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Chapter 3

He felt pain. Images rushed passed his mind, scattered pieces of his memories. Emotions, sadness, hate, anguish and scorn overwhelmed him, all these negative feelings killing him inside, but he didn't understand why.

He couldn't remember. Who was he?

He opened his eyes, long eye lashes fluttering. The sight of an incredibly beautiful face that he had no recollection of greeted him. But as a delightful sight as the face was, for some reason he felt fear. Some kind of irrational, an instinct, told him something was wrong with this man that stood in front of him.

Finally he spoke.

'Who…who are you?"

The man smiled, and he didn't like that particular smile. It seemed as if the man was saying "I know something you don't!"

"Call me…father." The man's musical voice carrying something akin to an amused tone as he bowed down in an exaggerated manner.

"Fa…father…?" As he mumbled out this word, he suddenly felt a particular warm feeling in his chest and the fear that was there a minute ago seemed suddenly to slip away.

"Yes, father."


Draco Malfoy was bored. He watched with disinterest as his element tutor tried to explain to him the various histories and uses of the talent he had been given at his birth.

It wasn't that it wasn't interesting; it was just that the tutor was telling him anything he did not already know. He was a genius. The prodigy of the Malfoy family, the best one in centuries. The first elemental born in generations, and the first with the ability and knowledge to apply element magic at the tender age of seven.

He snapped his finger, and a spark of fire came out, burning the parchment the teacher was reading. He was getting impatient and he wanted the man to know it.

The man stared at him with shock. He had been informed the child was a genius…but this...this was amazing!

Draco smirked at his teacher's stunned look, and jumped off the chair. He had the sudden urge to go outside, and play. He could tell the teacher lacked the ability in teaching him anything new anyways.

As the blonde haired child started running out of his room, he suddenly found himself bumping into a figure far bigger than him. He looked up and gulped in fear.

Standing before was his father, Luicus Malfoy, and he did not seemed pleased.

"Abandoning your studies again Draco? This is the third time this month! The heir to the great Malfoy family should be educated and refined, and not running around stupidly like some kind of…Weasley." He spat out the last word like poison."

A Weasley! Draco's eyes widened at the thought, for his father had once told Weasleys were the worst type of creatures next to the strange beings called Muggles or rather, Mudbloods.

"But father!" He whined in a cute yet spoiled kind of voice. "The tutors are never teaching me anything I haven't already read in the library!"

Lucius's face remained stern at his son's protest, but he was secretly pleased. His son was much brighter than any of his peers. It was guaranteed that he would be the successor of the Malfoy family, and not his cousins.

"That is no excuse to slack off." He continued, but Draco could tell his father was no longer angry at him. "Now go back to your room and practice your magic, and I shall find a more suitable tutor for you."

Grumbling in with his childish voice, Draco sulked as he slowly stomped back into his room.

Lucius smiled as he watched the retreating figure of his son. Now that Voldermort was gone and nobody else to fear, the Malfoy family was set to the path of power. After all, with a future successor as his son, what could go wrong?

Suddenly he heard a small dark voice in the back of his head whisper: Everything.

He ignored it.