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Chapter 1

Silent love

By: Dottie/Sapphirus

Sora already was half through the castle of Oblivion, Goofy and Donald following him. They just came from Atlantis. Sora came through another one of the castle doors wondering if anyone was going to meet him here. Surprisingly no one was in site except for statues and scenery. "It's so quiet in here, and I don't like it!" Donald said jumping up with anger. "Maybe no ones home hyuk!" Goofy added. "Believe me someone has to be here I can sense it" Sora ended holding his keyblade tightly. He brought out the charm that Namine gave him when they were little, looking down at it" Don't worry Namin'e I'll be there to save you……

Deep in the castle Namin'e sat in her chair, drawing a picture she thought would make her happy since she was locked up here and never thought she would escape it. "I hope I get out of here" she sighed hopelessly. Suddenly she heard someone behind her, It was Marluxia, and he was smirking right at her.

"I see you are sad Namine', but you must stay here ti'll I tell you to leave." He said coolly.

Namine' didn't like speaking to him or his members, she just nodded to him hoping he would leave, she held her head down in sadness. He came over to her and lifted her chin up with a leathered glove. "You know if things get good you can become a member of my Organization, and much much more" he said licking his lips. He leaned down placing a rough kiss on her lips forcefully.

She tried to pull away but he held her in place tightly, a minute later he parted from her smiling evilly" Well time for me to deal with your puny hero and his buddies, I hope to see you later..honey" he said disappearing with his scythe.

Namine' wiped her face off rapidly, hating everything that he just did to her, she put her head in her hands beginning to sob softly tears falling down "I wanna go home….."She cried.

Axel heard someone sobbing from in the hallway, he was coming back from hearing Vexen's boring theories about his puppet, he walked in the room that it was coming from slowly. He saw it was the girl the organization kept as a hostage for Sora. He knew he was always mocking people for things like this but he somehow knew how girls' feelings can be. "What's wrong with you?" he said a little annoyed, she just looked up at him then put her head back down sobbing even more. He kneeled down by her putting his blade weapons down beside him, he put a calm look on his face. She looked up again a bit, feeling kinda surprised that he would be bothered with her feelings" Was it Marluxia again, I'm just wondering, why would you let him bother you like this?" he said wiping the tears from her eyes. She was silent for a min, and then she spoke.

"I don't know……its just I feel there's nothing I can do to stop him" she whispered deppresfully. "Axel gave her a funny look and chuckled a bit" Secret is Namine' everyone in the organization dislikes Marluxia, he's nothing but a sadistic asshole" he said hoping to cheer her up a bit. She giggled quietly when he said that. "Well its good to see you're smiling again heh" he said brushing a strain of his blood red hair from his face, giving her his famous smile. "I thought you were the most evilest out of them all?" she finally had the courage to say.

"Yes I am but I only show my attitude to them so they won't bother me, well I hope you cheer up some more, gotta fly and do things, see you later" he said disappearing. She just sat there surprised and shocked.

Back on the 10th floor…

Sora walked a bit more into the halls of the 10th floor, staying cautious of his surroundings, Donald and Goofy stayed behind him keeping his back. "Get ready I can feel one of those guys near" he warned continuing to feel a presence as he held his keyblade tightly. Goofy and Donald kept their weapons close as well as him.

Marluxia appeared before them, laughing evilly with his scythe beside him" I see you are accomplishing through your memories, you indeed have a strong heart" he said coolly.

"Where's Riku and Namine', I know your up to something and I'm going to do everything in my power to stop you!"

"We'll save the king too!" Donald yelled. "Sora are you sure we can take him on right now" Jiminy asked worried. "I hope so..." he said

"Well let me test to see how strong you became" he mocked bringing his Scythe forth. Pink flower petals began raining around the area.

Larxene and Lexeaus looked from a hidden statue" Man is what is he gay?" Larxene joked. "Don't know til you find out" Lexeaus finish having his arms crossed. Larxene looked up at him "What kind of guy would use flowers for powers?" She asked looking don't again slapping her face.

"I see your power is flower petals?" Sora wondered trying to keep his laughter in. "Marluxia sensed he was playing with him and put a annoyed look on his face. "Real funny, your gonna see what these petals can do!" he growled. The petals started moving curling up what looks to be gun shaped. It started shooting at him.

"Ahh! They are guns!" Donald yelled. "Gawrsh never knew flowers can do that" Goofy said looking up at them. "They can't it's just him!" Donald yelled again bopping Goofy on the head.

"Be swallowed by my wrath." Marluxia said charging at him with speed leashing the scythe forward to him. Sora dodge rolled to the left in time missing the sharp touch of the blade, he recovered fast from the roll and got up, he used 3 of his cards to activate his swinging keyblade, Marluxia used his scythe to block it from hitting him sending it the other way, not knowing that it keeps on swinging, it knocked him down from the back of him making him moan in pain "Argghh!… you were lucky" he barked turning around to see a keyblade coming back forth to him with speed, he was caught off guard him, he was a bit weak to stop it again fast enough, it knocked him in the stomach making him fall to the floor. "Gotcha!" Sora said catching the keblade back into his hands. He was really mad now "Cura!' he yelled summoning healing magic on himself, quickly he got up fast and summoned some more flower petals, this time they turned into blades, he launched them forward towards Sora.

"Let's see you dodge this haha!" he yelled. Sora saw then coming and had no special card to stop it, the blades ripped through his clothes cutting his skin, only 7 hitted him. "Sora are you ok!" Donald asked seeing the scene, the rest came to Goofy and Donald, Goofy put his shield up blocking him and Donald. "This isn't looking good" Goofy said. "Fira!" Donald yelled summoning his magic trying to burn the blades, some of them burned while the others went a different way, they were safe. "Fuck!" Sora groaned

holding his arm from the lost blood. "Hahaha no one can escape my petals, and you laughed at them too" Marluxia laughed. Sora was getting a little dizzy from the hit.

"I hope I can summon this last power" he growled. He jumped up and hit the keblade into the ground "Trinity!" he yelled unleashing a power that no one can escape, it damaged Marluxia even more unexpectedly "Grrrrrr! I see you learned a few new tricks on your journey, no matter, next time I return you won't be so lucky hero!" he hissed disappearing barely from the hall to retreat. "We did it!" Donald cheered. "Its not over, not yet……Sora sighed. "I'll heal you Sora" Donald said using Cura, curing his bloody cuts. "Don't worry Sora we'll get him" Goofy said with courage.

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