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Silent Love

Chapter 3: Saving ones you love, accidental lust

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"Take that you ugly fucker! She barked at it.. It recovered itself, then it growled unleashing its dark claws, it came to her ripping slightly through her white dress, making a slightly deep wound under her breasts. "She screamed in severe pain, "Ahhh…help, someone!" she screamed. Was she going to die, no she was stronger than that. She quickly got up, using the last power she had left from the fall and wound and started to run the opposite way, hoping to get away from it. It chased after her growling angrily. Namine keep running holding a hand on her bleeding wound til she tripped over a root of a tree falling on to the ground bumping her head on a stone, she was knocked unconscious, she was bleeding badly from the hit. The heartless caught up, coming up from the ground from a shadow, it unleashed its claws again about to rip her to shreds this time……


The heartless know as a Neo Heartless was about the kill Namine, it was only inches away from one swipe. "Get the fuck away from her!" a figured demanded being known as Axel, he brought his Chakrams forth as a threat, giving the heartless a dangerous glare from his sapphired orbs. The heartless stopped in its track turning around to him, it hissed annoyingly "She will be ours to control fool, us and our master!" it growled. It can towards him, eyes glowing in lust for blood, extending it claws for an attack. "What the hell are you saying? Axel summoned his Fire Wall burning the heartless to death, black ooze was all that was left, then it disappeared leaving shinning light from it "Ansem shall rule this world..." Was its last words before it vanished. "The heart must of retuned to the person it stolen it from" he smirked then thought for a second "Who is Ansem...? Then he remembered "NAMINE!" he ran to her side, seeing if she was alive. He checked her all over, she was breathing but was unconscious. "Oh my god what did it do to you?" he asked looking at her bleeding head, then he looked down seeing her bleeding body, the wound was lightly under her breasts bleeding slightly fast, he knew of a hot spring that was a mile away from the garden so he knew that place would be better to clean her up rather than his bath tub. He picked her up bridal style carefully and levitated towards the spot "Don't worry Namin'e I'm here now" he said with anger and sadness at the same time.

Moments later he was arrived at the springs which was a beautiful sight indeed, the name of the place was Destiny Hot Springs, it was famous and known for it special refreshmentations on the body and healings. Axel land on the shore of the springs laying Namin'e down softly. "Man I known she's going to kill me later for this" he said as he began to undress her from the white gown she wore. He had to remove her bra and panties also, he didn't want them to get soaked. Looking at her body got him all tensed up, then an unnoticeable erection came from his leather pants, not noticeable from his leather long trench coat though. "Shit what the hells going on with me!" he said in his head. He shook from his thoughts setting her into the springs. The water slowly drained away the blood from her wounds. "Fuck Namine you shouldn't have left the castle..." he said bathing her wounds a bit, then wiping the blood off of her forehead. It got a bit hot so he took of his coat setting it to the side, having his black shirt, leather boots, gloves and Gothic chained pants. Namine slowly opened her sapphire eyes, looking around wondering where she was.

"Huh! Where am I?" Namine cried scaring Axel from his thoughts. "You were attacked by one of those more powerful heartless" he said looking at her. She turned around looking at him, he was indeed a muscular guy, the shirt he wore show off his muscular built. "Namine what are you thinking?" she said cursing her thoughts.

"Namin'e are you feeling ok" Axel waved his hand by her face. She snapped out of her thoughts. "Yeah sorry..I was dazed out a bit in my own thoughts" Namin'e lied. "Come let me heal your wounds fully" he demanded. Namine looked down at herself all late and saw that she had nothing on. "Ekkkkk! She screeched covering the rest of herself in the water, screeching hurted his ears. "Ackk! Stop it" Axel yelled covering his sensitive ears. "I was helping you heal faster, come let me finish my work" Axel commanded her seriously. Namin'e gulped coming out of the water, blushing the whole time because he was looking at her, she could still feel the terrible pain on her wound. She walked slowly to the sitting rock which was by a blossom tree, where she met him at. "Now sit down and be still, this will take a couple moments" he said.

