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Summary: After Sector V graduated from elementary school, they each got decommissioned after they turned 13. They all lost their memories, but somehow faith bought them together to IS 732. Especially Numbuhs Three and Four. They soon start to remember their blurry past. Who says friendships or love can't last forever? 3/4 2/5

You Always Make me Smile, no Matter What

Chapter One- Graduation day

By Cyrix

Starting transmission…

Kuki… the cutest girl I had ever seen and met in my whole life. She was the first girl to beat me at video games. She was the first and only girl that gave me a cruddy weird feeling inside my stomach. She was the first girl that cools me down when I get angry. Most of all, she was the first girl that I actually liked. Even though, I always get annoyed at her and I always get mad at her. I really LOVE her a lot. I love how her long black hair flows in the wind. I love how she laughs and plays around with her rainbow monkeys. I love how she hugs me so tightly and then I would blush. I love… well everything about her. But as we grow up, she hugs me less and ever time I see her I have butterflies in my stomach. As the days pass by, we grow farther apart. Today is graduation day. Today is the DAY. The day I tell Kuki, that I love her…

"Wallabee Beatles! Get up! We are going to be late for your graduation dear!" my mom calls up from the kitchen. I grumble and pull the covers over my head to attempt to cover the noise.

"SPORT WAKE UP!!" my dad yells from the kitchen.

"AHHH!!!" I scream and fall off the bed. "Cruddy parents" I mumbled as I got up from the floor. I walk into the hall toward the bathroom. After I went to my room and got my clothes. My graduation clothes…

"Ugh! Graduation clothes…" I said in disgust as I put them on. I look at the mirror and shudder from the sight of me. I have a white shirt on with black pants. Later my mom will put a tie on me and then I have to wear black shoes. Oh how really nice…

"The others will laugh at me… Cruddy graduation…" I said while looking at myself in the mirror. Then I walk downstairs into the kitchen. My mom is at the stove making eggs and bacon. My brother Joey is sitting at his seat. I poke him a little and sat down at my seat. My dad is sitting at the table reading a newspaper. Ugh! Adults and their newspapers… What so interesting about a piece of gray paper?

"Wallabee there you are! Aww! You look so cute in your graduation clothes!" my mom said to me as she sees me come in.

"Sport! Come on! Eat your breakfast! We don't want to be late for your graduation!" my dad tells me while still reading his newspaper.

"Yeah, whatever…" I said as I sit down and start to eat the bacon. My mom came over and put the last egg and bacon on my dad's plate. Then she sits down with us and starts to eat with us.

"Wow your graduation, never actually thought I will actually say that together. Me and your dad actually didn't think you will actually graduate especially after we saw your report cards and the comments that your nice teachers left" she said and they both laugh. I just put my head down on the table.

"But son… you surprised us when all of a sudden your grades started going up and you nearly gave us both a heart attack when we saw your 6th grade report cards! What happened son? Your mother and I are just dying to know!" he asks me while they both look at me. I put my head up and look at them.

I wanted to shout out "Kuki! It was Kuki who made me change! I love her so much!!!"

But all I said was "Well I guess I just decided to do better"

"Well whatever or whoever made you change, we are very proud of you Wallabee! We hope you continue like this!" my mom tells me and pats me on the back. For some weird reasons, I actually felt happy they are proud that I changed.

My dad looks at the watch and shouts out "Oh! We got to go now Sport!" My mom put on my tie and went to get Joey. I walk outside and got into the car. It was a good day I got to admit. It wasn't raining nor snowing just the sun shining brightly.

Perfect day to tell Kuki

Our car pulled into the school's parking lot. I got out of the car and look around at the yard. Students are all over the place with their parents. Taking pictures and hugging their friends. Ugh! Cruddy people. Won't see me hugging someone like that. But just as I said that, I heard her

"Wally! You made it!" Kuki shouts happily while running over to me. I turn around and see her in her graduation clothes. It stunned me. She looks so pretty… She was wearing a white blouse and a black dress that matched perfectly.

