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June 25th

Harry Potter walked quickly through the pouring rain, as he made his way towards the old, oak door of the Leaky Cauldron. His wild black hair was matted down and his trainers were damp with water. With a sigh, he pushed open the door to the old pub and entered quickly. As he pulled out his wand and began to magically dry himself off, he scanned the room for Hermione Granger. Harry spotted her easily; the bushy hair and pile of books being a dead giveaway. He pocketed his wand and made his way towards Hermione, excusing himself as he moved around the maze of rickety tables.

"Hi, Hermione." Harry said with a grin, as he pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Hello." Hermione paused for a moment, on the verge of saying something more. She bit her lip and then seemed to come to some sort of silent conclusion. "How are you, Harry? I want an honest answer." Her eyes went wide with worry.

"I'm…well you see…er…today's better than yesterday."

Hermione smiled slightly. "Well, that's good."

Harry frowned and looked away. "How is she?"


Harry turned back to Hermione, his eyes narrowed. "Yeah. Her."

"Well, from what I've seen she's…," Hermione paused and looked towards Harry, "…getting along. At least she's somewhat getting along. She's social and enjoyable and everything, but she rarely leaves the house. You know she's back at the Burrow, right?"

Harry nodded his head.

"Since she doesn't really leave the house, Ron goes and visits her a couple of times a week. I go whenever I have a bit of time off of work." Hermione indicated the large pile of books and the numerous sheets of parchment laid upon the table. "Unfortunately, that's not very often."

Harry again nodded his head even though he wasn't completely listening. He remembered the day that Ron's and his friendship seemed to come to a halt.


March 3rd

"I'm sorry." Harry muttered as he looked down at his shoes. He couldn't seem to look Ron in the eyes.

"SORRY?" Ron exploded as he paced in front of Harry. "Do you have any idea what you've done? You promised her!"

Harry swallowed the large lump forming in his throat. He looked up from his shoes and finally looked to Ron. Ron's ears were red and his cheeks were flushed. Ron stopped moving when he realized that Harry was starring at him. Ron rubbed his hands over his face and took a deep breath.

"I…I just need some time. I'm sorry. Tell Ginny I'm sorry." With that Harry turned toward the fireplace, threw in some floo powder, and disappeared among bright green flames.


"Harry?" Hermione asked as she poked him lightly in the arm. "You were drifting there a little."

Harry cleared his throat. "Sorry. It's just been one of those days."

Hermione smiled. "So, what did you want to talk about? You did ask me out to lunch after all."

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of keys. "These," he said shaking the keys slightly as he held them out to her, "are keys to a house. I'm renting it out for the next two months, and I was wondering if you and Ron would like to join me."

Hermione opened her mouth but then abruptly closed it.

"I know Ron isn't too happy with me at the moment, but I was hoping you could talk him into going. I was going to invite Ginny as well." Harry placed the keys back into his pocket and stared at Hermione. "So…I need your help in getting them to come along."

Hermione stayed silent.

"I know I've been a git these past couple of months, but I'm trying to fix things. I'm trying to set things straight. The four of us could do with getting out of our current surroundings and getting some good, fresh, Scottish air. What do you say?" Harry looked at Hermione's slightly open mouth and grinned. "Bit wild, right?"

"A…bit." Hermione said quietly. "Not that this wouldn't be wonderful Harry, but how are you going to convince Ron and Ginny to go on holiday with you?"

Harry's smile didn't falter. "I'm not the one convincing them to go on holiday. You are. Just spin them some kind of story about relaxing and enjoying the countryside. It'll be a right surprise when I pop in and join the three of you."

"It'll be a surprise all right." Hermione mumbled as she stared at one of the many open books on the table.

"You'll help me then?"

Hermione sighed heavily. "Okay. But if you get injured when Ron finds out, it's not my fault."

Harry pulled Hermione into a hug.


June 26th

Harry paused as he peered into one of the boxes he had been moving around. Inside the box was a rather small collection of photographs and other random items he had thrown in there haphazardly. Harry picked up the box and carried it out of his large walk in closet, placing the dusty and bent container on his bed. He sat down next to it and began riffling through the contents that sat on top. There were a few Ministry leaflets, some old letters he had received during his stay at Hogwarts, and some of his N.E.W.T. level textbooks. But underneath all of this, sat a small array of photographs that waved, smiled, and winked back at Harry.