Namine nodded slightly sitting down on the cold rock, she breathed deeply hoping it was going to work. Axel putted his right gloved hand on Namine's wound, and started chanting some words she didn't even understand because it was in a different language. Her body started to glow white, she looked down and saw that her slash wound was slowly fading away. "It's gone!" Namin'e gasped looking up into his eyes, he had the sexiest eyes she'd ever saw, he was actually saving her life and she owed him her life for it. He stopped chanting and sat down on the grass. "See told ya, nothing to be afraid of" he said leaning up against the tree throwing her white dress for her to put back on. He turned around giving her privacy.

Namine blushed a bit, embarrassed of what she did earlier. "Thank you…" she quietly said enough for him to hear, putting her dress over her head quickly. He looked at her hearing the appreciation "No problem, I was glad to do it" he smirked. Namine stared at the marking he had on both of his eyes and wondered why they were there" Where did you get those markings from?" she asked. Axel Growled a bit giving her the sign that he didn't want to talk about it. "Sorry just asking..." she said with a sweatdrop turning the other way for a sec, then she turned around to see a huge Dragon behind her known as one of the Bahamut (from FF-10).HE wings were extending, looking as if it was bird like, he indeed looked majestic. She screamed in fear running behind a tree "get away from me!" she yelled throwing dirt at it stupidly. "Relax It's me!" Axel roared looking at her with a weird look. "I'm cursed to be this dragon as long as those marks stay on me" he said tuning back to normal, walking to her. "Oh hehe I knew that?" Namine lied with embarrassment. "Oh well doesn't bother me much, at least I can control it" he said sitting on part of her spot. "Namine I have something I want to tell you" he calmly said. "Ok" she agreed sitting by him. "Namin'e it's hard for me to explain this ok, since I met you in the castle, I seem to have…grown to be attracted to you, not in the friend way...but in the erm…other way" Axel explained with a slight blush. Namin'e saw it giggling a bit, but he didn't know he was doing it." What's so funny?" he asked a little annoyed. "Nothing" she countered "Some how I had the same feelings for you too" Namine added swirling her finger on the rock nervously, then an unnoticeable blush came on her face.

He looked through the corner of his eyes, seeing her actions meaning she was nervous what he might say. "I was afraid that if I would have told you how I felt about you, you would of turned me down..." Namine said looking up at him. Axel smiled at her leaning close to her, kissing her passionately. Namine looked at Axel with shock, not expecting the kiss at all, she soon leaned to him returning the kiss. "Namine listen to me, I love you with all my heart, and wouldn't care what you look like, or what you've done in the past" he said after breaking the kiss and embracing her in his grasp will care. "Axel I don't know what to say" she said speechless. "Say nothing" he said leaning down again kissing her again, embracing her tightly in his strong arms, both looking at the moon that was how big. They knew a relationship could be mad between them. "Namine if I ever get the chance, I'm going to get you out of this place, you don't deserve this type of treatment" he said looking down at her. "Yeah all I remember was waking up in that castle, my memories from before are still blurry. Axel reached into his pocket bringing out a Ruby Emblem necklace. "Here I want you to have this, it belonged to my mother before she died" he smiled grabbing her hand and wrapping it in them.

You are there for me, but yet you fully know who I am..

I am a witch, and you are cursed to be a Dragon forever…

Nothing matters to me now but this perfect moment…

Marluxia looked into his magic crystal orb, seeing the actions Axel and Namine were doing, he knew the two were becoming fond of each other as time passed "I knew this time would come, and I have just the thing to stop all of this" he thought as he grinned mischievously bringing out a Red orb that he had since Axel came to the organization, it had the power to control his actions, emotions and attitude, he somehow found it thanks to his servants, Axel hid this orb away underground 8 years ago, meaning he didn't want anyone to get their hands on it. "Oh Orb of Flare, make Axel obey my every command, make him give the girl he loves dearly a time she would never forget!" he laughed evilly seeing it glow brightly, telling him that it worked, it putted more of his old attitude back into his heart. Outside his door Zexion was watching what he was doing "Oh no Namine!" he thought sneaking away so Marluxia wouldn't detect him presence, he didn't know where Axel or Namine went, it was about 12:45 am in the morning and he was worried.

