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Everything is changing

By Digistorm


Spike stood looking at the inscription, Andrew dithering beside him. All Spike cared about was translating it.

"It is not for thee. It is for her alone to wield." He said softly to himself, barely a whisper, Andrew had not heard.


The first had been growing stronger and they all knew it…and yet they had just thrown out their leader. Dawn had given the last boot. She quickly flew out of the front door after Faith had come back inside with tears dropping out of their usually secure cases.

"Buffy! Wait!" Dawn yelled and waited for Buffy to stop her strong stride. "I didn't…I don't….what I mean is…" She jumbled her words she knew what she wanted to say something she just didn't know how.

"You're my sister Dawn…I'll always love you. But I don't agree with you…any of them. The first is coming, no matter what we do it is still coming. The best way, no the only way to stop it is to beat it to the punch." She told her little sister. "I realised somethings today, first thing I realised…we are going about this all wrong…we are on top of the hell mouth…a great source of power and yet the first is not even trying to get to it. Instead they are guarding with their lives the vineyard, that means something but for some reason none of you see that. I live this—" Buffy was cut off.

"I wish you didn't…I thought getting you back after Glory…I thought I would feel better, having you hear but you make everything dangerous. Demons, vampires they all stopped getting me when you were gone…I just wish that you weren't here." Dawn said not realising what she was really saying, at least not aloud. She was brought back to reality when she felt the force of Buffy's hand on her face. Buffy, without saying anything, turned and walked away.

That was six years ago…

Chapter One – Circumstances and reality

San Francisco

Giles sat at his dusty desk in his office staring at the picture frame sat beside his computer. He didn't really see the need for the darn thing but Willow had insisted he get one as it was supposed to help him with research, only thing she hadn't mentioned was how to use one properly.

He couldn't believe it had been almost six years since he last saw Buffy, since then he had ofcourse heard rumours about her but not of it had ever been confirmed. She was his first charge and would never forget about her. She had been right there was something in the vineyard and luckily Angel had turned up and retrieved the scythe by himself. Then Faith with the help of the potentials had defeated the First, the hellmouth collapsed on it self and they had all moved to San Francisco.

If Angel hadn't turned up with that Scythe then they would have been doomed, they would never have defeated the first. As much as Giles loved Buffy like a daughter he could never forgive her for just leaving them without helping them defeat the first, she was a slayer it was her responsibility. She had done many things wrong to not be totally forgiven. She had hit Dawn when she had gone to apologise outside the house, she came inside crying with a split lip. That was unacceptable. Perhaps they shouldn't have argued with her like that but there was no need for violence.

He had started to finally get over all of the past when the watchers council had called him. There was a group of vampires coming together trying to raise a powerful demon god that would be able to open a portal to hell. If this happened the world would be doomed. The council had informed him the only way to defeat this new group was to band together the two remaining slayers: Faith and Buffy. There was no need for the potentials after the battle with the first so they had been sent home and never to be called on again. The only two people available were Faith and Buffy.

Getting Faith on side would be no problem, she still patrolled and worked with him and the group in San Francisco. Buffy on the other hand, no one had heard from her since that night so many years ago and now they needed her. The council said that they would contact him in a few hours with the name of the city they believed her to be resided in. Now he had to tell the scoobies.

Willow, Xander, Dawn and Faith had all gathered in the living room of the big house they all shared. They had been called there for a meeting by Giles.

"Alright tea anyone?" When he only got dry looks from anyone he continued. "Right, well I got a call from the watchers council today and they told me that he was pleased with our work here but they have come upon a group of Vampires who now reside here in San Francisco, we don't know their name yet but we should do soon. These are extremely powerful vampires and we will need some help this time. The Council has ordered that we find…Buffy." He let the information sink in before he continued. The group worked great together: he had now also taught Willow, Xander and Dawn how to fight properly, ofcourse they were still not as good as a slayer but better than before.

"What? Why? We've dealt with everything since she left…even the first. We don't even know where she is, she hurt her own sister for Christ sake. We don't need her." Faith burst out. She still couldn't get over the fact that she had just walked away from her responsibilities.

"As that may be, we do need her, the council thinks we do and…so do I. This is an unknown enemy we need all the help we can get. They are going to phone with the name of the city she is in." As he finished his sentence the phone rang.

"Yes…I understand…ok…bye. New York." He told them after he had hung up.


It had been almost six years since she last saw her friends and her sister. She was happy that they had all got through the battle with the first. She knew they now lived in San Francisco but she wouldn't get in touch. Never. They had betrayed her, everyone had. Everyone apart from Spike, he still hung around. Sometimes he helped her patrolling when Cole had other things to do. Spike had stuck around and helped, he lived in the underground cellar in her back garden. He stayed in there when it was sunny.

She had heard some rumours of a group of vampires that were powerful in San Francisco. She hoped they could deal with them. The group of vampires were called 'Titans', she wasn't sure what they were doing but they were up to something. She wished she knew what so she could make sure they were all right. Although when she thought about it why should she? They had all left her alone so she could do the same. They were here past Cole and the baby were the future.

Buffy had a great life at the moment and she had worked hard to get it. She moved straight to New York and got her own place. She then started a easy job and night school. She was now a qualified lawyer and worked with Cole in their own firm, 'Hunter and Summers'.

Cole and her were engaged and had a two year old son Tyler Hunter, and another baby on the way. Cole was half vampire but was able to go outside in the sunlight and was not affected by crosses and holy water. He was also not immortal. He did have super strength though which was handy when he helped Buffy patrol.

They were happy and nothing could spoil it. Oh were they wrong...

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