Takara and Kyokara were engaging in mortal combat. They swung thier swords mercilessly and swiftly.

Thier speed combined was enough to put even a highly trained ninja to shame.

Sei, in the meantime, had just barely managed to fend off the other 5 ninjas. She was bleeding from a deep gash on her arm. but

thankfully, she was not severily hurt.

"Grandfather..get to safety.."

'But Sei..What will you do? I can't just leave you at the mercy of these traitors.."

Sei gave a sly smile

"I'll be fine..Besides, I have Takara to protect me..and I can take care of myself."

Lao-ban noticed the gash."Sei..that wound.."

"I'll take care of it. It's just a scratch really. Nothing to be scared of. I'm a big girl now."

Lao-ban smiled. Before running to a safer spot, He embrased Sei in a loving gesture..

"Be careful..and remember, You are the next in line to lead us.." "If you live..We shall meet again.."

Having said his goodbye..Lao-Ban departed from the battlefield. Once he was gone, Sei ran to where Takara was Batttling her greatest foe.

"Takara.." "Are you ok?"

'Sei..I told you to get out of here.." "You can't help me..trust me.."

"But..you'll get hurt. And..I don't want you to die."

Kyokara turned to Sei, a menacing grin spread accross her face.

"So, you wanna join the fun..then here..see if you can evade this.."


Before Sei could even move or take evasive action..Kyokara charged at her, swiftly. Her sword was poised to run her through.

"haha..time to join your mother. Die and go to where you belong. Your days are numbered Sei.."

Kyokara came closer. Sei braced herselffor the killing blow. However, she did raise her gun.

"that won't help you now..a gun is no match for a sword. And Takara is weak now..she cannot help you.."

'Guess again.."

Takara weakly rose to her feet. During the feirse battle, she had sustained many wounds. She was dripping alot of blood as well.
But regardless..she prepared to defend her best friend. she managed to deflect her blade back and slash Kyokara across the chest.
Kyokara staggered back, caught offf balance. She was bleeding as well.

"Curse you Takara. as always, you prove me wrong"
"You thought I was weak..but im not. I vowed id protect Sei..with my life if neccesary"
'How honorable"
Kyokara retreated.

Takara started to walk over to where Sei was.
But Sei's warning came too late..and Takara was struck from behind by a longbladed sword.
Takara gave a scream of agony.
Then it was over. Takara fell to the ground.
Her blood flowed freely...making a huge puddle on the floor.
Sei rushed to her fallen friends side, a look of intense sadness on her face. She understood..And the realization hurt.

"I told you to look out. Why didnt' you run or anything?"

Takara smiled weakly. "A..at least ..you were safe in the end...That's all that matters..I told you..I'll always protect .

With that..Takara's life faded away.

Sei gave a scream of agony and pain as well. she could not believe her friend was really gone.. She cried for a long time.

Hearing her cries, a lone Bi-Lan tech came running in. She saw and understood.

'She is gone..but Mistress Sei, she has not truly died yet"
'How..ddo..you know"
"I can sence her chi. It is still fighting to live. i can help you. Let me restore your friend to life..I know of a secreat technique"
"However..it involves a series of genetic experiments..DNA manipulation..and blood"
'But that's against our honorable coding"
'It's your call Sei..You can save her..But if you don't want my help"
Sei thought about it..

"very well..I place it in your hands." 'take my blood"
Takara weakly whispered with a little bit of life left.
"Sei..don't worry about me.."

"I won't let her die. No Takara you saved me..i'm returning the favor"
Before Takara could protest..Sei let the blood from her gash drain into a special device.
All the blood from her gash poured out. it was painful for Sei..But she had to do it..

Exhausted..Sei blacked out..Weak from bloodloss, she herself had to be treated.

The tech wasted no time in restoring takara to life. It took a while, but using science as well as some unknown Chinese arts, The tech and her team set about the prosedures.

It was a few weeks later that The Job was finished. Sei was called in. Her blood was restored. The tech spoke to her.

"I have done it. But keep in mind, Takara will be changed. not physically or mentally, but she has developed strange abilities as a result of the test prosedure. Don't worry, she still has her memories."

Sei sighed. "A small price to pay. But thank you..."

The tech bowed and left.

As Sei entered the room.. Takara slowely opened her eyes.


"Yes its me.." 'im glad your ok"
"I would never leave you Sei..I promised i'd protect you"
"You did.."

With that..the 2 girls renewed thier bonds of friendship and trust. a few months later, Sei formed a task force and headed to Tokyo to combat RAPT, a new threat.

Takara was invited to join..but she declined. "I have unfinished buiseness..but call me"
"Fine..see you around"

thus the 2 went their seperate ways. But fate will unite them again. As Takara departs, she is unaware that she has changed..and these changes could effect her life forever..
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