Elisa: Proud

By Kimberly T. (email: kimbertow at yahoo dot com)

This is the first drabble I ever created for Gargoyles. (For those of you who haven't heard the term "drabble" before, it's a short-short story, a fic written in exactly 100 words. Beyond the 100-word rule, anything goes.) It had been previously posted as part of an Author's Note, to 'sweeten the deal' for FFnet as it requests all postings to have at least an element of fiction for the reader's entertainment. But enough people said they liked it that, now that I've removed the note, I've decided to leave the drabble in. It's not part of "Passing Glances" because that series of drabbles deals specifically with my characters, both gargoyle and human, at a certain point in time in the "Life Goes On" saga. This one is more of a glimpse into someone's character, a basic part of their mindset.

This had originally been titled simply "Elisa" but is now called "Elisa: Proud":

She doesn't show it often, but she is proud of her heritage. Proud of her ancestors, and the cultures they had created on their respective continents before the white man came along and overwhelmed them.

She is even more proud of her mother and father, and the life they made for themselves in the white man's world, proving by example that skin color has no bearing on what one can truly achieve... or whom one can love.

She is proud to be half-Black, half-Indian… and all human.

But sometimes she can't help wishing she still had a gargoyle's leathery wings.