Path to Home

Chapter 1 : Homecoming

It was late at night in the Tri-City area as a lone Chevy Avalanche with a motorcycle in its bed drove up a lonely mountain road. Pale moonlight reflected off the black paint job of the lone vehicle as it made its way towards the distant building.

The truck stopped at the massive guarded gateway of the Headquarters of the agency known as Global Justice. A guard came out of the small watch booth next to the gate as the window of the truck rolled down. The guard nodded at the driver and then opened the gate up, the driver pushed on the gas and the truck went through the gate.

After parking the vehicle the driver exited. He was clad in tight black leather chaps over blue jeans, a dark red muscle shirt that showed his well toned build, a leather jacket draped over his shoulder and black biker boots with chains on his feet. His long golden blonde hair was tied back in a thick braid that went to his lower back; three hoop earrings could be seen in his left ear as she scanned the area from behind mirror tinted glasses.

The man sighed as he began walking towards the entrance. Six long years had passed since he had been back here….back to the place of his birth. He hadn't been back since he had that horrible fight with her…..she was once his very best friend and the woman he had loved until it all came crashing down around him.

He had been a very different person back then; he used to hide who he really was. He feared the power that had been given to him and to be honest…..he acted like a real idiot. It had been no wonder she hadn't returned his feelings….the things they had said to each other in the heat of their anger. Those things still hurt to this very day….and so did his love for her….he had discovered the hard way that love could be both the greatest joy and worst pain you could feel.

Those things mattered little anymore….the pain was still there but the anger had long since faded leaving him alone, cold and a bit bitter. All he had was his missions and his sworn duty to help as many people as he could along the way…to protect them from the dangers that were out there of give a helping hand when needed.

Dr. Betty Director and agent 1st class William Du looked up as the doors to the main GJ office opened. In walked a man they hadn't seen in person for at least three years.

"Ah! Commander Ronald Dean Stoppable….it is good to see you again." Betty stated with a smile.

Ron gave a curt nod and removed his shades; soft yet haunted chocolate brown eyes looked over the two other agents. "You said I was needed here at HQ…..what's the trouble?" Ron asked.

"We have a mission for you Stoppable." Will said. "It requires your….unique…..talents and abilities."

Ron crossed his muscular arms. "Meaning you found someone that's a high risk threat and you want me to bring him in alive…..or dead if the situation calls for it. Another Undertaker mission?"

Betty nodded. "This is primarily a find and detain mission but if the target proves to be difficult you have permission to change it into a seek and destroy mission." Betty said. "The targets name is Aziz Muhammed Al-Hadir, be he commonly goes by either Al or Muhammed. He is responsible for the deaths of 25 of our top field operatives….mostly female. He frequents a gentleman's club known as Club X. We want you to gather as much intelligence as you can on him and then bring him in."

Ron nodded. "Sounds simple enough….anything else I should know about?"

Will and Betty look at each other a bit uneasily for a second. "There is another field agent working there….we cannot tell you her name as it might blow her cover. She is after a well known thief known as Stan Myers. What ever you do…do not blow her cover." Will stated.

"As usual you will be going under your alias Clint Adrian Hunter Stone and be working there as a cooler-for-hire. The boss of the club in a old friend of yours…Paul Tereno. He has been informed of your arrival and you have been given the position as head bouncer of the club. In addition to your GJ duty you must ensure the protection of the patrons, dancers and civilians. We have also booked you an apartment and secure parking space at the Trinity apartments that's about six blocks from Club X. The mission might take anywhere from two weeks to a month of your time depending on how fast Muhammed moves. All additional information and equipment is at your apartment…room 2294 eighth floor. Do you understand your mission?" Betty asked.

"Affirmative." Ron replied without emotion. "I'll go see Paul tomorrow after I've settled in. I'll keep in touch and you know how to reach me if an emergency pops up….later."

The two watched a stoic Ron walk out of their office and then let out a sigh. "God I'm glad that's over." Will said.

"Agreed." Betty stated. "He may have been hapless when he was younger but now he's the most feared agent we have."

Will nodded. "Are you sure it wasn't wise to tell him who the other agent was….he's far from stupid and will figure it out."

"We need him for this mission……and perhaps the time has come for those two to be reunited. You know as well as I do that Ms Possible's work has steadily been going down hill for the past six years, a nice dose of Ron-Factor might just be what the doctor ordered." Betty stated.

"I hope your right……or we are all in deep shit when Ron gets a hold of us." Will said nervously.

