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Summary: Boy it stinks to be 13 for Sector V, graduating from elementary school and then getting decommissioned. But somehow they all manage to go to the same school IS 732. The problem is though, they all lost their memories. See how even after losing their memories, they still remember their friendship and for Kuki and Wally their love. Who says friendships or love can't last forever? 3/4 2/5

You Always Make me Smile, no Matter What

Chapter Seven- Reunited?

By Cyrix

"Who is this guy? Why does he seem so familiar? Why do I blush when he touch me? Why do I feel like I could trust him? Why… am I asking myself these questions!" Kuki thought to herself as I led her up the stairs.

"So Kuki, what class you got?" I ask her when we got to the lst floor.

"Huh? Oh! Let me check!" she replies back and takes out her program card. As she takes out her program card I also take out mines. "Well my class is 705 and I have…" she starts to tell me.

"705? Hey! Cool! I am in 705 too!" I interrupt her and show her my program card.

"Wow! We are classmates!" she shouts at me while excited. "Lets see here… 1st period we have Science in room 410 with Ms. Hall, 2nd period we have English in room 213 with Mr. Mannings, 3rd period we have Math in room 214 with Mrs. Brown, 4th period we have Math in room 214 with Mrs. Brown again, 5th period we have Lunch in room 105, 6th period we have Social Studies in room 318 with Mr. Wright, 7th period we have Computer Lab in room 125 with Mrs. Morris and lastly 8th period we have Gym in room 101 with Mr. Baker" she tells me very quickly.

"What? Period 1 we have what?" I ask her very confused.

She giggles and says "science silly!"

"Oh, I knew that. Well you did speak very fast so I couldn't understand" I tell her.

"Oh, oopsies! I was reading it out loud. Sorry Wally" she replies back.

"No problem, just… don't say oopsies again" I tell her.

"And what's wrong with me saying oopsies?" she asks me while putting her hands on her hips. I am about to reply back to her when we heard the late bell ring.

"Oh crud! We are late!" I shout out in panic and start running up the stairs pulling Kuki along to our classroom.

We got to RN 410 all out of breath and the teacher Ms. Hall wasn't happy.

"Where were you two?" Mrs. Hall asks us while frowning at us.

"Uhh…" we both said and look down at the floor. The girls giggled. I glare at them, but the cruddy girls only giggle some more.

"Well… whatever the reason is, just go stand with the rest of the class. You both are lucky that it is the first day or you would have been in big trouble" she tells us and points to the back of the room. We walk to the back where the rest of the class was. "Okay class before we were interrupted by our late comers, I was telling you guys. That since it is the first day, I will let you guys sit anywhere you want" she tells the class including us. After she said that to us, all the students went to get a seat next to their friends. I went to sit in one of the front seats. I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turn around to see Kuki.

"Uh… I don't know anyone here… So… can I sit with you?" she asks me nervously while twisting her sleeves.

"Say no! You don't want a cruddy girl sitting next to you!" my conscience screams at me.

"Uhh... sure" I tell her and grab a chair for her. She sits down on the seat.

She smiles and said "Thanks"

I smile back at her and we both listen to the teacher. We didn't notice the boy wearing a baseball cap all the way in the back looking at us angrily. After a boring introduction by Mrs. Hall, the bell rang and we went to our next class. This time we aren't late and sat next to each other again. Mr. Mannings is as boring as Mrs. Hall. I wonder if they are related in some way.

Kuki leans over to me and said "Wow, he is as boring as Mrs. Hall. I wonder if they are related in some way" I stare at her in shock and then all of sudden I had a weird flashback.

Numbuh 86's ship flew up into the sky.

"Man, who put a bee in her undies" Numbuh Three said while frowning. I looked at her in shock because I said that before to Numbuh Two.

I come back to my senses and find myself on the floor.

"Mr. Beetles, why are you on the floor?" Mr. Mannings asks me. I heard a lot of girls giggling and I turn red from embarrassment. I look up and see Kuki looking at me strangely. I got up from the floor.

"I uhh… dropped something" I tell him and more people laugh at me.

"Ahem, but why do you have to fall to get it?" he asks me looking at me sternly.

"I dropped my pen and I told him to get it for me. He fell because he reached for it just as it fell on the floor" Kuki tell the teacher while smiling.

