Inspired by the song "Baby It's Cold Outside"—Ella Fitzgerald

Knock, Knock

Harm turns down the stereo and walks towards the front door, looking in the peephole only to see a woman knowingly smiling at him through the glass hole. Harm opens the door and steps aside so she can glide ever so gracefully into the room—brightening it with her very presence. She turns on her heel and smiles asking

"I haven't interrupted anything have I."

"No, I was just sautéing some dried tomatoes in olive oil for my chicken pasta. Would you like to join me?"

She saunters towards the sizzling pan taking in the wonderful aroma that was wafting around the kitchen.

"There's plenty there…"

"Sure I'd love to Harm, it smells wonderful. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Well, you can get the pasta out and start boiling the water, while I finish the sauce."

Harm goes to the fridge to get the thawed chicken, slicing it, and tossing it in with the tomatoes. As he turns to get another pan for the sauce they bump into each other "Sorry they both say simultaneously, giggling to hide the attraction they both felt towards one another. Several minutes go by when the water begins to boil and the noodles are tossed in. As Harm stirs the sauce to keep it from burning to the pan, she walks towards the table carrying plates and utensils. As she comes back for napkins and glasses they bump into each other again replaying the awkwardness of the first collision.

"All right, the sauce looks ready to go! Let's eat!"

They both sit down at the small glass table. A gentleman as always, Harm reaches for her plate and fills it with a nice healthy portion of pasta grinning widely as he set it down before her.

"Oh my…this tastes exquisite Harm! I want the recipe!"

"Why so you can burn it?"

"I don't burn food…well not everything that is."

"Oh that's right the microwave burns it for you!"

"I'll cook this whenever you come over rather than barring witness to the destruction of this culinary masterpiece."

"Deal, but don't get to arrogant there flyboy…'culinary masterpiece'?"

The evening continued on in quiet companionship. The silent conversation waned on till the last bite

"That was delicious Harm. Thank you very much"

"No trouble at all. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Harm got up from the table grabbing the dishes when she jumped up from the table taking the dishes back.

"I'll get it Harm, you cooked I can clean up."

She stated sauntering back to the sink the rinse of the dishes.

"What do you want me to do with the leftovers?"

"Put them into a Tupperware container, you can take them home with you. Just leave it in the fridge for now."

Harm said heading back to the stereo turning it up and walking towards the window.

"It's really snowing hard out there. You should wait a little bit to see if the storm lets up a bit."

She turned to him and smiled as she finished up the dishes.

"All done." She said drying her hands and closing the dishwasher starting it, leaving a dull hum in the room, barely noticeable between the music and the romantic gazes "unknowingly" being cast across the room.

She walked towards Harm, still standing at the window.

"It really is snowing hard out there."

"Guess this means you've gotta stay."

"Just for awhile but then I really ought to get going."

"Say what brought you to this part of town? Not that you really need a reason, just curious."
"Oh thanks for reminding me. I came to drop this off."

She said reaching into her purse pulling out an envelope.

"You left work before I had a chance to give this to you. It was accidentally put in my mailbox. I think it's a Christmas card from your mom."

"Thanks." Harm said grabbing the envelope.

"Why would she be mailing it to work Harm?"

"Just easier that way, she's never sure when I'm going to be home and would rather it go to work."


"This isn't addressed to me though, it's for you."

"Huh, the envelope had your name on it."

"And yours."
He pointed the c/o below his name.

"I guess I didn't notice it, I just saw your name and Trish's. But why would she send me anything?"

"Open it and find out."

Harm hands her the card back and she slices open the top with her fingernail tugging gently at the card sliding it out of the envelope.