1. Murderess

You killed Anakin.

"Have you come for revenge?" you whisper.

I look at the glassy walls, at the mosaic embedded in the floor, at the gossamer fine drapes on the delicate furniture.

At everything and anything but you.


But I give you the knife.

"Have you come to kill me?"

The puddle of light danced with the curtain...

"I have come for justice, Amidala," I whisper.

I look at you then.

Your eyes are dry but sane. The bitter red line that is your mouth is sharp. I can feel the slashes.

If I look hard, I can see where you bleed.

I killed him first. When I convinced you to send him away. We both did.

I give you the knife.

It passes through my ribs as easily as a needle through sand.

"You are lucky, Obi-Wan," you whisper, as I fall slowly to my knees.

"Death is too good for me."