"Is this true Mr. Beetles?" he asks me. I look at Kuki and she winks at me. Then I look at Mr. Mannings and nod my head in agreement.

"Okay, Mr. Beetles, next time just… be careful when reaching for falling pens" he tells me still in disbelief. Then the bell rang and we left the room. While walking in the hallways, I see a lot of people looking at us. I glare at them and they look away. We got to our math class, and sat down in the front again next to each other. When Mrs. Brown started talking, I tap Kuki on the shoulder.

"Hey Wally" she said to me while again smiling at me.

Wow, I wonder how she can smile like that all day.

"Hey, uhh… why did you help me out before?" I ask her.

"Well, silly. You help me before by letting me sit so I just wanted to return the favor" she replies back to me.

"Oh uhh… thanks… Kuki" I tell her.

"Your welcome Wally" she reply back while smiling.

"Kuki and Wallabee! Do you have something to share with the class?" Mrs. Brown asks us and once again the whole class starts to laugh at us. We both shook our heads no.

"Good" she said and continues with her introduction.

"Brring!" the bell finally rang as we got up from the chairs slowly. Kuki and I come out of the room holding on to each other for support.

"Oh my god, I thought the bell will never ring!" Kuki shout out in exhaustion.

"Yeah, I was staring at the cruddy clock like it was forever or something!" I shout out while exhausted too. Then we finally notice both of us holding on to each other. We let go quickly and step away from each other blushing.

"Uhh… yeah we have to go to the cafeteria now" I tell her while trying not to make eye contact.

"Yeah… we should" she replies back rubbing her arm. Then we both went down the stairs and blend with the crowd going into the cafeteria.

When we got inside the cafeteria, we look around wondering where to sit.

"Uhh… where do we sit?" I ask Kuki who shrugs her shoulders.

"You sit with your class" someone tells them. They both look behind them and see a kid wearing a black shirt that said "I pwn you."

"What?" I ask him confused.

"You sit with your class. Come on follow me" he repeats what he said before to us. He walks toward a table that had a sign that said 705.

"Oh! So that's where we sit!" Kuki said and pull me toward the table. After Mr. Block's introductions to the rules of the lunchroom, lunch began and we got on the line. We saw that kid who helped us before again.

"Hey!" Kuki shouts over to him. He looks at us and waves at us. After we got our lunches, we saw him waiting for us.

"Hey again!" he said to us and smiles at us.

"Hey thanks for helping us before!" Kuki tells him. She looks at me and then hit me softly.

"Ouch! Yeah, thanks" I said to the kid and glare at her. She sticks her tongue out at me. The kids look at us and laugh at us.

"Your welcome umm… what are your names?" he asks us.

"I am Kuki and this is Wally" she tells him as she points to both of us.

"Actually Wally is my nickname she gave me. My real name is Wallabee" I quickly tell him.

"Oh, your welcome Kuki and Wallabee. I am Andrew. Now let's go find a seat should we?" he asks us as we follow him to the table. At the table already was a group of kids. One of the kid who is wearing a baseball cap glare at us as we approach the table.

Andrew went up to the kid wearing the baseball cap and said "this is Kuki and Wallabee. They couldn't find a seat so I invite them to sit here with us. They could sit here right Josh?" For some reasons, when I heard the name Josh I had a weird flashback, but when I come to my senses I realized I was in Kuki's arms with everyone staring at me.

"What happen to you Wally? Are you okay?" she asks me with a concern look on her face. I try not to blush as I get up from her arms.

"Uhh… nothing I just felt a little dizzy that's all" I answer her back and look at all the people staring at me.

"You sure?" she asks me while some girls start to giggle.

"Yeah I am sure" I reply back while blushing from everybody staring at me. Soon everybody went back to what they were doing before. I sit back down on the table and start to eat my lunch.

"Hey you okay Wallabee?" Andrew asks me and pats me on the back.

"Yeah, it was nothing. I am fine" I tell him and continue to eat my food. I look up and see Josh glaring at me angrily.

Uhh… what I do? Why is he glaring at me? I can't faint? And why did I have a flashback when I heard his name? Weird, I wonder if I should ask Kuki since for some reason the flashback had her in it also. Well, I better keep up my guard because my guts tell me Josh isn't a good person.

I turn to look at Kuki who I just realized was looking at me with a concern look still.

