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Lily Evans stares lovingly at the two babies in front of her. She was finally a mother now and she was proud to be the bearer of two sons: Harry and Jerry Potter. Both were beautiful: Harry with his bright emerald eyes that he inherited from his mother and Jerry with his chocolate brown eyes that resembled his fathers.

It was worth it, even though now her body was extremely frail and sensitive to dark magic. The twins were obviously born with very strong magic to have consumed so much of her energy during the birth.

All of the sudden the door creaked open, and Lily raised her eyes to see her husband, James Potter, who had a heavy look on his face.

"Lily, I'm afraid I have bad news…"

Chapter 1

Harry James Potter stared sadly at the couple in front of him. The couple was obviously his parents: Lily and James Potter. His once bright emerald eyes had darkened over the seven years of his life, from both sadness and another influence unknown to him.

Ever since he was old enough talk, he found himself neglected and ignored by his parents. His father was rather awkward and cold to him, and his mother wouldn't even come close to him. They spent everyday playing with their favorite "Jerry", the chubby and clumsy brother he had, and seemed to never acknowledge his existence at all.

Even his god father, Sirius Black, almost never talked to him. The man had too much fun with his "favorite god son" Jerry, and failed to notice Harry existence. There several times a kind pale man who came to visit, and was always nice to Harry. Every time the man came he would always bring some kind of present for Harry, who treasured these few possessions with all his heart. But the man seemed to be too sickly to come often, and his trips to their house were rare. So little Harry was extremely lonely, and learned how to take care of himself at a young age. Harry, unlike his brother, was extremely bright and talented. He was by no means "cute" like his brother, but showed beauty and grace at a young age. He had fair complexion much like his mothers, along with his silky raven hair that would make a woman jealous. He had a slender build and was agile on his feet, and along with his dark emerald eyes he was sure to be a lady killer when he grew up. Yet Harry did not need none of that, what he really wanted was love from his family, but that was one thing he never got. As the little boy sadly sat in the corner, he was not aware of the emerald eyes that were filled with guilt and love gazed upon him.

Lily Potter was not a person to play favorites. When her own parents had favored her instead of her sister she was rather upset with them and felt sorry for her sibling. Yet she found herself doing the same thing, and she was filled with guilt.

That fateful day when the twins were born, she was informed of terrible news. A prophecy was made (by who they did not know but was confirmed true by Dumbledore), and Jerry was to be the boy who would defeat Voldermort. James had told her with a heavy heart that this was not the only bad news. Harry, according to Professor Dumbledore, was an element holder. This normally would be a good thing, for all element holders were talented wizards who were born with the ability to harness and manipulate the ancient force of the elements of magic. The element of darkness was a mystery to even the wise headmaster, except for the fact it held immense power. The old man was afraid Harry would be vulnerable of corruption of the dark arts, and Lily was not to even come close to Harry lest his dangerous powers affect her already frail health.

So she had managed to shower all her affection of Jerry, an adorable child who seemed exactly like James. In her mind she hoped Harry would understand, and she would be able to cuddle him after she got better.

It was Jerry's birthday today, and the Potter household was busy making decorations and preparing a celebration for the boy. Harry was the only one not affected by the cheery atmosphere the house seemed to hold. The forgotten Potter child sat glumly in the corner of the house. They had forgotten his birthday-again. They never remembered his birthday, they didn't seem to understand the simple fact that he was his brother's twin, and they were born on the same god damn day! As he shed a few secret tears in the corner, a dark shadow had appeared in front of the door way.

Lily had stopped to see who it was: and was shocked beyond comparison.

It was a pale man with black shoulder length hair, his crimson eyes oozed pure evil.

"No!" she cried, her voice filled with fear. "How did you-"

The man's gaze was calm and unnerving. "Did you really think you could hide forever? Give the boy girl!"

Ignoring the cries and pleas of Lily, the man grabbed Harry and a crying Jerry and threw them on the ground in front of him. "Now girl, tell me which one you want me to kill? The Harry boy or the Jerry brat?"

Lily was horrified. The man was disgusting, how, how could she ever-"No, don't kill them! Kill me instead, just spare them!"

The man snarled. "Foolish girl, I came here for the boys, not you! Now which one do you want me to kill?"

Before Lily could make another response, Harry calmly stepped forward, not even flinching from the man's gaze.

"Kill me."

To Lily's horror, those were the exact two words that come out of the raven haired boy.

The man raised one of his eyebrows: in all his years he never had seen such a child. A few years later the boy would prove to be a serious threat.

"Kill me" Harry repeated his voice cold and with a hint of bitterness. "Everybody would cry if Jerry died, so kill me. Wouldn't make much of difference if it was me…"Lily almost threw up when she heard those words. Had they really neglected him so much that his young mind was already so bitter? Guilt and regret filled her heart, but it was too late now.