Axel started to feel a strange feeling deep within his body, it seemed like he couldn't control it either, "Grr!" darkness started spreading through out his whole body, his eyes began to glow red from his normal blue, soon he felt lustful, lustful for sex . "What's going on Axel, what's wrong?" she said shaking his hoping it would, he just looked at her, his eyes scared her deeply because all she can see in him was lust and power, his teeth became sharper (A/N like Inuyasha when he turns demon). He pinned her down on the grass, kissing her violently on the lips, he bit into her lips sucking the blood from the bite. Namin'e Whimpered, not believing this could be happening to her, she felt this wasn't going to end well at all. "Axel, it's me Namin'e, can't you hear me?" she said trying to push him off of her, she didn't know that someone from afar was controlling him, and she was fully unaware of it at all. He laughed proudly "You think I could ever love a bitch like you!" he said caressing her cheek roughly. She gasped at what he just said, her heart broke into pieces, as soon as her next words was going to be spoken, he had already ripped her dress into pieces, leaving her completely naked unto his muscular body, Namin'e cried trying to cover herself , he pinned her hands to her side swiftly. "Your mine Namine and no one will have you but me!" he said seductively, running his fingers along her neck bone, bringing it to her fragile breasts, he can sense she was a pure one, and it turned him on more. He swirled his fingers along the the nipples, making them harden and swollen. Namine could feel something hard rubbing against her leg, and she guessed what it could be.

He came down and licked them one after the other, spinning his tongue around them, then he bit down on it hard but not enough to make them bleed. Namin'e whimpered once again making him want to torture her more" Your are a fine and sexy thing" he said smirking at her, eyes glowing evilly at her, she was fully scared of him now. "Get off of me!" she squirmed trying to escape but her kept her down with ease, because of his flexible, and powerful skills. He put more pressure down on her with his huge body. "Now I'm really going to break you hun" he said lowering his hand down to her white cotton panties, ripping them straight off with his strength. He lowered himself down to her maidenhood inserting three fingers into her opening, ripping her straight through, she screamed with pain but he countered it with a rough kiss. He slowly pump in and out of her opening hearing feeling her trying to scream while with the kiss, he was at least nice enough to prepare her for what he was doing after that. He took his fingers out of her, licking the sweet juices "you taste good" he commented her.

"Why...?"She asked trying to wonder what happened to her best friend and soon to been lover. "Because I can.." he said shutting her mouth with a finger. He slowly unzipped his gothic chained pants slowly, sliding his black boxers with them, grinning playfully at her making shivers go down her spine, he revealed the thing that Namine will have to fear out of all things he did. He saw the fear in her eyes and loved it, he was the one who always liked being dominant over females, he never let them have control at all. He caressed her hair, she tried not to moan or make any noises except for crying and whimpering, she didn't want to enjoy his lustful pleasure.

You have turned on me out of nowhere…

I thought you cared for me and loved me…

But you never really did, how could you..

Break me like this after what I've been through…

"Please Axel, no…" she whispered seeing him lower himself down to her area knowing what was coming next. Axel just chuckled at her whining, bringing his hand op rubbing her face" This might hurt a lot, because one I feel aggressively horny and two its your first time making it harder to take" he said chuckling evilly, now she really knew he was trying to be funny and she hated him for it. His eyes glowed red as he position himself onto her, he kept her down still so she would ruin the process, with a quick swift he entered into her, feeling the tightness of her virginity, Namine dug her nails into the grass in full pain, screaming and crying as he went deeper, he pulled himself out and looked at her, he see that he went a bit too fast for the first because she was now bleeding and some of the blood was on him. He came down to her face, kissing her tenderly this time, trying to keep her quiet, he massaged her hip with his extended claws as he did. Tears fell from Namin'es eyes, feeling dirty and revealed and would never feel the same again, Axel have betrayed her trust and love. He began to thrust into her again going a bit faster into his strokes, continuing to kiss her as he did.

Zexion looked around the castle grounds looking from Axel, or Namine where about, he thought he heard a scream so he went to the area that he heard it from "Dark powers, guide me to Namine" he said as a dark portal appeared in front of him, leading him right to their action. He saw that Axel wasn't the same guy he use to be and knew what it was from, he saw the darkness in his heart and into his eyes. "Zexion help me!" Namine cried seeing that he has came. "Axel get the fuck off of her!" he ordered launching a punch to his face unexpectedly, knocking him to the ground off of Namine. Zexion picked up her fragile, sad form quickly covering her with his trench coat, summoning another dark portal in front of him, leaving Axel to recover from the blow "You damaged her pride, her innocence and her trust, I wouldn't be surprised if she never speaks to you or trust you ever again!" he with a serious look on his face with clenched teeth. Axel looked up with a smirk "Whatever pretty boy!" he insulted angrily, with glowing eyes, his fangs clenched together. Zexion knew he was being controlled and couldn't help it, but he should of found some type of way to stop it "You are nothing more than Marluxia's puppet now" his last words said going into his portal taking her to his dorms.

