRae, implied SladexRob
Genre: Parody, Humor
Rating: PG

Summary: Raven is evil, Robin's obsessed, and Terra i>is still dead /i>!

A/N: Remeber, this is a parody

Robin paced obsessively, staring at the computer, waiting for the object of his obsession of appear on the screen.

"Wow. You seem obsessed." He spun around dramatically, his piercing blue/green/brown eyes widening behind his mask.

"Raven! What are you doing in my room?" He exclaimed, looking shocked.

"Oh, I randomly go through walls to invade others privacy." She said in a monotonous, blank, unfeeling voice.



"Then why are you here?"

"I want your hot bod." Her blue/violet eyes shone in the moonlight that was filling the windowless room.



"Good, because Slade would get mad." He turned back to the computer, angry, "Aren't you supposed to be cutting yourself?"

"No, right now I'm emotionless and cruel." She paused, searching through his thoughts with her demon mind powers, "Your parents are dead, Slade's cheating on you with me, and Starfire/Cyborg/Beast Boy is too good for you."

He broke down sobbing, tears filling his green/blue/brown eyes, as Raven cackled manically.

"Azarcath Meteron Zincos!" The evil, creepy, gothic girl disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"See if I rape you this week!" Robin called after her, in a grating whining voice.

The next morning a fight broke out in the tower kitchen.

"Grass stain!"


"Grass stain!"


"Friends please!" Starfire intervened, smiling vacantly "Stop this quarreling. The ship of friends is important and we must not ruin it with the fight of food!"

"Friendship and food fight, Starfire." Robin said with a condescending smile as he mysteriously appeared in the room.

"Dude, where did you come from?" Beast Boy grinned, "I've got a new joke for you!"

Suddenly his bright green emerald eyes filled with tears, "Terra!"

"She's dead Beast Boy. Get over it." Raven stalked through the kitchen, eyes glowing red.

"Oh, you're bitchy today?" Robin watched her, amazed by her stunning, haunting beauty.

Beast Boy laughed, then blinked, "Hey, where's Cy?"

In the background Cyborg appeared for a brief second, stuffing waffles into his mouth, "Hey, don't mind me, I'm not impor-"

"Hey guys!" Terra bounced into the room, her bright blue eyes and shimmering honey/lemon/gold hair enchanting everyone in the room.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Or not. All four of Raven's red eyes twitched violently.

"Oh yeah..."

Raven flung her out to sea using her magical powers of mind, "And stay that way!"

And they all lived happily ever after, except for Terra, who was still dead.