Some more random goodness...

Were you one of those who looked twice or three times in horror at the words said by Paul in Twilight?


Here's an alternate answer...

'Are you sleeping with him?'

At first I was shocked. I mean . . . eww . . . nosy, much? Then, I allowed a guilty kind of look to pass over my face. I sniffed. 'My amazing sex life is none of your business, Paul.'

. . . That made him stop pretty suddenly. I guess he was expecting another answer.

He choked on his spit. 'W-WHAT? You're - but he's - you NECROPHILIAC, YOU!'

I laughed. 'Hahaha. Whatever. Well, remind me to get hot and heavy with more corpses Paul, because Jesse's a god in bed.'

Paul's eyes were popping out of his head. 'But - he - that's not - I'M BIGGER TH - '

I sighed. 'All ladies should have the sheer pleasure of Jesse at least once in their lifetime. Oh well. As soon as I get tired of his sheer greatness, I'll dump him of course. After all, it's only sex I want. Obviously.'

I turned away, and snuggled into the hay. 'Goodnight, Paul.'

He was too stunned to reply.