Marluxia saw what Zexion did and was furious about it, he looked at the Red orb in his hands throwing it across the white room with anger, it hit the floor hard cracking it, "Fuck!" he said looking at the crack, his temper always got the best of him, now Axel would be able to control himself better from the orb's power.

Axel rubbed his mouth where, he was punched, he felt himself come back to normal, his eyes turned back to the sapphire blue they were, his teeth became normal, his nails went back to its original size. "What happened?" he said confused, receiving a headache, he rubbed his temples a bit. He looked down at himself seeing he was naked and had blood in his private area. "Ohhh no…" he whispered to himself having an idea of what happened and couldn't believe it, someone has found his only true weakness, it was all because of the stupid curse of his, only thing he did was cleaned himself off in the springs, redressed himself and ran back to the castle

in haste.

Zexion bandaged Namine up where from the claw marks that he gave while his torment with her, Namine was sleeping peacefully, tears were still in her eyes. He took a rag and wiped them off with warm water. She slowly woke up seeing him, she smiled because she was happy he saved her life. "Nice to see your awake" he said setting the rag down into the water. "I can't believe he did that to me." She sighed. He looked at her, feeling sorry for what happened. "There's something about Axel that I think you should know.

"About his curse from the marks? Yes he told me already" she said adjusting her blanket. "No there's another part to it" he say walking towards her. There was a knock from his door, having no idea who it could be at this time of morning. "Who is it? He demanded a bit annoyed. "Its me….." the figure said sadly. He walked to the white door opening it to see Axel standing with a sad look. "What do you want?" he asked annoyingly. "Is Namine okay.? He asked finally facing him, Zexion saw that he was back to normal and was relieved of it.

"Yes barely, but yeah" he said taping his finger against the door knob. "Can I see her?" he asked, Zexion gave him a serious look. "Yes you can, one more thing tell her the truth about your real problem, you only told her a quarter of it." He said seriously.

Axel nodded. "And if you do anything to her her again, I shall deal with you myself" Axel looked at him with a glared look, but he knew he deserved that from his friend. Axel walked into the room, walking back to the bedroom peeking through the room seeing Namine sleeping peacefully. He walked over by her bed looking down at her sleeping form, he leaned over her face, showing the rarest face anyone would ever imagine from him, he stroked her check softly. "Namine? She heard the voice, waking up to see Axel looking dead at her. "Get away from me you monster!" she said hiding under the covers sobbing. "Namine listen to what he has to say!" Zexion said standing at the door. Namine jumped up from her bed, looking up at him" ok then, talk!" she said voice a bit shaky. "I'll leave you two alone now" Zexion said walking out and closing the door, he knew Axel wanted privacy with her. Axel looked back from the door, he sat on the edge of Namines bed leaning over to her.

"Namine please let me explain, and don't think its my fault" he said brushing a strand of hair from her head. "What happened to you Axel, you were good and normal at first then out of nowhere you turned to a rapist!" she said tears streaking from her eyes, whimpered a bit clutching herself still feeling pain from his act. Axel saw her and felt even more worse "There's this orb called the Flare's Curse that was made after a curse was made in me, a dark witch gave it to me for no reason, it contains a powers that controls me, and whoever gets their hands on it can overpower me with no chance at escape, but if it was destroyed by a white witch I would be cured from the curse forever, until then I have to suffer, but I came back to normal and found myself naked, I didn't remember a thing, all I could guess it was something to do with you so I ran here to see if you were alright because I sensed and saw what I did!" he explained putting his head down against the bed putting his hands over his head in anger. Namine rubbed his red hair, seeing that he was telling the truth from his emotions right there and then. "Its okay Axel, it wasn't your fault, you don't know who has that orb yet and you must go and find who has it fast, or you might do it again…" she said shivering at that thought. "Zexion might know, he has the power to sense humans he knows who has objects, I hope he can sense the orb, and who has it" he said rubbing Namine's hand.

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