The next day Ron woke and finished getting settled in. Then over breakfast he read over his mission files and checked his equipment. All the extras had been included besides his usual weapons the Lotus Blade and his dual .357 dessert eagles he had had a PGI sniper rifle with silencer and infra-red scope, a black Kevlar battle suit, flash bang pellets, smoke grenades, a stun gun and tranquilizer darts, dual standard military issue Colt M-1911 A1 model .45 caliber sidearms in case more stronger fire power would be needed and several cases full of standard and armor piercing ammo.

"You'd think I was hiding a damn army up here with this arsenal." Ron grumbled and finished his morning tea.

After dressing in his usual biker gear and a blue tank top that showed off his medium toned build, Ron grabbed his leather jacket and the keys to his Harley. He had to get this ball rolling.

Ron parked his bike at the employee entrance of Club X, a familiar brown haired middle aged Italian was waiting there for him with a grin on his features.

"Hey Uncle Paul….it's been a while." Ron said with a smile, the man was like family to him.

"Ronnie my boy!" Paul greeted. "I haven't seen you in two years…..damn you've gotten a bit bigger since then."

Ron shrugged as the two walked up to Paul's private office. "Well doing constant missions will do that to ya…..this is the second time I've had to work as a bouncer in the past year." Ron commented.

"Yeah…one of our new dancers was from the Body Shop in San Diego, you remember Tina Marie?" Paul asked.

Ron nodded. "Yeah…she was quite attractive, black hair, blue eyes…body to die for….after working in a place like that for six months seeing nude women walk around does little to get you going." Ron stated with a shrug.

Paul chuckled. "Cut the shit Ron-man, I know damn good and well it's all that martial arts training you did….you got more control than any man on this planet and you still follow that warrior code."

"It's the Bushido code." Ron said proudly. "And it has always been a part of my life…even when I was still in school."

"Well Clint your one helluva guy….I assume you know what you need to do?" Paul asked.

"Yeah this isn't the first time I've been hired as a Cooler over the past three years….you'd be surprised at how many criminals hang out in these places." Ron said.

"No I wouldn't." Paul said. "I opened this place to help GJ catch them dirt bags. Now shall we go and meet the girls?" He asked.

Ron nodded and the two men made their way down to the dancers dressing rooms, there were already full as the girls prepared for the nights performance and were watched by two other bouncers.

"Alright ladies gather around….I have decided to beef up the security around here and hire the best of the best in Cooler's in the west coast. May I introduce Clint Stone." Paul said happily.

"Hello ladies." Ron said, his face stoic and eyes hidden by mirror tinted shades.

A group of half dressed attractive females surrounded their new protector to greet him. There were the usual murmurs about his rough yet handsome looks, Ron had become accustomed to such things over the years and it hardly phased him.

"Wow Tina…talk about a HOTTIE!" A vaguely familiar voice said.

"Easy Hot Stuff…..I know stony here from when he worked at the Body Shop in San Diego." Tin said.

"You know him?" The red-headed dancer asked.

"Sure do Korey." Tina said and turned to Ron. "It's nice to see ya again Clint…remember me…I used to go under the name Sweet Pea. This lady next to me is Korey Patterson, she goes by Hot Stuff."

"Nice to see you again Ms Marie." Ron said with a slight nod.

"Oh c'mon….just call me Tina…everyone does." Tina said with a giggle.

As the girls introduced themselves Ron took a good close look at the one called Korey Patterson. She was a dead ringer for Kim Possible, the girl he lost touch with six years ago. After a slightly closer look he saw a small GJ communicator placed behind her ear and then she said the final bit to seal the deal for him she asked Paul "What's the sitch?"

Ron had no idea why she was here but he figured she was the other agent Will had mentioned yesterday. Old pain shot through him momentarily but then passed, six years had been a long time and he no longer held the anger at her he used to.

However he had his mission and she had hers. Maybe after the mission was over he would talk to her and maybe patch things up but until then he had to keep himself undercover. For both of their protections…..and he planned to stick around long enough to see that she completed her mission safely….after all….he had been doing just that for the past four years.

Kim Possible watched as their new head bouncer walked out of the room with the owner Paul. She could swear that the man looked very familiar but she couldn't place why. Maybe it was because he resembled Ron a bit.

A wave of sadness washed over her as she thought about her long lost friend Ron Stoppable. Six years ago she had discovered that Ron was hiding secrets from her about his time in Japan at the school Yamanochi. It had been shortly after the Moodulator incident and she had developed a crush on him.

