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This is set during Season One, before Ryan's first Christmukkah…

It was December 23rd, and Sandy, Kirsten and Seth were sitting in front of an extravagant Roast in the dinning room. Nobody was eating though, they were waiting for Ryan, who was late, 15 minutes late, it wasn't like him to be late for anything- besides, he was only in the pool house, it wasn't like he could get stuck in traffic. Kirsten was getting anxious, Sandy a little worried, and Seth just plain hungry.

When Seth's stomach decided it could wait no longer for dinner, he leapt up:

"I'll go get Ryan!" he called as he hurried out to the pool house.

"Hey, dude, its Se…"

Seth was cut off mid-sentence as he jumped through the door at the site of Ryan, lying, pale as a sheet, shiny with fever, on his bed.

"Dude, are you OK?" Seth decided to ask a question he already knew the answer to, and doubted he'd get a response.

Ryan just moaned, only vaguely aware of Seth's presence. Seth's normal disgust at being near sick people vanished and he walked over to his foster brother.

"Ry, you know, if your sick, you should probably keep warm," Seth said, mainly to himself, as he pulled the quilt on top of Ryan. "I'm gonna go get mum and dad, kay?"

Seth got no response, but bustled out to get his parents anyway, not wanting to leave Ryan on his own for too long.

Sandy and Kirsten both looked up expectantly as Seth entered the main house again.

"Hey, mum, dad, Ryan's pretty sick, I think you should go check on him or something," Seth told them before they had a chance to ask, and they were both on their feet pretty quickly in response.

"What do you mean sick? Was he throwing up? Did he have a fever?" Kirsten's motherly instinct had taken over as she opened a cupboard in the kitchen, retrieving a thermometer and various bottles of medicines.

Sandy was already in the poolhouse, checking on his young charge.

"Hey kiddo, feeling a bit rough?" Sandy put a hand on Ryan's forehead, causing him to involuntarily flinch backwards. Man, the kid was burning up. "Hey, your alright kid, I'm not gonna hurt you, just need to get you settled and maybe a little more comfy, alright?" Sandy rubbed Ryan's back gentle, he didn't seem to flinch this time, only whimpered softly and feverishly. It was easy sometimes to forget he was only a kid, Sandy thought.

Ryan shivered lightly, causing Sandy to notice that the quilt Seth had covered Ryan with not five minutes before, was now in a little pile underneath him. "OK kid, I'm gonna lift you up gently so we can get this cover on you and warm you up," Sandy soothed as he gently lifted the feverish kid against his chest to retrieve the duvet. As he was doing so, Ryan gasped as if startled and grabbed a handful of his shirt.

"Hey, hey, it's alright, lets just pop you back down and get you warmed up again," Sandy didn't know why he was talking so patronisingly to Ryan, but he just felt like he should make up for all those times there must have been when he was a little kid and there hadn't been anyone there for him.

At that moment, Kirsten bustled in in full mother mode, Seth behind her, having been assigned to carry through about seven towels and blankets, as well as every remedy known to mankind.

"Oh honey, aren't you feeling well?" Kirsten swooped in on the bed, accidentally knocking Sandy away, much to Ryan's displeasure, as he had still been clinging helplessly to Sandy's shirt. Now that this little comfort had been removed, he seemed quite distressed, and his feverish displeasure was not improved when a thermometer was stuck beneath his tongue.

In fact, it took him so much by surprise that he buckled his head back, which in turn caused him to retch. Retch and throw-up all over his foster parents and the posh bedclothes that Sandy had just wrapped around him. On top of it all, the thermometer fell from his mouth and shattered all over the floor. He hated the sound of broken glass.

As Ryan regained his breath and looked around him, his glazed eyes darted around the pool house and he recognised it's occupant for the first time, focusing in on Seth, a vomit covered Sandy and Kirsten, and then his ruined bed, he gulped, what had he done?

"So-sorry," he mumbled weakly, surprised at how shaky his own voice was.

"Oh, sweetie, that's alright, nobody can help being ill," Kirsten was the first to lean in and rub his warm cheek reassuringly. Ryan dared not flinch, and his eyes darted nervously to Sandy.

"I-I ruined your poolhouse." Ryan said helplessly to one of the first men he had known who hadn't beat the crap out of him for no reason. "I-I'm gonna ruin your Christmukkah."

It was Sandy's turn now to reassure the poor boy.

"Ryan, nothing is ruined, even if it was, we don't care about that, we care about you, now why don't we get you cleaned up and you come sleep in the guest room tonight."

Ryan nodded, heaved himself out of the bed, and attempted to stumble to the bathroom. Sandy caught him just before he fell and held his shoulder firmly.

"How 'bout I give you a hand kid?" Ryan just nodded. He didn't have enough energy to resist the Cohen's parenting today…

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