OK, I've had major writers block. Also, my stepsister is always over my house now because she's going through some home issues. Sorry if this sucks, I have no idea where to go with this story. So, I'm sorry, but I'm ending it. It's going to be really short. I didn't know where to go. If any of you have any ideas for any other stories, let me know.

Head Over Feet

(Sequel to Love Ridden)

Chapter 10


A few weeks later...

Emma and Jay went back to New York to pack up all of Emma and Kay's things. Emma had decided moving back to Toronto would be the best. Her boss helped her transfer to another branch. Sean and Manny moved out and are staying in a small house that they are renting.

Manny has taken over Emma and Jay's wedding. She is planning everything for their small, family wedding. They're planing on getting married on Christmas Eve.

Kaydence loves having her parents together. She's hinting for a little sister or brother.

Title by: The Veronicas