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Chapter 1: Escape from the Thunder Country

The battle could be heard from below as a Jounin ranked ninja helped the princess change.

"We must hurry Nyoko-sama!" He said with haste.

"I'm afraid…" The girl said, putting on a Chunnin vest.

"Don't worry. I will protect you will my life."

Nyoko sighed deeply and tied up her silky black hair in a high ponytail. Her fringe fell upon her forehead, just above her light purple eyes.

"Am I well disguised?" She asked, looking up at her long time friend.

"Yes, be sure to leave that mask on so your identity is hidden. But no ninja can go without this." The boy took of his forehead protector and tied it around the girls head. "A present." He smiled.

The girl's eyes became teary as she embraced him in a tight hug. "Thank you, Hikaru-kun."

Hikaru did not want to let go, but he knew the rebellion would soon arrive. "We must hurry and get you out of here."

Nyoko nodded and pulled a mask over her face (like Kakashi's). She took one last look at her bedroom before jumping out the window with Hikaru. The two of them leapt into a forest of trees and fighters, jumping from branch to branch. It was difficult to dodge the many attacks being thrown through the air, as there were ninjas everywhere.

Hikaru looked back every so often to make sure Nyoko was keeping up. For a Princess, she made a very good ninja. She smiled having noticed this after a while.

"It's ok Hikaru-kun, I can keep up."

He smiled back and turned his attention back onto their path. Just in to see a former front line guard drop from a higher branch.

"Where do you think you are going, Nyoko-sama?" He said in a cold voice.

"No! Sasashi is rebelling too." Nyoko thought.

"Now Princess, make this simple and come with me now."

Hikaru jumped in front on Nyoko, arms spread his arms out protectively. "I will now allow you to lay a finger on the Princess!"

"Who is going to stop me, you? Don't make me laugh!"

"You were a great ninja Sasashi-dono, please do not do this!" Nyoko pled.

"You are not fit to rule this country you little brat!" Sasashi growled, throwing a shuriken at Nyoko.

Hikaru reflected it skillfully with a kunai, and then turned his head slightly.

"Princess, please flee while I distract this guy." Hikaru whispered.

"But Hikaru-kun…" Nyoko said in a soft voice, tears beginning to form in her eyes again.

"I promise that I will catch up to you later." He said with a very sweet touch in his voice. He kissed her just under the forehead protector and smiled.

Nyoko sniffed back a tear and watched Hikaru launch himself at Sasashi. She waited a little while until they were both deep in battle before taking off to the right. She leapt through the trees with great speed and looked back from time to time, waiting for Hikaru to catch up. Constantly looking back, she could often hear the cries of those fighting against highly trained ninjutsu ninjas.

She closed her eyes and tears fell to the ground. But with her eyes closed, Nyoko did not see the oncoming tree and ran into it.

She fell back onto a branch, very dazed. Slipping in and out of consciousness, Nyoko tried to pick her self up and collapsed against the tree trunk. She touched her forehead and felt a light dent in the forehead protector, and found a small tickle of blood coming from under it. Using the trunk for support, Nyoko forced herself up and looked around. The trees around her seemed to be spinning and her head was aching. She took a deep breathe and took a step, but the impact against the tree had been hard because of the speed she was going at. She tried to stay awake but failed, collapsing into someone's shadow.

"Nyoko-sama," a voiced called in the distance.

Nyoko opened her eyes slowly and shook her head. At first things were blurred but Hikaru's shape began to form. Her head was resting on his lap as he kneeled on the tree branch.

"Hikaru-kun?" She muttered.

Hikaru smiled. Nyoko wrapped her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder, too happy for words.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly.

Nyoko did not let go, but cried hard into Hikaru's shoulder while nodding her head. Hikaru's mouth formed a gentle smile that slowly took shape of a much more sinister one. He took a kunai from his pouch then raised it high before landing his strike. Nyoko's eyes widened in horror as she watched Hikaru put his hand back, holding a kunai covered in her own blood.

She coughed a few splatters of blood onto his chest then backed away quickly until hitting the tree. Hikaru stood up still with the evil smirk and he laughed.

"Hi..Hikaru-kun?" Nyoko whimpered, still enduring the pain.

"You are lucky aren't you Nyoko-sama? I only just missed a vital spot, I had planned to kill you with that attack." He said.

"You are not Hikaru-kun! Who are you?"

The man continued to laugh, before a puff of smoke appeared and Sasashi stood in front of Nyoko. She gasped in horror then slowly stood up, a cold drizzle of blood running down her back.

"Where is he?" She stammered.

"If by that you mean Hikaru," Sasashi smiled. "Where do you think? I killed him of course."

Nyoko's eyes widened and she shook her head. Fresh tears fell down her face and dropped onto the tree trunk, near the small puddle of blood now forming.

"He was always a fool,." Sasashi laughed. "It was so simple to kill him too, I am surprised he ever got Jounin. Defeated by a simple bunshin technique. I pity the poor soul that gave him his rank

"You monster!!" Nyoko shouted rushing towards Sasashi with a kunai in her right hand. Sasashi laughed and dodged several blows that Nyoko tried her hardest to swing at him. Sadly by now her body was very weak, and even though she had abilities as high as a Chuunin, she was unable to land a single hit.

Sasashi grabbed Nyoko's right hand with his left and her left with his right. He held her back and gave an evil sneer. "Clearly you are not fit to be a shinobi or a princess."