January 2nd

Harry chuckled as he watched Ginny spin around in circles. Ginny was attempting to take in the surroundings of Harry's new flat. She suddenly stopped spinning and launched herself onto Harry. He grunted as he took the impact and somehow managed to fall on the only piece of furniture in the room. She laughed loudly and adjusted herself so that her head laid comfortably on Harry's shoulder. Harry ran his fingers through Ginny's hair, as he looked out of the window at the bright sunshine.

"Gin?" Harry asked as he continued to play with her hair. "Will you move in with me?"

Ginny started and removed her head from Harry's shoulder. She turned towards him and nodded her head. "Yeah. I'd love to move in with you."

Harry smirked as he pushed Ginny down against the couch and kissed her.


He collected all of the pictures and placed them on his bedside table, so he could look at them later. He packed up the box and placed it back into the depths of his closet. He preceded to finish stacking the boxes he had been tending to, before heading to take a shower. He was detoured however, when there was a sharp knock on his door. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was in fact Hermione and not some crazed Dark Lord wannabe.

"So, how'd it go?" Harry asked as he ushered Hermione through the door.

"Well Ron's agreed to come, but Ginny's a whole other matter." Hermione replied as she sat down in a large, comfy armchair. "I told her that Ron and I were going to go and asked if she would like to come along. But she said that she didn't feel like going, and that she could enjoy fresh country air at the Burrow."

Harry frowned. "Maybe if I went to go and talk to her. She might change her mind. It's been a few months now."

Hermione seemed to think for a moment before replying. "It's worth a shot. But don't be surprised if she isn't exactly happy to see you."

"Don't worry. I wont get my hopes up."


June 28th

Harry appeared outside of the Burrow and immediately regretted ever doing so. He was suddenly hit with a huge desire to flee, but somehow he gathered himself up and entered through the door and into the kitchen. Luckily nobody was currently in the kitchen, so Harry quickly headed for the stairs and hurried up them. He didn't get very far though, as he collided with something quite solid. He looked at the supposedly solid object, to find that said solid object had red hair and the famous Weasley blush. Harry had run right into Ginny.

Harry cleared his throat. "Hello."

Ginny just stared.

"Could we talk?"

Ginny continued to stare.

"Right. Er…cheers." With that Harry quickly turned and headed for the kitchen, where he practically flew through the door. He turned and disappeared into thin air, the moment he was outside of the Burrow.


Harry was laying on his bed, when he heard Hermione barge through the front door and begin calling for him. He covered his face with his hands as he heard her open his bedroom door and cringed when she slammed it. He slowly lowered his hands and found one very confused looking Hermione Granger staring back at him.

"Harry, what in Merlin's name were you thinking? Ginny is incredibly confused, and with good reason. I went over there today and she told me that you had barged in earlier this morning, and then you didn't even say anything. Honestly."

Harry sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. "She just stared at me! I froze."

"You're Harry Potter, the Boy Who Bloody Lived! Who knew you'd be afraid of your ex-girlfriend?"

"Maybe this isn't a good idea. You and Ron should take the house. Just forget I ever mentioned anything."

"No! You can't give up this easily! Look, I'll have another talk with her and maybe I can salvage this whole thing. I'll be in touch."

"Thanks, Hermione." Harry called as Hermione left the bedroom and closed the front door with more force than really needed.


June 30th

Harry looked up from his Daily Prophet when he noticed Pig at the window. He quickly put the paper down and opened the window, allowing the small bird entry into his flat. It took him a moment, but Harry was eventually able to untie the letter from Pig's leg. Pig took off the instant he was free of Harry grasp. Harry closed the window and returned to his kitchen table. He recognized Hermione's handwriting immediately, as he began to unroll the parchment. It appeared that she had been in a hurry, because her handwriting was hurried and cramped.


I've got to hurry and write this because I don't have much time, and clearly nor do you. I spoke with Ginny last night and I amazingly was able to convince her to come. Now, she doesn't know that you're going to be there, seeing as you never got the chance to mention it to her. We'll be heading for the house tomorrow, so I'll need you to owl me the keys by tonight. Pack your bags Harry, because the trip is on. I'll see you tomorrow!


With a smile Harry rolled the letter back up sighed. He was getting a chance to make things right again.

He wasn't going to screw it up.


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