Looking After Their Own

By: Asellas

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Rated for rough language and violence later on.

One of the many ShinRa helicopters set down ever so gently onto the helipad at the ShinRa headquarters in Midgar. Blue-white streaks of lightning lit the storm-darkened sky, followed by claps of thunder so loud and violent they seemed to shake the whole city itself. Only one person, clad in a heavy black trench coat with a black umbrella, was present for the landing. A side door was slid open and only one person emerged, wearing a pristine navy suit. He limped along, aided by a black cane, and stopped before the man with the umbrella. He shook his head silently, the sunglasses obscuring his eyes. The man with the umbrella nodded solemnly before turning to the monolith of ShinRa headquarters.

Reno made his way to his desk grumbling, complaining about the weather, the lack of caffeine in the cafeteria, and just about anything else he could think of. He tossed his raincoat onto the coat rack that he never knew was in there till today and fell onto his swivel chair.

"I fucking hate coming into work on stormy days," he whined. Rude merely grunted in reply. "The rain always makes me sleepy," he continued, this time Rude made no sound whatsoever but the scratching of his pen on his paper. Reno sighed and pulled a jar of sharpened pencils from the edge of his desk closer to him, and then began his usual game of seeing how many he could get stuck in the ceiling.

Before he could get three in, Rude closed his folder and walked over to stand before Reno's desk, holding the folder out to him.

"Take that to Tseng for me, I've got too much other paperwork to take it myself right now," he asked.

"Ch, I aint no fucking errand-boy yo," Reno told him, but Rude didn't budge or say anything, just kept standing there holding out the folder. Reno glared at him, but he knew the bigger man would not move, so he snatched it out of his hand, swirling out of his chair and stalking out of the office. On his way to Tseng's office, he plotted at what he could do get revenge on his long-time partner. Maybe he could slip something into his coffee this time…

Tseng's office was dark and silent, the usual signs of Tseng having not come in yet. Reno scratched his head and looked at the clock on the wall. It was ten-thirty. Tseng was never this late to work. Not even on those nights where all the Turks went out and drank themselves into unconsciousness and most of them didn't trudge on into the office till after noon half-sick with hangovers. He slid the folder under the door and headed back to Rude's and his office, wondering if he should stop by Hojo's lab to see what mischief and mayhem he could cause today…

It was half an hour to lunch when Elena politely knocked on their office door and came in, a bundle of folders clutched to her chest as was most common in the offices, looking decidedly worried.

"What is it 'Laney," asked Reno, who was now up to ten pencils stuck in the ceiling. Rude looked up, carefully setting his pen beside his half-done paperwork.

"Have either of you seen Tseng this morning," she asked, shifting from foot to foot nervously.

"Mmm, Nope. Wasn't there when I last had to give him papers from Rude," Reno told her, taking himself away from his game for the time being. Rude also shook his head silently.

"Something's wrong," She thought out loud. "Tseng is never late to work, much less calls in sick or just takes the day off. I'm worried."

"You're always worried about Tseng or something, or mooning over him or something sappy like that," Reno muttered and Elena glared daggers at him. She spun on her heel and slammed the door shut behind her. She practically marched down the hall, her cheeks slightly red, toward Tseng's office. Maybe he was back by now… Nope, the door was still closed and the lights out. She sighed, and turned to go back to her office when she saw him, walking with his heavy trench-coat folded over one arm. She instantly put a smile on her face and hurried to him.

"Sir, I have reports from-" He held up a hand and she stopped in her tracks.

"Get Reno and Rude and tell them I want all of you in my office, pronto." He swept on past her, graceful as ever. She sighed after him before she ran back to Reno and Rude's office fast as she could.

Ten minutes after Tseng had ordered all of the Turks into his office (more than half of that time was spent chasing Reno down) the three stood before Tseng, who was sitting serenely behind his desk. Once he deemed it was time to begin (which means before Reno's short attention span kicked in and had him trying to escape), he turned to the waiting Turks.

"The reason I have all of you here at this time is because we have an addition to our group," he began.

"Feh, I hate newbies," muttered Reno, which earned him a warning glare from Tseng.

"He's not a newbie, Reno. In fact, he's been on the Turks Roster longer than I have."

"Yeah yeah, big deal. Where the fuck has he been all this time then," asked Reno as he folded his arms over his chest, this half-bored, half-pouting look on his face.

"Right now, that information-" Tseng was cut off.

"Is classified."

The door shut with a small click, though no one had heard it open in the first place. He was about Rude's height, slim but not thin like Reno, with short silver-streaked black hair in a cut similar to Elena's. He removed his sunglasses and folded them neatly before putting them in his coat pocket to look at the three standing Turks with gold eyes that seemed to shine with the ever-present mako glow. His smile didn't reach those cold eyes.

He slowly made his way to one of the chairs in Tseng's office, a pronounced limp in his walk spoke of an injury yet healed or an old one than didn't heal properly. He leaned on a polished ebony cane worked with silver designs.

"So who the fuck are you," Reno asked, glaring at the man.