"I shall never forgive you!" Nyoko spat. "Hikaru-kun was the closest thing I've ever had to a friend! He was the only one that still believed in me! And you took him away from me!" She put more strength into her hands, even focusing charka into them. This caused Sasashi to take several steps back on the branch.

"He was simply a fool! Everyone in the country knows that you were never fit to be the heir! By simply misfortune were you ever born to that idiot Damaiyo! Everyone in the country knew you could never rule!"

"That is not true!" Nyoko cried.

Sasashi let out a howl of laughed and forced Nyoko back into the tree trunk. She let out a whimper and several more splatters of blood dripped out of her mouth, staining the mask.

"Now, on behalf of the country of Thunder, it will be my honour to rid us of you once and for all." Sasashi smirked. He held a kunai to her throat and smiled broadly. "Your time has come, Nyoko-sama."

Nyoko's POV

The kunai neared my throat and was now mere inches from killing me. I watched the blade and saw it shine in the light. With all the battling going on, I had forgotten that it was still early morning, it could not be long after 9 in the morning by now.

Sasashi's smile scared me, I use to love seeing him smile, and he treated me so well. I use to look up to him as a second father. He was such a great man, that must be why father appointed him Jounin, and to lead so many missions as well.

This couldn't be happening. I could not possibly meet my end here could I? I wanted to show the country that I could be their leader and show all other countries our strength. But at the same time, I wanted to show them that I could also be a strong shinobi. I knew a fair amount of ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu because I often watched other ninjas train. I use to go watch them as father made rounds from time to time.

There was still so much I wanted to do, there were so many places I wanted to visit. I have heard of a small village in the Country of Fire that is very close to here. Many legends have been born there, and I wanted to see some of them for myself. It is said 12 years ago a great beast, the Kyuubi raided that village and their Hokage sacrificed his life for the village. I also heard from father the monster was sealed into a baby then, though I am not sure if that was just another one of father's tall tales. I guess I'll soon find out. I shall see him soon, and ask him.

My eyes lay again on the kunai now so close to my throat that I couldn't even see the blade under my chin.

It was my time.



I will be joining you soon.

I am sorry I could not lead the country the way you wanted me to.


I looked up to see Sasashi's eyes go white and a trickle of blood drip from his mouth. My eyes went wide and I watched his body fall to the side.

Further along the branch, arm raised having just attacked, I saw Hikaru-kun.

Normal POV

Hikaru stood there, his arm was outstretched because he had thrown several kunai into Sasashi's vital organs, each kunai was charged with just that little bit of charka. He saw Nyoko kneeling now against the trunk, tears again flowing down her soft cheeks. He slowly staggered over to her, collapsing half way. Nyoko cried and ran up to him, catching him before he fell. She lay his head on her lap and smiled. She then yanked off her mask, breathing was easier, and she began to choke softly on her own tears.

"You were always quick to tears, Nyoko-sama." He whispered.

"Sh," She said. "It'll all be alright now."

Hikaru smiled back and shook his head. He caressed his hand against Nyoko's cheek and wiped away the tears.

"I don't like to see you cry. I do not wish for my final thought to be of you sad."

Nyoko bit her lip and shook her head harder, "Please do not speak like that! We will create many happy memories after this, we will be together!"

"I wish it could be that way, but it cannot. It is unknown to even me how I made it this far."

"Hikaru-kun. Please…I don't want to let you go."

"I will be with you, always. Maybe not physically, but just always remember me. You yourself must move on and find yourself someone that will be with you."

"No! I only want to be with you! Please!"

"Please Nyoko-chan, flee before more come."

Nyoko froze and held Hikaru's hand to her face, this was the first time he had addressed her as a close friend, and not a princess.


"There is a village to the north of here, go there and take shelter. There will be people there that can take care of you, I am sure."

"Please, don't…"

"Remember what I told you last night on the roof."

"That star,"

"Yes, just remember that star."

"Hikaru-kun please, I don't want you to go…" Nyoko cried again.

"Nyoko-chan, I love you." He whispered.

Nyoko bent in and kissed him on the lips, tears rolling onto his face when they fell off her chin. She could feel him kissing back, but after a little while he stopped. She pulled back and realized the horrible truth. Laying the brave ninja's hand on his chest, she stood up and silently said good bye.

She stared down at her friends' now lifeless body; she could not leave him here. Nyoko sadly picked up the body of the man that she loved and threw his arm over her shoulder then leapt towards the north. She had to find that village.

Every few minutes, she looked hopefully at Hikaru, thinking that he had moved, but sadly turned away. That was not possible. He was dead.

It had to have been several hours, and Nyoko's body did not want to keep going. She was injured and tied but her mind was still strong. It was still early afternoon, so the sun was now blazing on her side. Though there was one thing that kept her going, a mountain. The mountain had become bigger and bigger every passing minute. That was where she was headed.

Finally, Nyoko landed at the end of the forest and staggered towards a gate. Her body was going to die on her, between her wounds, the heat and carrying Hikaru, there was no way it could hold out much longer. A small smile creaked onto the princess's face however, when she heard voices coming from beyond the gate. The mountain showed four faces carved into it. She heard a few of the voices gasp and shout as she neared closer and closer to the gate. The smile grew wide as she fell into darkness. At long last, she had reached it. The legendary village in the Country of Fire. At long last, she arrived.


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