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Chapter Three- First meetings



Buffy was missing Dawn more than ever, it was her younger sisters' birthday today and she hadn't sent a card or anything. She had written one but couldn't get herself to send it to her. It hurt too much to think of her own sister hating that fact that she made her life dangerous, wishing she had stayed dead. She hadn't asked to be brought back she was quite happy where she was but Willow and the scoobies thought that she was in some hell dimension. Then at the first opportunity had left her to fend for herself in a world no one understood.

Buffy wondered idly if that was what the others felt, did they regret bringing her back? Probably. She decided. She had been wondering whether or not to make her way to San Francisco, where she had learned that they now all lived, to see them and try to make amends but then she had heard from Angel what Xander and the potentials were calling her, 'the deserter', she couldn't face them.

So Buffy had decided to stay where she was, in New York. She had got a job at a local café that gave her just enough to pay for her apartment and the entry fees for night school. Every other night she was studying law. It was a good career, good stable job. It was what she needed now that she was on her own, no one to lean back on. At least in Sunnydale if she got into any serious trouble she could fall back on the allowance the watchers' council had for the slayers. Although she had hardly used it ever, apart from after her mother had died, for a while before she had a job she had to fall back on it.

Suddenly Buffy was drawn back into reality when a customer was sat at the long counter in front of her asking for a coffee. He was awfully cute. He was tall and had deep green eyes that penetrated Buffy's heart, making her feel giddy and happy. His hair was a deep shade of chocolate brown sat in short soft natural curls.

"Hi I'm Cole, nice to meet you…Buffy." He said reading her name tag and sitting in front of her. She smiled meeting his gaze, they were transfixed like that for ages. Neither him or her taking their eyes off of each other. She almost forgot why she was there to start with. It was truly mesmerising.

"Nice to meet you too. Buffy Summer." She offered her hand and he smiled again shaking it.

"Cole Hunter." He smiled.


Buffy couldn't believe he had stayed until the end of her shift, he had been determined to walk her home. She smiled, she had never been walked home before. It was refreshing. It also helped that her companion was rather good looking. His nose was just the right size to go with his face, it had a cute bump that suggested it had been broken. Above his right eye he had a small indent that was a scar left over from some ordeal. She just hoped he would stick around long enough for her to find out.

She had had a fantastic time, they got on really well. She hoped he felt the same way.


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