This is a very short post. But with the holidays in full swing I am strapped for time and I do not want to rush the ending. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

Thanks for all for the reviews! As for the kiss in the morgue; okay, I will admit it was definitely the wrong place but I think it worked toward my desire to show Jordan was acting on a whim and obviously not thinking clearly. Hey, I can think of much more bizarre places to receive a peck on the cheek. Anyway, thanks again!


Why did I do that? Why did I have to kiss him? Jordan questioned herself as she escaped to the Women's locker room. I guess I can forget any chance of being friends now. He will probably be angry with me the next time I see him. Well, at least I can keep my promise to Garret and take the tomorrow off; there is no way I am going to come in on Christmas Day and set myself up for one of his tirades. Now, how much time do I have to kill before I can assume he has left?

By the time she left the locker room, there was no sign of Woody. She gathered her things and left for home. It was now 6:30 PM, Christmas Eve was in full swing. Hopefully, she could go home, take a long hot shower and curl up on the sofa with a Christmas film and cookie dough ice cream.

Woody didn't know what to think. He was surprised by the kiss, if you could call it that. It was so brief and light it was almost imperceptible. One thing hadn't changed though; Jordan was still the fastest thing on two feet. She ran out of there as if the building was on fire. He waited around for her, but after a reasonable amount of time, he assumed she didn't want to see him.

He had left the morgue in a daze. He now had more questions to deal with, the most obvious of which was …why?