"Rucien," he replied, turning his cool gaze onto Reno, who shivered and looked away.

"I've been called back to headquarters since certain… circumstances deemed that my mission be cancelled or put on hold for the time being." They all lapsed into an eerie silence.

Reno began to fidget nervously, almost hopping from one foot to the other by now. He kept throwing glances to the door and his two partners, as if weighing the odds of him being able to reach the door before the other two Turks could tackle him. Obviously, the jump for the door won.

He was off in the blink of an eye, lunging for the door with all his strength and speed. Elena and Rude must have been expecting him to do so, for they reacted with lighten-fast reflexes. They grabbed at him, hoping to catch an arm or leg or his navy coat, but Reno determined not to get caught today. He slipped through their grasp with a practiced ease. In less than ten second or so, he was out the door and halfway down the hallway with Rude giving chase.

"I'm so sorry sir," Elena quickly apologized. "We'll go chase him down."

"Don't worry about it. We all knew it was a matter of time before he'd do it anyways. Just go get him under control and go back to work," Tseng replied, pulling a folder from the mountain that had accumulated over the past day or two. After a hasty "Yessir!", Elena was running off after Reno as well, still clutching her folders to her chest in a death grip.

Tseng was well used to the antics of the other Turks by now. He didn't so much as give any hint of surprise at what had happened. And strangely, neither did Rucien.

"I apologize for Reno's behavior. We're still working on him," Tseng told him, stoically setting about his daily ritual of paperwork.

"Quite alright," Rucien chuckled "Things have gotten quite a bit livelier since I've been gone."

"Oh, indeed they have… you wouldn't believe half of the crap Reno has gotten away with…"

"Have things become so slack in the Turks department? I thought we were supposed to be some kind of elite group… but I guess all that funding is going to Soldier now, huh?"

"Basically. It's only the four of us, five now counting you. But when it boils down to it, our whole department is still more intelligent than all of those Soldier idiots, Reno included."

They both laughed at the lame joke, then fell into silence. Tseng finished his first report then pulled out another. Apparently it was one of the few that Reno wrote; considering how everything was scribbled in at least twenty different colors of crayons complete with random doodles in the margins it could be no one else's but Reno's. Tseng sighed and began to try and decipher the chicken-scratch handwriting.

"So what all happened to bring you back, I haven't had time to get many of the details yet," he said, not looking up at Rucien from the report.

"Talla died." Tseng looked up, but before Rucien continued before he could say anything.

"The little village in the mountains had kept sending complaints about the mako reactor and a rise in monster populations. We were sent there with a few other soldiers to keep the place safe. ShinRa really couldn't afford to ignore the place, not only did they mine over fifty percent of the mythril that ShinRa uses by they also threatened to tear down the reactor if nothing was done. I never knew why Talla and I were chosen to be stationed there, but back then we never questioned our orders. Apparently there was leak in the reactor, and the usual monsters were feeding on the mako. The mutations were quite hellish, I was amazed that village had lived long enough for us to get there,"

"I've heard Hojo has been experimenting with the effects of what large amounts of mako does to different species," Tseng commented, then let Rucien continue.

"After we got there we fixed the reactor and killed off the worst of the monsters. Headquarters sent us orders to stay put for the time being, to make sure the reactor didn't begin to leak again, so we all stayed put. After so long, I guess they just forgot about us. No recall orders came, but they didn't forget us in the accounting offices. We still kept getting our paychecks though we were doing practically nothing."

"At least you were still getting paid," Tseng told him, grinning.

"I'm quite the rich man because of it now. There wasn't anything to spend money on back there, it was so boring." Rucien laughed.

"I can only imagine."

"Anyways," Rucien continued, "we sent in requests for orders to come back or be stationed somewhere else, but there either never made it here or were lost or overlooked. We were there for almost ten years. Everything seemed nice and dandy and we had no problems with the reactor after we fixed it that first time." He sighed and his eyes looked distant.

"Fine that is, till four days ago. Something attacked the village, none of us that lived got a good look at it. It killed off three of my five soldiers and around ten other villagers, though twenty others were missing and couldn't be found anywhere. Talla was the only one to live through its attack, but her wounds were so bad she couldn't stay conscious for more than a few minutes. I took the only truck in the village and made for Kalm, sending emergency signals on my radio to have a chopper waiting for me to get Talla back to HQ for medical treatment. When I got to Kalm they indeed did have a chopper waiting, but it was too late. Talla had died a few hours before getting there."

"I'm sorry to heard that she died," Tseng said. "We sent her down to the labs to see if we can tell what attacked her. Afterwards we will giver her a proper burial. Does she have any relatives that we need to notify?"

"No," Rucien shook his head. "She'd been alone for quite some time." Tseng nodded, and looked for a form in one of his drawers.

"Why don't you go on home for the day, get some rest? You've earned it, and I can bet you need it. Come back in tomorrow and we'll get the formal reports filed to the higher-ups."

"Thank you," Rucien said, bowing slightly before limping out. Tseng finally found the form he was looking for, a funeral arrangement form. Turks always looked after their own. Always.

Chapter 1: End.

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