Title: Weakness
Author: Mina
Pairing: NejiTen
Summary: Neji has a weakness.
Disclaimer: I'm not Kishimoto.


Neji closed his eyes and forced himself not to use his birthright but instead to listen. His opponent was out there somewhere and he had to be able to learn where the attack would be coming from by sound alone.

Something rustled the leaves nearby and he cocked his head. Another rustle and he half-turned. Then something else that didn't sound the same--

He spun in the opposite direction, using chakra-coated hands to deflect the small shower of senbon away from his person. A soft thump behind him had him beginning to turn again, and he saw a blur of a hand holding something small, dark, and toothy--

Moments later it was all over. Normally Neji would be upset at the thought of losing but he was much too happy at the moment.

"Y'know," a smug voice drawled, "you're lucky I'm the kind of person to keep this to myself."

"Shut up, Tenten, and keep brushing."