Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a poem so please don't be mad. I actually thought that it wasn't half bad. So please review, although the poem you'd want to read first, lest you judge me on this part (this part's the worst).
So to all a happy holiday, merry Christmas & happy new year, and I hope you continue to spread the good cheer.


T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the site, the authors were stirring, trying to write.

Many of them promised stories to their readers, and they didn't want to lie to awesome review-leavers.

They were needed to make the angst so sad and the humor so funny, the romance so sweet, and the fluff just like honey.

So on and on the little authors wrote, just to be exalted rather than smote.

The readers waited patiently for the update of stories, the tales they so loved about their heroes' latest glories.

For then the authors would move onto the one-shots, about holiday cheer, love, angst or perhaps how so-and-so fought.

They'd read about Draco, Edward, or perhaps maybe Ash, or Hinata, Kyou, or maybe the great Vash.

Or perhaps some character no one's ever heard of, or a fic about tragedy, action or finding true love.

For that is what the authors of this site do; they create awesome stories for me and for you.

So instead of being just the reader this holiday season, trying being a writer to give them a reason

To take a well-deserved break and read a story or two, for their next favorite tale might belong to you!


Ending Note: This is my first poem so please don't kill me, I'd really like to live (wouldn't you like to be?)

So while you're down here, please leave a review, because you know I'd really love you!

(Did you notice that this whole thing seemed to rhyme? Well, if you didn't, sorry for wasting your valuable time.)