Oh wait! No, no she won't hug me now. Not in front of my parents! NOO!!

She ran up to me and gave me a big hug right in front of everyone.

I am blushing so hard that my head might be mistaken for a tomato. I wonder if I will make it to my graduation…

"Yeah… glad to see… you also Kuki…" I tried to say while she squeezes the life out of me. She looks at me trying to breathe and let's go quickly.

"Oopsies! Sorry about that Wally! I am just so glad to see you!" she tells me happily.

"Uhh... it is all right" I tell her. I see some boys looking at her. "What are you looking at?" I shout at them angrily. They quickly turn away. I see my parents walking toward me and Kuki while smiling. Kuki sees them also and turns while waving at them.

"Hi Wally's parents!" she shouts and waves at them.

"Son! Is this the girl you always talked about?" my dad asks me.

Talk about?? When did I talk about Kuki to them? Oh wait, they probably saw me chatting with her on the computer. Cruddy parents…

Kuki blush a little as he ask me that, but I was too embarrassed to notice it.

"Yeah…" I said quietly to him. My mom then walks up to her and shakes her hand.

"Hello Kuki! Nice to meet you finally! We heard so much about you from Wallabee!" my mom said to her. Kuki looks at me and I lower my head to hide my red face.

"Well we will leave you two alone to talk" my mom said and walks away with my dad who gives me a thumb up sign.

When they left, I blurted out "Cruddy parents! Always have to say stupid things!" But Kuki isn't listening to me.

"Do you really talk about me a lot Wally?" Kuki asks me quietly while looking at me.

"Uhh…" I started to say, turning a little pink in the cheek.

"Kuki!" someone shouts at her. I turn around and see Kuki's sister Mushi running up to her. A small version of Kuki almost, but more annoying. She runs over here and looks at us.

"Kuki!! Oh hey Wally! " she shouts at both of us when she got to us. Then she looks around and back at us. "Why are you both just standing here? Ready to kiss each other?" she asks with an evil smile. Kuki is shocked and chases after her.

"Mushi! How dare you say that! Come over here you little!" Kuki shouts angrily after her. She just laughs and runs away. I chases after both of them. I catch up to them. Kuki had bump into a boy wearing a blue cap while chasing Mushi. The boy got mad at her and is about to punch her when I caught his arm.

"What?!" the boy wearing the blue cap said in shock. Kuki gets up and runs behind me.

"You don't punch a girl" I said to him while griping his arm.

"Oh yeah? I do whatever I want squirt!" he shouts at me. Bad mistake. He tries to punch me, but I caught his hand. So now I am holding his arm and hand. Then before he could try to get free, I kick him in the stomach. He is lucky I didn't aim too low. He is on the ground holding his stomach and moaning.

"And don't ever call me squirt again" I said to him. His buddies took a look at me and pull him away.

One of them said "You will pay for that! Nobody punch Josh and gets away with it!" I just step forward with my fists ready and they just quickly run away. I turn toward Kuki who is a little scared from the whole thing.

"Are you okay Kuki?" I ask her. She nods her head.

"Yeah… thanks Wally. I thought he was going to punch me" She said to me.

"Nobody is going to punch you while I am around" I said to her. Then she hugs me making me lose my toughness and also making me blush.

"Awww! How cute!" a familiar person said behind us. We both turn and see Nigel, Hoagie and Abby. They were all dressed nicely also.

"Are you going to kiss now?" Hoagie said and starts to make kissing sounds. We both blushed. Abby takes her cap off and smacks him over the head.

"Ow! What did I do?" he asks her while rubbing his head.

She ignores him and said "Come on! Let's go line up now! It is starting!" They ran off. Kuki grabs my hand and shouts "Come on Wally! Let's go get a seat together!" I turn red from her touch and follow after her. Maybe this day won't be so bad after all…

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