However her first crush Josh Mankey had started to take intrest in her again and she blew Ron off. The whole thing blew up when Ron and Josh got into a fist fight over her. Ron had accused Josh of cheating on her and she had refused to believe him. They got into a horrible argument and some terrible things were said, it ended with her slapping him, claiming that he was jealous and telling him to get out of her life. Two days later her wish was granted and Ron disappeared and his parents moved away.

Later that week Kim had discovered that Ron was telling the truth when she caught Josh and Bonnie Rockwaller having sex in the weight room. She had been utterly shattered. Not only had she lost the one person that could of made her feel better but she had utterly betrayed him. It was only six months after that horrible incident that she discovered that she wasn't crushing on Ron but she had been in love with him….her petty fears had kept her from saying anything and in the process she lost her chance.

So she did her best to move on with her life with the support of her friend Monique and her parents. She graduated High school and became a full field agent for Global Justice. She had tried to date several times since then but none of them were Ron and they were all jerks just using her for what they had hoped would be an easy piece. Then this embarrassing mission came up…she hadn't wanted to go undercover as a striper but there was no one else and Stan Myers needed to be caught. So she assumed the alias of Korey Leanne Patterson and now here she was.

Kim let out a sad sigh as she looked at a old photo of Ron from High school that she kept on her dressing table. "So Tina…..what's the story on Mr. Stone? He's kinda cute." Kim said trying to get herself in a better mood.

Tina giggled. "Yeah he's definitely a cutie….real sweet to unless you get on his bad side. I saw him take down a dude three times his size back at the Body Shop and he did it in seconds. Last I heard the biker he nailed was sent to the ER that night with a shattered nose, two broken ribs, four cracked ones, a broken wrist and a smashed hand." Tina stated.

"My god." Kim gasped. "What did the biker do to make Clint so angry?" She asked in slight awe.

Tina shrugged. "He got fresh with one of the dancers, she yelled at him and the dude smacked her…..a minute later the guy was beaten and on the floor with Clint standing over him cracking his knuckles." Tina smiled. "Clint is a bit rough around the edges at times but he's the sweetest guy I've ever seen as a bouncer. He personally sees to it that all the girls are happy and healthy and no one dares mess with one of us if he's around, he may not look it but I've seen him lift a 500 ilbs man and toss him out the door like a sack of potatoes."

"He's that strong!" Kim squeaked.

"Oh yeah…and if Eddie is in here again tonight you'll see what I mean. As long as Stony is around we have nothing to worry about." Tina said fondly.

Kim nodded and smirked at her friend….she was the only girl there that knew her secrets. "Sounds like you have a crush on him."

Tina laughed. "What girl in their right mind wouldn't. He's got a body to die for, can kick major ass and around us girls is the kindest guy you'll ever meet." She stopped for a second and a slightly sad look crossed her features. "The only problem is that so long as it's just friendly he's fine….you try to get closer to him and he shuts you out. He's nice about it and all but he always seems kind of sad and lonely for some reason. One of my old friends tried dating him for a while but when she wanted to take things further he told her to find someone better for her and then he just vanished."

"Sounds like he's afraid of commitment." Kim suggested.

"I don't think that's the problem. He keeps to himself and never opens up to anyone." Tina explained. "I spent six months working with him at the Body Shop and what I just told you was the extent of what he let anyone know about him."

"But if Clint is such a great guy then why doesn't he open up to anyone….he's not gay is he?" Kim asked.

Tina arched an eyebrow. "Girl that man is anything but. I just think that something bad happened to him in the past or something or the like and he just keeps himself shut off to avoid anymore pain….kind of like what happened to you and him." Tina said pointing to the picture of Ron.

Kim gave a nod as tears once again stung at her eyes. It wasn't anything to see her cry at the mention of his name or his thoughts. For that matter Kim cried over him nearly every day. She blamed herself for what happened and missed him more and more each day. She didn't even know if he was alive anymore…..all her searches had turned up with nothing….not even Wade could find him. The last place he had been known to live was New York and that was three years ago….she had gone to look for him but he had long since moved on leaving nothing behind except some of his old clothes, which Kim now used to sleep in.

"Alright ladies." Ron said to the dancers as he entered the room. "Showtime is in ten so make sure you got everything set up."

"Thanks stony!" The ladies chimed.

