Here's another answer.

Love Lolly, poppin' the stupidity out like baby bunnies.

'Are you sleeping with him?'

I started coughing violently, before looking back at him, and in a high voice, demanding, ' - WHAT?'

His eyes were intense. 'Are you sleeping with de Silva?'

I started freaking. 'Uhhhhhh - '

Paul blinked. 'You're kidding me.'

'Well,' I babbled, 'You can't technically call it SLEEPING as such, I mean, Jesse's dead and all and therefore can't actually SLEEP so what we do doesn't even really involve all that much sleeping if you know what I mean, and plus it was just once and we were both drunk - how a ghost can get drunk, I don't know - and it was something that I'll never do again because WHO KNOW A GUYS GENITALS DISAPPEARED WHEN THEY DIED?'

Again, Paul blinked. 'My genitals are still here.'

Well, that was cool. 'Prove it.'