Chapter 13: The Calm Before the Storm

The four sat around Ginny's room, watching as the last of the letters disappeared. Ginny yawned, which was quickly followed by one from Ron and a groan from Hermione. Harry smiled at them before he went to lie on Ginny's bed, snuggling up to her.

"I know I said we should begin immediately, but I think we should just relax for the rest of the night. I mean, it's almost over anyways, so we should just not worry about training or anything until tomorrow. And hopefully we'll begin to have answers from the letters." Harry said, nuzzling Gin's neck until she giggled.

"Ok you two, none of that now. It's just gross." Ron said, shielding his eyes. Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled at the two.

"Don't listen to him, it's cute. Anyway I was wondering, how is everyone on their homework? I know you two have probably surpassed it, but I don't want to begin anything until everything else is done." She said, looking over at Ron. He skulked at her, not liking to be singled out.

"My homework is fine 'Mione. I mean, I had nothing else to do while these two were off in a different realm. Jeez." Ron said, crossing his arms. The three starred at him, waiting to see if he would realize he sounded like a four year old. Ron huffed at them and got up, leaving the room with a slammed door. Harry winced at the sound, not liking that his mate was upset.

"I'm going to go talk to him. Let you girls have a little time alone." Harry said, getting off the bed to head out. He made sure to plant a kiss on Gin's forehead before he left the room, running to catch up with the hot head.

"Man, you would think you had asked him if he had had sex yet! What a drama queen." Ginny said, rolling so that she was staring up at the ceiling. Hermione's eyes widened at Ginny's comment, looking at the door before she moved over to Gin's bed.

"So, with you being in the other realm for years, and engaged, you and Harry have…you know?" Hermione whispered, afraid of being over head. Gin rolled to look at her friend, seeing the deep blush that covered her face. She waved her hand, locking and silencing the room. No need to let one of the boys get in, or worse, her mother.

"Yes 'Mione, we have, a lot. I can see that brain swirling. Go ahead, ask me whatever you want. Well, I won't promise to answer all your questions, especially if they pertain specifically to Harry's anatomy." Ginny said, moving up until she was sitting Indian style against her pillows.

Hermione licked her lips, her mouth suddenly bone dry. Did she really want to know? It wasn't like she would be having sex anytime soon. Especially when Ron hadn't even asked her out yet, but she was so curious.

"Did it hurt, you know, you're first time? I mean, that's what all the books I've read have said. Not that I've read a lot of books on sex. What I mean is…" Hermione trailed off, her face in flames. Ginny grinned at her friend and rubbed her arm.

"It's okay 'Mione. I was so nervous. But I was also teasing him, which led to our first time. I wouldn't say it hurt so much as it was uncomfortable. But Harry, who had studied, was able to make the discomfort ease and made it brilliant. I swear I am so glad he had that book. I can't even imagine what it would have been like without it." Ginny said, slightly shuddering at what could have been an embarrassing and painful night.

"A book…which book? Nothing I've read has said anything about making it pain free. Do you think I could borrow it, you know, to research." Hermione said, trying to stop her entire body from going up in flames of mortification. Ginny chuckled at her and walked over to a trunk, crouching to rummage through it.

"The only problem with that, as I discovered, is that the book altars itself to who is reading it and who they intend to act upon. Harry found it in this little run down book store in the Elvin realm, and I swear some of the teachers knew about it because they would not stop smirking at us. Anyway, this is going to enlighten you about…eww…my brother." Ginny said, her nose scrunching up at the thought. Hermione gave a strained laugh and opened the book, a picture of a very naked Ron looking at her with bedroom eyes.

"OH MY! Um, I think it would be better to read this in private. Yea, I'm just going to stash this for later." Hermione said, completely embarrassed at the thought of Ginny knowing what she saw. Before she hid it in her trunk, she couldn't help herself and looked at the front picture again. Ron stared at her, a look of complete and utter lust on his face while he slowly ran his hand down his body.

Ginny laughed when she heard a small eep, and Hermione shut the book with a puff. She knew what 'Mione would have seen, although, thankfully, Ginny had only every seen Harry.

"Come on, we don't want to leave the boys by themselves for long. Hey, you know, you could transfigure the book to look like something else and study downstairs. Or you can start studying for the DA, although I'm sure you know a lot of what we're going to be teaching. OH wait! We have an entire library of books that you can read. I forgot about those. They're in this trunk. Just tap it with your wand and it will open. The books are so small, but they will expand once you take them out of the trunk, and vice-versa." Ginny said, motioning to another trunk.

"I'll be downstairs. They're probably playing chess and I think mum and dad are going to be late, so I'm going to fix some super." Ginny said, waving before she sauntered out of the room.

Hermione bit her lip, conflicted about what she should do. She really wanted to read about how to please Ron, but the other books were singing her name. And besides, she wouldn't need to know the first until he actually asked her out. Whenever that would happen.

With her mind made up, Hermione went to the trunk and lifted the lid, almost chocking at the amount of tiny books. There were what had to be hundreds, and they looked like they were stacked on top of each other. Hermione felt a flutter near her heart as she grabbed the first book, almost overcome with pleasure at the sight of so many books. She sighed before she lowered the trunk and made her way downstairs, lightly stroking the book cover as she went.

She found that Ron and Harry were, in fact, playing chess. It was almost funny, the look of concentration on Ron's face. She could tell that this time, Harry was actually making the game difficult. She could smell something tantalizing coming from the kitchen and settled into the love seat, snuggled up with her new book.

Soon plates of what looked like meat pie were streaming in, hovering in the air in front of each person. Ginny came through the kitchen door, carrying her own plate. She settled down on the couch, content.

"Thanks Gin. Looks good." Ron said, grabbing his plate and abandoning the game. Nothing came between Ron Weasley and food! Harry chuckled at his friend before he grabbed his plate and sat on the floor in front of Gin, leaning back against the couch. He smiled up at her, earning him a kiss. The four situated themselves around the room, each devouring the meal while they talked about what their plans were.

Harry sighed contentedly as he listened to his friends…his family. That is what they were to him, family. They could be talking about the weather and he would be happy to just be around them. He reached back and tugged until Ginny slid her hand into his, holding onto his foundation. It still amazed him that he could gain these people's friendships, and no matter what happened, they stuck with him.

Ginny smiled down at Harry before she jumped back into the conversation, just happy to be home and with the ones she loved.

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