Ron just gave a curt nod, crossed his arms and stood by the entrance way with his usual stoic look.

"Loosen up a bit Clint….your face is gonna freeze like that if you do that for to long." Tina chuckled.

Ron let a small smile creep across his lips. "Sorry Tina…just doing my job."

"Oh don't worry about it to much." Tina replied. "We don't get half as many freaks in here as we did in San Diego. "

"I guess that means I'll be rather board then." Ron commented.

"I doubt it." Kim piped in. "Unless looking at nude or scantly clad women makes you board." She stated.

"Looking at attractive women isn't a part of my job Ms Patterson, protecting them is." Ron said.

"I'm flattered….usually the other bouncers just stare at us." Kim said and the other girls nodded. "You can call me Korey though….I'm not much for formalities."

Ron nodded. "Well….Korey….I plan on fixing that little problem. It's bad enough that the patrons all stare at you ladies like pieces of meat I'm not going to put up with that sort of shit from the other bouncers." Ron said.

Ron then checked his watch and signaled for the first girl, a dancer going by the name Teaser, to start the night off. He followed her out and took a spot next to Mark the bartender so he could keep an eye on the patrons.

"How goes your first night on the job, Clint?" Mark asked with his usual kind smile. His tone thick with Australian accent.

Ron shrugged. "You been in one of these joints you been in them all." Ron stated as he scanned the area for his targets, they weren't there. "So what's your story?"

Mark laughed a bit. "Me?" He asked. "I'm just an average guy who likes to tend a bar and listen to people's sob stories in hopes of helping the out." Mark then leaned in to whisper. "Paulie is one of me best mates and I know you're here on a job Clint…..if you need any info I'll help in any way that I can." Mark stated, he only knew Ron by his alias as Ron was considered top secret within GJ.

Ron nodded. "Do our friends come in here often?" Ron asked.

"Off and on mate, both are regulars but they never seem to show up in regular patterns if you catch me." Mark said while cleaning a glass.

As the night progressed Ron watched stoically as the drunken patrons howled and whistled at the beautiful young women dancing on stage. It had been a quiet night so far but Ron had noticed that one guy, a burly bald headed man was a bit more rowdy than the others.

It was getting close to midnight which meant that the club would be closing in about and hour or so. Ron was looking forward to getting some sleep; it had been a long damn day.

Korey Patterson soon made her way out onto the stage and began her dance, she did a cheerleader routine. Ron stiffened a bit, she looked so much like Kim it was frightening. For the first time that night Ron found himself focusing more on a dancer than the patrons he was supposed to be watching.

"I tell you Clint; the things that Ms Patterson can do on that stage….makes you wonder why no man ever gave her a second thought." Mark said with a small yet sad smile.

Ron remained silent but looked at the bartender and arched his eyebrow from behind his mirror tinted shades.

"The poor girl." Mark sighed. "She's lost everything, comes from a broken home, her mother's a drunkard and she has to do this just so she can pay for a place to live and food to eat. She said she is going to try to go to college but not until she can get her life under control."

"Uh-oh…." One of the other bouncers, Tony, muttered. "Looks like Eddie is going to start up again."

"We'll see about that." Ron growled.

"Hold up Clint." Tony said worriedly. "Eddie is an ex-SEAL….NAVY boy, he was discharged for being to violent, he's already put five of us in the hospital this month."

"HEY!" Kim shrieked. "GET OFF ME!" She yelled as the bald headed man grabbed a hold of her.

Ron starts walking towards the scene as the other dancers gather from behind the stage to see what was going on. "HEY ASSHOLE!" Ron growled. "You got to the count of three to let the lady go!"

"Eat this shithead!" Eddie snarled and threw a small dagger at Ron.

There were several screams as Ron thrust up his hand and caught the sharp dagger by the blade, it cut into the calloused skin on his hand and blood could be seen seeping from it.

"Three." Ron snarled and dropped the blade.

Eddie shoved Kim down harshly onto the stage and went for Ron. He threw a punch that got blocked and then thrust his knee into Ron's groin. Ron remained stoic and Eddie blanched.

"Shit! You friggin nerve dead or somthin?" He asked in a bit of shock.

Ron's only answer was a harsh right hook to the jaw sending the large man to the floor in one hit. "Get up scumbag." Ron growled. "NOW!"

Eddie got up to his feet weakly, he'd never been nailed by someone that strong before and was a bit dazed.