"Kuki, I am fine! Really!" I tell her and finish my lunch. She was about to respond when we see everyone getting up and chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Kuki and me turn and see students crowding around something.

"Come on! Let's go see whats going on there!" I tell her and pull her toward the crowd. It took a while for us to fight through the crowd to get to the middle. When we got there, we see a kid wearing what looks like airplane goggles or something. Also for some strange reason again, he looks very familiar. Next to him is angry big guy who is pointing to his shoe and looks ready to knock the kid out.

"You step on my shoe yo!" he shouts angrily to the kid.

"I told you I was sorry already Bruce! I didn't mean it!" the kid answers him while a little scared.

"Well sorry won't cut it. I am going to beat you to a pulp Hoagie!" Bruce said and threw a punch at him. But it is stop by a kid who was almost bald.

"Hey! He said he was sorry!" he said sternly to Bruce.

"I told him, sorry won't work!" Bruce tells him angrily and threw his other fist at the bald kid. Once again it is stop by someone. This time though, it was a girl wearing a red cap.

"You will beat someone up because someone steps on your shoe?" she said while holding onto his fist. Bruce shakes them off and step back.

"Yo these shoes cost a lot! He should pay for it with his face! Since you guys want to protect him, you guys will go down with him!" Bruce shouts angrily at them and motions for a group of seven boys to come over. They all got ready to jump on the three kids. And all I can think of is WHERE THE HELL IS THE TEACHERS AND DEANS?

I look at Kuki and she nods her head in understanding, although I don't know how she knew what I wanted to do.

"Any last words freaks?" Bruce said as his gang advances on them. The gang jumps at them when suddenly Kuki and I jump out and knock down two of the guys. The whole crowd gasps in amazement.

"What the fuck?" Bruce said while shocked. The three kids look at us while confused, but we just nod and grin at them. They nod their heads back and fought back. The gang and Bruce backed up as we beat each person that came at us. Finally, we hear the whistle from the teachers and deans as they pushed through the crowd to stop us. Luckily, all five of us had already run out of the lunchroom before they came. We all panted outside of the lunchroom and laughed at what just happened.

The red cap girl came up to us and asks "Hey, why you guys helped us?"

Kuki look at me and I answer "Uhh… we felt like we should?"

She looks at me and said "Sureeee, whatever you say kid"

The bald kid came up to us and asks "What are you names?"

This time Kuki answers him with a smile "I am Kuki and this is Wally"

"Ahem" I said to Kuki.

"Oh yeah, Wally is my nickname for him. His name is really Wallabee like a koala hehe" she quickly tells him. I glare at her and she only sticks her tongue out at me while pulling on her eye.

"Oh nice to meet you Kuki and Wallabee. I am Nigel" the bald kid said while sticking out his hand at us. He points to the red cap girl and Hoagie. "And those two are Abigail and Hoagie" he tells us.

"Abby is fine though. I don't like Abigail" she tells us.

"Oh, nice to meet you all!" Kuki shouts happily at them. Hoagie walks up to me.

"Hey, is your girlfriend always like this? All happy go lucky?" he asks me.

"Yeah she is- HEY! SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" I scream angrily at him, but luckily the bell rang so Kuki didn't hear it.

"Okay sorry I didn't know! Sheesh!" Hoagie tells me. "But she isn't bad looking Wallabee. You should ask her out" Hoagie tells me while grinning at me.

"Okay first, shut up. Second we just met okay? And third, I don't like her okay?" I tell him and walk away.

He ran up to me and sticks out his hand and said "Okay I am sorry. I didn't know. Want to be friends?"

I look at his hand and shake it and said "sure." The others caught up to us as the bell ring. Before I part ways to go with Kuki, I said to Hoagie "just to let someone know besides myself and you seem like a person I could trust, I do like Kuki, but don't tell anyone okay?"

He smiles and said "I knew it! Sure pal!"

I smile back and said "Thanks." Then I ran up to Kuki and we both went to our next class. None of us noticed a kid in the corner watching us. He picks up his cell phone and spoke into it.

"Yup, that's them Josh. What should I do with them?" Bruce asks Josh.

Josh answers him back "nothing, I got a plan that will make them pay for last time!" Josh laughs evilly as Bruce closes his cell phone and went out the door.

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