Ron grabbed him by his leather coat with one hand and lifted the large man off the floor. Eddie's eyes grew wide with fear while Kim just looked on in shock at her rescuer. "So you like to pick on women...Well I like to beat up pricks like you...thanks for making my night!"

Ron then backhanded the man a couple of times hard enough to send teeth flying before he dragged him to the door and literately threw him out of the club like a sack of garbage. Ron turned around and cracked his neck. "Anymore takers?" He asked with a growl and every patron in the club sat quietly and nervously as Ron walked towards Kim who was still in a bit of shock.

Ron took off his leather jacket and put it around her shoulders to give her some modesty. "Are you alright Ms. Patterson?" Ron asked his tone soft and gentle once again.

Kim flushed slightly. "Y..yeah, thanks….that creep has been messing with us for a while now." She said pulling the warm leather jacket across her bare chest; they only danced topless in this place because alcohol was served.

"Well if the prick has enough guts to come back and try again I'll give him a one way ticket to Middleton Memorial." Ron said.

Kim looked at the man, he looked and sounded so much like Ron it was creepy. But this guy was one hell of a fighter while Ron, last she knew was only a novice at best. She noticed the blood seeping from the wound on his hand and felt bad as she was the cause.

Kim ripped off a chunk of her dance costume and grabbed Ron's hand and wrapped the cloth around it. "I'm so sorry you got hurt." She said while wrapping his hand.

"It's no big, Korey, I've had much worse." Ron said unfazed.

"You know… kind of remind me of a friend I had a long time ago." Kim muttered with sadness in her voice.

"Same here." Ron said. "Life's fucked up like that."

"True." Kim commented. "It's also very cruel sometimes that way."

Ron shrugged. "Life is what you make of it, best to do what you can while you can."

Kim let out a sad sigh as she got off the stage so another dancer could take over. "Where was that advice when I needed it six years ago?" She muttered sounding a bit choked up.

Ron's eyebrow twitched but he remained otherwise calm. "Who knows...the best thing you can do for yourself is learn from your mistakes and correct them. No one is ever truly lost in this world...they sometimes just forget their way." He stated as he remembered his lessons with Master Sensei.

"I take it your not from around here?" Kim asked with her eyes narrowed slightly.

"I just moved here a couple of days ago. Got tired of the larger cities and decided to try living in a smaller one for a change." Ron stated.

Kim gives a slight nod. "I used to live in Upperton but I moved here to get a fresh start. I live about six blocks from here in the Trinity Apartments, not the greatest place in the world but better than what I came from."

"Sounds like we're neighbors of a sort then, I just moved in there myself." Ron said with a shrug. "Why don't you go get changed, closing time is in about thirty minutes and if you'd like I can give you a ride home." Ron said.

Kim smiled at him, Tina was right he really was a nice guy. "Thanks Clint….I hate walking home this late by myself."

Ron nodded and watched her walk off, now he was beyond a doubt sure that Korey was really Kim. Ron walked back to the bar lost in thought, why was Kim here and under an alias….unless she was the other agent he was told about. He would have to chew Betty and Will out later….for now he had two missions to see to….the one for GJ and keeping Kim from getting in over her head.

"What's wrong mate?" Mark asked. "You seem a bit distant."

"Just got a lot of shit on my mind is all bud….nothing to worry about." Ron said with a sigh.

"I noticed Ms Patterson seems to like you Stony, I haven't seen her smile like that since she started a few nights ago." Mark commented.

"Yeah well, she reminds me of a friend I once had….time and circumstances did their thing and I'm sure you can guess the rest." Ron stated not showing what he was feeling at the moment.

"I see." Mark said with a sad nod. "You fell in love with her but the feelings weren't returned huh?"

"Ron shrugged. "Yeah….shit happens….you learn to live with it."

Mark nodded. "Same story with her, she had a real good friend once too, they had a falling out and it hurt her real bad….she said he just disappeared."

Ron gave a slight smirk. "Small world isn't it…..she'll get over it."

"With her, I doubt it, I have a funny feeling that she's still holding on to it, she never talks about it, preferring to just go silent whenever someone mentions his name." Mark stated.

Ron arched his brow. "What's the dude's name, maybe I could talk some sense into him?" He asked curiously.

Mark sighed. "I only heard his name once…it was Ron…..shit….the last name started with an S….Stoppable or something like that….not to sure though." Mark said trying to recall. "If you want more info just ask Tina, she's Korey's confident."

Ron gave a nod. "Thanks for the info buddy, I think I know who the guy is."

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